Stand of Bangon Pilipinas Party on the RH Bill

Bangon Pilipinas firmly believes that the life of the unborn child begins at the time of conception. As such, we do not and will not advocate, institutionalize and/or legalize any practice of abortion or the use of any abortion-inducing pills or drugs designed to terminate the life of an unborn fetus. Neither will the Party promote, advocate nor institutionalize the practice and use of any artificial contraceptive devices. However, believing in the divine right of every individual to “free will” or the “right of choice”, Bangon Pilipinas believes that the State, as the guardian and as the constitutional protector of every facet of human rights of every Filipino, should not, in any way, shape or form, interfere with the individual’s inherent right of discretion and/or right to choose which birth control measures, artificial or otherwise, he/she may deem proper and appropriate under his/her particular circumstances, and according to his/her faith or conscience.

Furthermore, Bangon Pilipinas believes that:

  • the so-called “population explosion” is not the cause of poverty; rather, it is the effect of poverty;
  • the real, more primordial issue, is the issue of equitable sharing of resources
  • abortion-inducing drugs should never be classified as common drugs or over the counter-medicine
  • the health and welfare of women and babies is important to the state
  • moral values should be taught, more than technology or device
  • children and yoth should be protected from any unnecessary and unhealthy exposure to sexual information

Stand of Bangon Pilipinas Party on the RH Bill


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One Response to Stand of Bangon Pilipinas Party on the RH Bill

  1. David Garcia says:

    I mean no offense, but population explosion and poverty are actually involved in a cycle. A circular, rather than a singular-linear, relationship of the two factors is closer to reality. 🙂

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