Sa Callcenter lang pala nag ta-trabaho


“Call Center lang pla nagwowork”

Following a heartfelt complain by a former workmate about having heard this phrase, I could not help but write this in defense. Yes I am a Law graduate, and yes I have worked in the call center industry during my days thinking that this phrase meant that call center is as menial as they say it is… but you know what….

This phrase pisses me off a lot. Why? There is such a huge discrimination when one hears a person is working in a call center. Companies even have specific rules for application for loan, credit card, phone line and so many other things if you are working in a call center, and if you say call center, you can hear the aah of disappointment in their tones. 

Sad thing is, do these people actually know how freaking hard it is to get in a call center from the initial interview up to training even on the production floor? Yes they do see the glamour of call center workers partying, Starbucks or going out having a good time, but they deserve it, because these people slave 8-9hours or more a day bearing insults from clients who are not even their own family, constant changes with stats that they have to meet up with and the worry that anytime one minor fault can lose them their job. Believe me this work is not just about sitting down and saying hi and hello and its all good.

Carrying of phone is strictly prohibited in the production and yet you will get some ignorant love ones requesting to break up or even blame you for not answering the phone during your work hours. Do they even know carrying a phone inside the production floor is a cause for termination? Yes believe it or not it is! In spite of being regularized these people still do not have stability of work, with the constant change of client requirements and statistics, quality control and metrics a call center agent can lose his job at anytime! Being late can be cause for termination, even being absent if its 3 consecutive days is ground for termination. And regardless of the emergency it is a requirement for an agent to phone in 2hr before his/her shift to inform that they can’t make it, otherwise it is marked as No call, no show which can also lead to grounds for termination, now consider this what if an emergency struck and you are unable to call? Yes they do get penalized regardless. They work graveyard shift and believe me working in the night is one of the most difficult thing to do only to go home and sleep the day off to wake up and prepare again to go to work. Holidays, even Christmas and New Year they are required to go to work, regardless of any holidays celebrated. Its funny how the media always portray the glamour of working in a call center, but the true call center work takes a lot of hard work, sweat, blood and tears which the media have never gotten the chance to really show to the public. 

In summary? Respect! This is not a simple job, otherwise they would not offer such a high pay, it takes a lot of sacrifice and yet it is classified by our system as a factory worker category, such a shame. No job deserves more respect than the hardworking call center agents who slave every night to support their family because our government could not offer a job that suits their profession. For those who uses the phrase “call center lang pla nagwowork” I challenge you to try and enter this profession and after 2 or 3 months, tell me the same phrase that you mentioned and I promise you, you will change your perception!



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  1. stoopid git says:

    boohoo. try mo mag construction para malaman mo kung ano mas mahirap.

    • Marky Boy says:

      you sir/ma’am deserve my like… 🙂

      • At may nag-like pa. Hanep!

      • inday gabriela says:

        for sure same field sila..

      • Marked says:

        Inggit lang kayo sa sinasahod namin, dahil ung buwanang sahod nyo ay pang gimik lang namin.

      • prince p says:

        hi po. di ko po alam kung nasan na utak mo? kung nasa ulo pa po ba o nahalo na po sa semento.. ingat po 🙂

      • Technical Support Specialist says:

        basta proud ako sa work ko bilang tech support,daming pera,daing chicks at may oras pa rin sa gimik.solo ko sahod ko na 30k+ a month at single.sarap n buhay.

      • battousai11 says:

        Mas masarap pang mgpakapagod gamit ang katawan mo pro pg nka upo ka lng at isip mo pinagana mo mas mahirap palibhasa wla kang utak kea hanggang contruction lng naabot mo kung wla ka rin lng magandang i comment 2mahimik kna lng ang daming mga bobong 2lad mo d2 sa mundo ang lalakas pa umepal sarap basagin mga mukha nyo eh.. Malaki nga sahod nmin pro ung safety namin d nyo kayang talunin baha na nga at nagliliparan na mga yero pinapareport kpa buwis buhay kami..

      • james hetfield says:

        hindi pwedeng walang utak ang nagtatrabaho sa construction. hindi po pwedeng maging bobo para maabot un. field field po yan. bka mas hihigit pa ang pagkakaroon ng pag-uutak sa mga tga construction kesa sarili mong pag-uutak. Construction Boy din po ako. ou. pero construction ang unang nag-isip bago pa ikaw, para i-compute ang load at i-design ang biga ng hindi bumagsak sa ulo mo habang ikay nakaupo at nagtatrabaho sa telepono. wag kaung magyabang sa sweldo. nakakatawa un.

      • pusanggala says:

        respect.pero yung situation ng mga call center agent ay pareho lang sa ibang work..i mean katulad ko sa work ko,bawal naman talaga magdala ng phone.shifting sched.kahit bumabagyo kelangan mo magreport 2 hrs before duty kung di ka makakapasok..i mean its normal.tapos may magcocomment pa na ang sahod ng iba eh pang gimik lang naman nila..akala nila ang laki na ng 30k????????duh…tax nga lang namin yan eh..hehehe pero yun nga,yun basis nya na mahirap ang pagiging call center agent ay hindi sapat.but i still respect them ofcourse.

      • mimomiko says:

        tama lng na tawagin na call center lng,,, hindi naman ganun kahirap mag work sa call center,, once na kabisado mo na ung mga spills mo and updated ka plagi sa product nyo,,, parang nag lalaro ka na lng,,, sa ibang bansa minimum wage lng ang call center,,, mukha lng syang over paid dito sa pinas,, pero compare sa papasahod sayo kung bpo ko sa labas ng bansa,,, barya lng yan,,, kaya nga ina-out-source e,,, para makatipid,,, kaya sa mga bpo dyan,, hwag ng oa sa reaksyon,,, daming dahilan,, huwag nyo nang gawin komplikado ung trabaho nyo,,, kasi hindi naman,,, nagkakasakit daw ung mga bpo,,, well mag exercise kasi kayo tapos ng trabaho,,, hindi puro sigarilyo at gimik,,, stress pa sinisi nyo,,,

      • inday says:

        hahaha! support, very well said, alam na kung bakit talamak ang AIDS at HIV sa call center!

      • I agree.. People here are some close minded makapag react sa constraction wagas… His comparing the physical and mental jobs. Naman… Ang liliit ng utak ng mga nag cocoment. Parang ibang customer ko… Dapat e explain ng mabuti para maintindihan.

      • Hazel May Cabingatan says:

        its funny how people claim that stoopid git’s comment was “one-sided”, when in fact, they have become one sided as well. please try looking at different perspectives. MOST comments are bashes and not intellectual nor constructive criticisms.

        i think stoopid git based on the phrase —“call center lang pla nagwowork”
        He compared it to what society in similar thinks to other jobs (i.e., a construction worker)

        “ay, construction worker lang pala”..
        — daming hirap din ng trabahong nun. dami din risks- walang insurance, the dangers of the job and so much more. Kaya, mas mahirap pa sa call center

        IN MY OPINION, this post is more of a rant. I mean, the hardships that you mentioned above are expected, since you are paid that much. LOL. But call center jobs are never menial (with the presence of humans of course, it’s always complex and challenging)

        BUT I’d like to ask, what respect are you asking for? Did someone mock you for being a call center representative? Were you denied of some things because you were from a call center? Just from my point of view, it’s understandable for the companies that you mentioned above to be strict on applicants from call centers because your job is most usually project based. AND OF COURSE, considering the HIGH TURNOVER RATE in call centers.

        There is what we call a trade-off in some things (average worker).
        CALL CENTER: being underestimated, HIGH INCOME
        REGULAR EMPLOYEE: society is okay, LOWER INCOME

        Just to balance the beam, I want to share another perspective.


        Don’t you think it would be also somehow good for the society to create this stereotype?

        I mean, imagine if call center agents were treated the same way as managers (e.g. the aura, the treatment, the “respect”), who would DREAM of having a college degree? or pursue a specific career? We all know here that having a diploma isn’t really a requirement.

        SOCIETY THINKS THIS WAY because FIRST is, call centers aren’t BRANDED as a place of “where intellectual people” go, Of course, this is because of the absence of a diploma as a requirement. People working in call centers are branded (which is TRUE) as fluent English speakers.

        SECOND, it’s not considered a career. Do you see yourself working in call centers for 10 years? Being in a call center is not supposed to be a career but a stepping stone to one or maybe, just for another source of cash inflow.

        This article would be more interesting if you work in a BPO but you were branded as working in a call center. That would be terribly insulting. What’s really disappointing is that most people think that BPOs are interchangeable with Call centers.

        P.S. I have friends who work both in BPOs and Call centers.

      • tsk says:

        may naglagay pa talaga ng sweldo niya…30K daw at single pa siya…
        masyado nalalakihan na yata….
        sagot dyan,


      • inday says:

        ammpff! 30k?? tsk… obviously he’s from slums:) peace!

      • dex says:

        Inday, dahil lang ba sa isang tao na nagsabing daming chicks e agad-agad dun galing ang pagkatalamak sa AIDS, saan ba galing ang AIDS nuon? gamit ng utak pag may time.

      • inday says:

        tsss.. dex c’mon.. oh anyway.. call center nga lang pala kayo..lols!

      • Programmer Analyst says:

        30k lang?pinagmamalaki mo na?
        Wag na mag angas, you are being defended here
        There are more who earns better than you with minimal effort and better titles so learn to be humble

      • Engineer says:

        OK, sa call center, malaki sweldo… kaya nga ang yayabang eh…
        pero walang career development… ginagawang outlet ng mga taong gusto agad ng malaking pera… yung classmate ko dati, 16k daw ang initial sahod nya at ako 8k lang…
        pero pumasok ako sa field ko…6 years after…more than 30k na sahod nya… ako 150k…mali yung nagsulat ng blog na sinasabing walang available job for their profession… marami akong kilalang matalinong tao na could have been great engineers, accountants… pero dahil gusto ng mabilis na pera…piniling mag call center

      • Neo says:

        Inggit lang kayo sa sinasahod namin, dahil ung buwanang sahod nyo ay pang gimik lang namin.—-> Natawa ako dito sa sinabi na to ni “Marked”.LOL. It’s people like you “Marked” who work in the call center field that leaves a bad taste for the industry. Some of you talk about actual salary figure in public – ipinangangalandakan ang sweldo na ranging from 20K to 50K. And you say “inggit”, lol…check out the salary of those people who work doing real IT work. You’ll be ashamed of what you said na kaingit ingit ang sweldo ng call center – infact, malamang manliit ka sa hiya. Yes, maybe kung i cocompare sa mga nagtatrabaho sa sa mall, mga teachers, clerks, nurses, (some – not all) accountants and engineers – don’t get me wrong, full respect to those profession – I am just highlighting na pwedeng mas mataas ang sahod ng call center agent kesa sa kanila in the first couple of years ng career nila though eventually, hihigitan din nila ang sahod ng call center agent.Let’s face it, it’s a dead end career – bihira ang may pinatutunguhan sa dami dami nyo. Pero point being, is there is always a bigger fish in the pond – so don’t brag about your 30k salary (smirk-lol). Wag mong ipamukha sa mas nakakababa sa u na mas mataas ang kita mo sa knila (which is exactly what I am doing now – but I have a greater purpose for doing so, not just mere bragging – gusto kong ipatikim sa inyo ang mga ipanapatikim nyo sa mga mas nakakababa sa inyo). Madalas, may makakasabay kami sa restaurant or bus or just any public place, maiingay na call center agants, then ipanaparinig na ang sweldo ay 35K, ung isa naman humirit ng sa Dubai na raw sya mag cacallcenter kse tumangap na sya ng offer – Php 50K a month daw. Walangya! natatawa na lang kami ng mga officemates ko na kasama nila sa jeep. Ang hirap kse senyo, ang tingin nyo sa 30/35K, malaki na.ROFL..ano un? Monthly tax lang un ng average IT guy na may 3 to 4 years experience eh (hindi lahat ganun, pero madaming IT na ganun – ung totoong IT ha – not customer service agent). And Php 50K a month lilipad pa kayo sa Dubai? Eh kung malupit talaga work nyo like you claim na mahirap ang work nyo and above everyone elses work category, kayang kaya kuhanin dito sa pinas ang 50K per month – bakit pa kau mag aabroad for that amount of money? Wag kayong masyadong magyabang in public…karamihan kse sa inyo, fresh from the University nakahawak ng 20 to 35K a month, feeling malaki ang sweldo…LOL. Pinagtatawanan kau ng mga taga IT sa kayabangan nyo, alam nyo ba un?ROFL.Kitang kita naman sa mga comment ng mga obviously call center agents sa blog post na to – lahat ng post nila, arogante ang dating…mayayabang. Mga fresh from Uni nga kse or kundi man, mga di nakaranas magtrabaho ng totoong challenging jobs.

        Kung gusto nyo ng respeto, umayos kayo sa public…di ung feeling nyo kung sino kayo….Below 50K na sweldo,ipnagyayabang…namputik…monthly tax lang yang ng totoong IT Professionals.Tandaan nyo yan call center agents! And yet – respect to those Call Center agents na walang ego sa katawan (which is bihira lang-hawa hawa na kse yan eh).

        oh…btw..the stress thing complaint?!! Anong stress doon? you have a freaking script to follow for goodness sake!LOL…

      • Hay says:

        Depende kung pa’no tatanggapin ng isang tao ang komento ng isa o karamihan. Nasa sa ‘yo naman kung itatanim sa puso, o itatatak sa utak, o pababayaan na lamang. Ang salita, minsan hangin lang. Bakit kasi may ‘crab mentality’ pang kaakibat dito? Kawawang Pilipinas.

      • John says:

        “basta proud ako sa work ko bilang tech support,daming pera,daing chicks at may oras pa rin sa gimik.solo ko sahod ko na 30k+ a month at single.sarap n buhay.”

        isa lang masasabi ko sayo Technical Support Specialist.. isa kang MEDIOCRE! :))

      • SupErBAYSOR says:

        ang pangit lang kasi nag aral k ng 4 – 5 years sa college nag board exam ka tapos diyan bagsak mo

      • Tame the Tikbalang says:

        Baka madaming nadodonselyang newbies ^^

      • wapaks says:

        Suuus! call center lng pala eh! dali lng mag trabaho dun saka d nmn totoo natatangal agad pag may mga ganung infractions nadadaan pa din sa palakasan system.

      • Baloney1 says:

        Bottom line, kumita ka ng MILLION para irespeto ka ng kapwa mo.. Get real, everyone! Di naman importante sa iba kung marangal o mahirap yung trabaho mo.. ang importante sa kanila, mas malaki yung sinasahod nila kaysa sayo.. Kaya kung gusto mo ng respeto, maghanap ka ng paraan kung pano mo malalamangan sa sahod yang nang-aapi sayo.. Maging leader ka ng Mafia, ewan ko nalang kung apihin ka pa ng kung sino dyan.. Natural sa tao na maliliitin yung kapwa niya na tingin niya ee mas mababa sa kanya.. Kaya wag IMPOKRITO/IMPOKRITA yung karamihan dyan na parang kala mo ee TAGA-PAGTANGGOL sila ng mga naapi.. YANG MGA CALL CENTER AGENT NAMAN TALAGA AY KARAMIHAN MAYAYABANG pero natural naman talaga sa tao yun ee.. Pero dapat din ay I-EXPECT nyo din na yung mga engineers, doctors, at iba pang tao na MAS MALAKI ANG SAHOD SA INYO AY YAYABANGAN DIN KAYO.. “Payback’s a bitch,” kaya wag cry baby pag kayo naman yung minamaliit.. Kung gusto nyo naman ee hindi lang kayo ang irespeto ng mga tao ee maging BILYONARYO kayo tapus lumabas kayo sa TV at ipangalandakan na dati kayong call center agent at nakaranas kayo ng pang-aapi noon.. Ewan ko nalang kung isipin pa nila na walang potensyal na yumaman ang mga call center agents.. In the first place, di naman dapat kayo nagpapadala sa sasabihin ng iba dahil di naman kayo magbebenefit sa sinasabi nila ee.. DI NAMAN PAKAKAININ NG MGA MASASAKIT NA SALITA NG IBA ANG PAMILYA NYO.. Kaya di importante kung sinabihan ka na “sa call center lang pala nag-tratrabaho”.. Importante lang yun kung NASASAKTAN ANG PRIDE NIYO DAHIL SINASABIHAN NIYO DIN ANG IBANG TAO NA “AY SA …… LANG PALA NAGTRATRABAHO”.. Kaya ang masasabi ko kay STOOPID GIT: ” WHO CARES KUNG MAS MAHIRAP ANG TRABAHO NG MGA CONSTRUCTION WORKER?! I’M EARNING F*KING ENOUGH TO FEED THE PEOPLE I LOVE AND CARE ABOUT.” Para naman sa AUTHOR NG BLOG POST NA ITO AT SA MGA *CALL CENTER AGENTS NA NAKIKISIMPATYA SA WRITER NG BLOG POST NA ITO: “BUTI NGA AT MAY MAS MAYABANG PA SA INYO!! ANG SAKIT NOH??”

        *call center agents lang na masyadong nakikisimpatya sa blog post author ha?? baka sabihin nyo na naman gine-genaralize lahat ng mga call center agents ee..

      • Darrell says:

        well as i expected. a bunch of humbags. or should i say tons. not all but there are too many. 30k a month? hmmm i could say this is a lot of money if we’re talking with average class of a person in our country. most people from the philippines are belong to class b. those who work for minimum salary. but do you really have to say that? To “Marked” please meet me. i’ll give you a gift. i think the best gift for you is a condom. why? please don’t reproduce again. you’re such an ahole..

      • Ansabe? says:

        Wag po kayong mag-away pagkat tayo po lahat ay naghihirap at ginagawa ang lahat para magsumikap. Lahat naman po siguro tayo dito nag-aral, hindi po ba? Kelangan lang po natin wag gawing personal ang mga bagay na hindi naman dapat pagtuunan ng pansin. Sabihin niyo nga po kung ano ang nakukuha natin sa mga ganyang bagay? Diba po wala? Magkaisa, yun ang dapat. Magtulungan, yun ang kinakailangan, hindi yung magaaway-away sa di naman talaga dapat pag-awayan. Ang lumalaki lang po satin dito ay yung ulo. Ano naman kung call center agent ka, construction worker ka? Diba wala naman pinagkaiba dun? Trabaho din yun? Ang pinagkaiba nga lang sa dalawa, sa call center ang ginagamit boses, nakaupo lamang. Sa constuction ang ginagamit ay buong katawan at isip. Wag po tayo maghusgahan dahil hindi po tayo yayaman diyan. At speaking ng yaman, para lang po yan sa mga maluhong tao, ma-pride kung baga. Pakigamit, gadgets, at kung anu-ano pa. Ang tanong, magiging masaya ka ba pagmayaman ka na’t nabibili mo o nagagawa mo na ang mga gusto mo? Hindi naman kelangan ng napakadaming pera eh, pati yang mga gimik na yan. Ang kelangan natin, magsama-sama, magsaya, at magkaroon ng isang buong pamilya(friends and family).

      • Ansabe? says:

        Enough of this nonsense. This won’t help anyone. You’re all making yourself ridiculous.

      • Construction worker pa more says:

        Tangina, walang utak daw construction worker. Edi wow ikaw na! Desenteng trabaho yon bogok di dahil nagcacall center ka magaling kana. Pinagyabang mo pa sweldo mo syempre night differential rate yan mas mahal talaga ang bayad sa mga empleyado pag gabi. Utak mo benta mo na yan. Kung mkapanglait ka sa construction worker kala mo ang talino mo. Bobo knamn

    • ^Ang argumento mo ay napaka-walang baseha, o katuwiran ng taong ayaw gamitin ang isip. BAKIT MO IKUKUMPARA ANG PAGIGING CALL CENTER EMPLOYEE SA CONSTRUCTION WORKER?

      • killsinwater says:

        ungas ka..wala kang alam. siguro ay tagahugas ka ng pwet ng matanda sa ibang bansa bago ka yumaman.. at hindi sa construction worker ikinumpara ang pagiging call center agent, sa factory worker, bobo. apply ka sa call center. ‘pag tumagal ka ng 2 months tsaka mo sabihin yan.

      • Tee says:

        It’s because there was a study wherein it showed that BPO/Call Center Employees are the most stressed people. It didn’t demand for physical strength compared with a person who’s working in a construction site. However, working on a graveyard shift with schedule changes being applied almost every 2 weeks is stressful enough since the body clock requires at least 6 months of the same work schedule before it can fully adjust. Not to mention sitting for 8 hours or more can ’cause different conditions like Costochondritis, etc.
        The emotional stress too is great as we are required to work during holidays, including Christmas, New Year, etc.
        I think the author didn’t mean to belittle other jobs, especially those working in construction sites. However, what he’s just trying to say is that we BPO employees deserve respect just like any hard-working individual. The job pays great. However, it comes with sacrifices that one can only understand if you’re in the same industry as we are.

      • Construction Worker says:

        Sir BOBO ka po. “BAKIT MO IKUKUMPARA ANG PAGIGING CALL CENTER EMPLOYEE SA CONSTRUCTION WORKER” basahin mo yung last paragraph para masampal mo yang mukha mo ng katangahan…

      • prang tanga lng ng compare nito.

      • marco punzalan says:

        Awww…. Factory Worker Category? WoW what a discriminating word. I’m not wondering why you oppose those people who degrading your profession… because likewise you are!

        I’m sorry to let you know that you don;t have the rights to discriminate nor compare the setting | system | or Intellectual capacity of a call center agent like you vs. a FACTORY WORKER. FYI Some Manufacturer specifically requires intensive knowledge and competencies like the tough recruitment you mentioned before they hired a FACTORY WORKER…. Some manufacturing countries like Japan, China, Taiwan Korea has a standards that I believe we (pinoy) meets in recruiting Overseas Factory Workers and they are paid competitively as much as you… doble or triple pa nga kung minsan eh.. .

        They might not be fluent in foreign language or Proficient in Computer use like you and the system of their work might not be the same system as you but as I said you don’t have the rights to COMPARE. they are WORKING HARD, they pay TAXES, they are also a CITIZEN need to be RESPECTED as like as YOU…

        I admire the social capabilities of a call center like you to communicate. They have the skills to express their selves openly. nevertheless arrogance and confidence has the thin difference… So I just hope that you know where you are standing, because if you don’t please accept this message as a reminder na wala namang problema sa mga sentimento mo… in reality IT EXISTS! you have the rights to voice it out LOUDLY…. just make sure na wala kang taong nasasagasaan!

      • Mhei says:

        Nakakatawa ka naman. Sa haba ng article un lang nakuha mo? Matalino ka na nun at may katwiran? At mali pa pagkakaintindi mo. And sabi dun eh ang call center eh naka-categorized sa system as a factory worker category, hindi sya kinukumpara sa isang construction worker. Basa basa at intindi din pag may time ha?

      • Paolo says:

        law graduate ba talaga siya?

      • balat sa balat says:

        ^ paano mo nasabing isang “katwiran ng taong ayaw gamitin ang isip” ang pagkukumpara nya sa MAGKAPAREHONG TRABAHO (oo, aren’t they called “jobs”?) anak naman ng teteng koya wag mo gamitin ang salitang “argumento” kung di mo na iintindihan ang salitang yan -_- you make me go vomit-vomit brotha. wag magconclude kung ayaw mapahiya.

      • walang basehan? hindi kinukumpara kung sino ka man! its a FACT it is categorized as factory worker,,,, what the author wanted to say is “RESPECT” , kung meron mang d gumagamit ng isip, un ung mga taong naghahanap lng ng butas sa mga nilimbag na imahe ng pagiging call center agent, it was clear that the author are challenging those who criticize the job, mag basa ng buo wag maging 1 sided, ung mga walang alam;, wag ng magsipag comment , nakakainis mag basa ng mga comment na akala mo kung sino!

      • manoy says:

        oo nga pre tama ka jan.

      • Switch says:

        Tae to…Mag ibang bansa ka nlng Bading Narding!!! hahahah.. pangalan plang di na papasa sa Call Center eh… Narding AMP!!! Parang mangingisda!!!! PWE!!!!
        Bka nga di ka tumagal sa phone interview lng e, makain mo dila mo sa kaka-English…. hahahah… BOBO!!!

      • Jones says:

        tanungin mo kung papasa ba kamo siya sa initial
        interview pa lang?

      • paxmachine says:

        ako 3 years na akong nasa callcenter. Pwede ko na bang irepost ito? “Ang argumento mo ay napaka-walang baseha, o katuwiran ng taong ayaw gamitin ang isip. BAKIT MO IKUKUMPARA ANG PAGIGING CALL CENTER EMPLOYEE SA CONSTRUCTION WORKER?” @killsinwater

      • ... says:

        construction worker ka siguro.. eh magkaiba yun pare hahahha

      • Ako To says:

        @killsinwater – ako tagahugas ako ng pwet ng matatanda dito sa America. Respeto naman po sa mga katulad ko. Wag po sanang gamitin ang “tagahugas ng pwet ng matatanda” kasi po yung matatandang yun kailangan din ng respeto galing sa ibang tao. At higit po sa lahat, wag po sanang gamitin ang salitang yan kung ang pinatutungkulan ay hindi karapat-dapat. Salamat ng marami. =)

    • ang lau nang topic mo pre! BOBO MO!

    • ungasis says:

      mas mahirap p din mag calls brad..nag construction din ako nung pinagawa ko bahay ko.. sa pag coconstruction katawan mo lng pagod makakatawa ka pa kwentuhan yosi habang may ginagawa well cguro depende sa amo mo..hindi k puyat, konting utak lng papaganahin mo ok na..susunod k lng sa foreman mo sipsip ng unti d k n mawawalan ng trabaho..pag holiday wl kayong pasok importante lng na nka hard hat kau..kmi sa callcenter nak ng tokwa kung trip ng boss n naka corporate kau khit umuulan o bumabagyo wl kng magagawa..bumabagyo lhat wlng pasok ikaw taena khit baha, may sakit ka,may mamatay kung hindi nanay,tatay,kapatid,asawa o anak tska ka lng pwede umabsent mlintik p mga papel mong ihahanda pag ganun..kung wlng sulat galing sa doctor,hindi nila i tatag un n sick leave mo khit may sakit ka..lam mo b na hindi lng nababalita pro may mga callcenter agents n na namatay sa floor dahil may sakit e pinapapasok?malaki sweldo nmin pro nak ng tokwang laki din ng tax namin..nakatikim k n ba ng 3k n tax dahil pinuwersa k ng amo mo na mag overtime? oo brad mejo mahirap matulog ng masakit ang katawan pro ok lng un kc naranasan ko na.ang sarap nmn nun e ung pag gising mo ng umaga..mas mahirap ung puyat k na e ung pag tulog d mo p magawa ng maayos…7 yrs na ako nag cocol center tol..pasensya k n ALAM KO at di ko matatanggap ung pag BOOHOO mo……

      • Jun Alonto says:

        tama! mas nkakapagod kaya pag both mental and physical. talagang patay at lantang gulay ka nyan pag both mental and physical ang pagod sayo.

      • Ms.Maja says:

        Mahirap mn parehas, at totoo nmn ang hirap ng mga call center lalung lalo na yung sa mga leave at grounds for termination, pati yung nakakaiyak sa lahat nag nonoche buena sila sa bahay ikaw nag ttake ng calls galing sa mga amerikanong maiinit ang ul.

      • unknown says:

        ganito lang yan brad, if u think that working in a call center company is like living in a hell, well y work at a call center company at all? I understand that doing a job of like a shock absorber, I definitely say it’s not easy at all. And I’m not against with CSR coz me too is one of you back my days but what I’m trying to say is that may choice ka, kung bagot kna at hirap na hirap kna sa pagiging call center agent, ba’t d kna lang mgresign at lumipat ng ibang kompanya?! Oo mahirap tlga maging call center agent but u don’t have to elaborate it at all. Sorry pero I’m one of those people na hinahangaan ang mga CSR. Saludo ako sa inyo. c”,)

      • Ritz says:

        Pinagawa mo ang bahay mo? Trabaho na yun sayo?

      • Wag nalang kayo magtrabaho..Tambay nalang sure ako di kay mahihirapan.

      • gabbie laroya says:

        I agree with ungasis

      • rambo kid says:

        totoo yan sir!… kung maka BooHoo kasi ampotah… sa construction, katawan lang ang pagod. sa call center, katawan at utak ang pagod…

      • nanok says:

        wow sabihin mo yan sa mga programmer sa totoo lang ung mga nang lalait sa mga call center un ung mga nag aral ng mabuti para makuha nila ung gus2 nilang trabaho hindi mahirap makapasok sa call center kailangan ng tibay ng loob mataas ang sahod nila totoo un pero alalahanin nyu po na d pam matagalan ang trabahong yan dahil nakaka stress po payo ko lang po “work smart not hard” wag na po tau mag compara ng trabaho dahil kung tandaan nyu po kung wala ang isa mahihirapan din ang isa tignan nyu nalang kung walang driver ,construction worker , security guard diba mahirap naman kung lahat tau call center hahahah

      • karen says:

        I agree with you sir… because of this industry… i’ve started to have what i can call OWN properties… construction worker k b sir?… need mo work?? tara… tamang tama pinapagawa ko bahay ko… tapos paparamdam ko sau ung pinaparamdam samin samin ng mga boss namin na kapag di mo na-hit metrics… term kita… pro-rated sahod mo… tingnan natin u mafeel mo… tsk… ung comparison mo is para sa mga utak talangka…

      • chuck says:

        Swerte nga tayo may mga Trabaho tayo pabayaan na lang natin sinasabi ng iba e di naman pare pareho trabaho naten…

      • Miguel Jaro says:

        i agree to you ungasi…wala syang idea kasi kung ano ang call center agent.. utak ang kailangan paganahin.. initial interview palang, baka kala nya eh ganun-ganun lang..I am not against sa mga construction workers..iba-ba tayo ng profession but saying BOOOO to call center agents is a big NO! matatalinong tao ang nasa klase ng trabaho na ito.

      • Joy says:

        Nice one! 🙂 Absolutely true!

      • Call Center AGents are dick suckers says:

        tang-ina mo.. bakla ka.. callcenter agents are all dick suckers

      • Hentai Kamen says:

        grabe agree ako dto much! hahaha xet, pero at least sa amin naman mejo lenient ung mga boss lalo na kapag baha or kpag may sakit, well it depends parin in the end sa TL mo kung trip k nya na i-tag as SL or ABSENT eh, well kung nakachempo ka ng gagong TL na wala mang lng AMOR sa agents SWERTE MO!! 😀 kasi for sure khit patay ka na, kagaya nun isang kasama ko, may sugat sa paa mamamatay na sa sobrang sakit, she needs to be sent to ER na nga eh, pumasok parin tapos echos ng TL nmen “masakit ba?”

        sa part na malaki sahod, agree, yes, pero it still depends kung anong position mo nuh!
        xempre un ibang mga bwiset jan, esp. lalo na qng kamag-anak mo cla pa mauuna mgsv na wow call center mayaman kana… well ako na ngssv hindi totoo un, bukod sa limpak-limpak na tax, eh depende pa un sa makukuha mong pwesto kapag na-hire kana, meron ung iba lalo na sa mga frends ko na ngttrabaho, makukuba na kaka-calls wala na silang boses, sobrang stressful ng account, asa 13k lng ang sahod, 13-16k lang, not to mention taxes mga friends, grabe, hindi nyo lng alam kung gano ka-stressful un mga impact ng calls lalo na kung tanga yung kausap mo, kung pwede mo lng ingudngud sknila katangahan nila, eh pero dahil CSR/TSR ka u have to give them a chance to express how they feel tapos shock absorber ka nila, wala maririndi kana lng hahah, ung iba nga nagkakasakit kasi na-emotional hurt cla sa mga calls na narreceive nila, yung mga tipong pag-uwi eh magsusuka nlng, dahil sa sobrang pagod & stress sa work, eh makakausap ka ba naman ng 50-150 na customer sa isang araw tapos puro mga reklamo maririneg mo eh, tapos kelangan mo pang ma-hit un metrics mo (bwiset na AHT) wla kang mgagawa kundi makisama sa kausap mong d mo alam kung tanga or nagiicp nga ba talaga eh…

        tapos nun tae, totoo ung sa med cert, ngtatapos parin un depende sa bisor mo of course, pero un iba tae, LBM kelangan ng med cert? cge magkaLBM sna xa med cert agad? tapos nun yung iba pa ngkasakit yung anak or kamag-anak ng ahente mo hindi ka ittag as SL kasi hindi naman ikaw un ngkasakit… mga anak ng— hindi ng iisip, eh cla kaya magkaroon ng relative na may sakit diba? wala man lng awa xet… hhahah mga pasaway.

        i just don’t like it when some people ridicule your job as a call center agent, bec. i know the hardships of those CSR/TSRs working, so as guys who think that call center is a great job and you earn a lot, of course every thing also depends on your skills, they still base every thing there, if they think ur useful for them, they’re gonna put u in a position that you deserve base on your skills (esp. communication/charisma skills towards customers) pero eto last na, lahat kame dumaan sa 10k ang sahod OK hindi lahat ng nasa call center, pagkapasa mo sa interview, MAYAMAN NA AGAD, lahat kme tumanggap ng mga tanga, nakakaines & nakakastress na calls bago nmen makamit yung malaking sahod na sinasabi ng iba jan.


      • mhelody says:

        yup..its true..i agree with you
        kahit ako di nakaranas magwork sa call center alam ko kung anong klaseng hirap dadaanan sa interview pa lang…call center agents are immortals…kahit baha,bagyo,lindol,holiday, weekend, madaling araw,,,kahit ano pa situation mo,,kailangan mo pumasok dahil ndi namn un maiintindhan ng client qng ano pingdaanan mo makarating lang sa trabaho..what they only count is if pumasok ka or hindi.
        and di porket hired ka na..stable ka takes guts and hardwork para malampasan mo ang 6mos probation..dahil sa sobrang daming grounds for termination.i salute call center agents…and Filipinos are the best in that field….

      • james hetfield says:

        Brad, malawak ang construction Brad ☺, lawakan mo pag-iisip mo tol. sa kwento mo, klaro na labour ang experience mo. wag mong ipangandakan ung karanasan sa pagiging labour para ikumpara un. FYI, Hindi pwedeng katawan lang at konting utak dyan Brad. pinag-aralan naming mga construction worker ng ilang taon ang Construction.

      • yeah, un ung mahirap sa call center agents. khit gusto nlang mgleave eh andaming chechebureche bago ma-approve ang leave. isang trauma ay ung alam mo n buong pamilya mo ay nagcecelebrate ng Christmas pero ikaw ay nakaupo pdn, nkaharap sa computer habang binubulyawan ng customer mo… hnde ko dn minamaliit ang construction workers dhil mahalaga ang role nla. pero, ang hirap kc pagkumparahin nung dalawa eh: ang construction worker eh physical stress ang nakukuha pero ang call center agents ay emotional stress. eto pang isang mahirap sa pagiging call center agent, kapag nka-sick leave ka, kailangan kp tumawag sa TL mo araw-araw pra ipaalam lng sa knya n may sakit kp. at kpg hnde ka nakatawag, NCNS n agd un kpg given na me sakit ka pdn. mahirap magtrabaho sa gabi dahil sa mga oras n yan nglipana ang mga masasamang elemento sa lansangan. oo, malaki nga sahod mo pero mahholdap k nman dhil alam ng holdaper na sahod ngayon. okay lng ung pera at gamit lang makuha sa’yo, pero me tsansa na buhay mo rn ang maging kapalit. pitong taon ako sa call center industry, mula sa pagiging agent hanggang sa pagiging product trainer. tama, malaki ang sahod pero malaki dn ang inaasahan sa’yo ng pamilya mo. so, kung iisipin mo nagtratrabaho ka tlga pra sa pamilya mo — ang pamilya mo na hindi mo makasama sa mga mahahalang okasyon gaya ng birthday at Christmas dahil meron kang shift sa araw n ‘yon at hnde na-approve ang request mong vacation leave.

        let’s stop comparing call center agents to other laborers. the point of this article is for us to realize that being a call center agent is not as easy as what non-call center agents tend to believe. kanya-kanya tayo ng napiling karera sa buhay at hindi maaaring sabihan ng BOOHOO ang isang taong nagtratrabaho ng tapat maging ano pa man ang trabaho nya maliban na nga lang kung ilegal o masama ito. ano bang kasalanan ng call center agents para ituring sila na mababang uri ng tao? maaaring may isang call center agent na nagkamali sa’yo, pero hindi ito nangangahulugan na lahat ng call center agents ay ganun din ang ugali. tingnan mo ang iyong dalawang kamay. hinde mo pa napapansin na kahit sampu ang iyong mga daliri ay dalawa lamang ang makasukat dito? ganun din ang tao. ang pagkakamali ng isa ay hindi maituturing na iyon ang naturalesa ng lahat.

        sa lahat ng mga nagtratrabaho ng marangal, saludo ako sa inyo, maging call center agents man kayo o factory worker, o naglilingkod sa gobyerno!

      • ungasis says:

        @ritz mam/sir nag piyon po ako kc kulang sa labor.mahal ng per day kawawa ung mga tao kc kulang cla kaya un nagpala nag halo at nagbuhat aq..s construction may mga level din depende sa kaalaman at experience mo.dito sa pinas ang term n construction ay hindi tumutukoy s enggr. architct o foreman kundi dun s mga nag hard labor.kelan k nmn nkdinig ng enggr o archtct n nsbihan ng “katawan at kaing png construction”? esep din pg my time lol

    • joohn says:

      construction is only for people na wala pinag aralan….mas malaki naman sahod call center nuh..

      • callcenter agent says:

        wag nmn ganyan n walang pinag-aralan… rispeto din s kanila

      • iamedch says:

        pinag aralan din nila ang ginagawa nila…baka ang ibig mong sabihin eh walang formal education at documentation ang pagtatrabaho bilang construction worker…sa US kasi may mga programs/courses ng construction eh…call center agent din ako malaki sahod oo pero at the end of the day…pare-pareho lang tayong lahat…nagtatrabaho para mabuhay…kaya respeto sa isa’t-isa…ang kaya mo baka hindi kaya ng iba kaya angat ka or angat sya…ganun lang yun…

      • someguy says:

        at gusto mo nirerespeto ang mga agents?

      • goat says:

        not necessarily.. Maraming construction workers na nakatuntong din ng college. We simply have a lack of job base sa pilipinas (and even abroad)

      • k.rbcii says:

        eto construction worker.. ok lang walang pinagaralan kung ang kinikita nya naman daig pa ang ng masters! 😉 never underestimate people.. you’ll never know.. (just a thought)

      • Ms.Maja says:

        Wag naman ganun construction eh andun ang mga engineer architect na kailangan pa ng license para sabihin mong wala clang utak. Baka ikaw wala

      • sammie says:

        grabe man., ndi man ibigsabhing sa construction nag wo2rk wla ng pinag aralan??

      • Jeffrey says:

        Another absurd, uneducated comment.

      • DM says:

        and imagine what would construction people say when they read your stupid comment.if construction is for uneducated people, baka dun ka galing. You don’t get the point of this article, do you?

      • Construction Wookee says:

        Wag mayabang boss. Di ka katalinuhan.

      • FranzBelz says:

        Excuse me. Joohn, you need to actually open your mind, if you have some of that in you. Construction work or any work for that matter is something dignified, it gives dignity to the person. And what you’re saying is just the opposite. And do I also need to prove to you that your educational attainment (or the lack of it) is not directly proportional to your supposed salary?

      • Rhea Anne says:

        how you spit your words eh ikaw ang mukhang walang pinag aralan.

      • Caleb Bechman says:

        Baka ikaw ang walang pinag aralan, galing din ako sa call center at ngayon nasa construction sa UAE, ang mga kasama ko dito karamihan graduate ng engineering at architecture….

      • Ween says:

        Salamat po sa isa na namang post paggamit ng freedom of expression para sa diskriminasyon 😦

      • Jordan Corea says:

        Magkaiba ang walang pinagaralan sa hindi nakapag-aral..maaaring hindi nakapag-aral ang mga nagta-trabaho sa construction pero marami din ang graduate ng College ngunit mga walang pinag-aralan..

      • boykulitong says:

        habog tong taong to. wala pinag aralan daw e.

      • LOL says:

        haha pero ang call center kahit High School grad ka lang pede ka na….

      • Glenic Razon says:

        iyang comment mo parang wala kang pinag aralan…

      • Aian says:

        may pinag aralan ka nga nagagamit mo ba? :3

      • julia says:

        wag kang bastos. at bobo.

      • bunggangbungbung says:

        Construction worker man yan o Factory worker parehong marangal na trabaho yan. Hindi yan tungkol sa pinag aralan at laki ng sweldo kundi sa kung paano mo dalhin ang trabaho mo. I have the highest regard sa mga construction workers kasi dun kami binuhay at nabubuhay. Dati din akong call center agent at masasabi kong hindi basta sinabi mong gusto mo mag call center eh pwede na agad.

      • ric says:

        sinong walang pinag aralan sa construction? yung naka expedition o strada habang ikaw taga call center hanggang fx o jeep ka lang? wow! sino ang walang pinag aralan doon?

      • VD-DXB-UAE says:

        ehem.. i think you need to rephrase your sentence dude.. hindi sahod ang pinag uusapan dito.. the topic here is how to respect a people.. at halatang wala ka nun.. sayang naman ang tuition mo mula elementary hanggang college.. respect lang hindi mo pa alam..

      • Bryan says:

        Civil Engineer is also a part under the word “Construction” bro

      • NeverGetWasted says:

        wow mkpgsbi ka ng wlang pnagaralan a, ung comment mo daig pa ng taong wlang pinagaralan.. kupal ka

      • PIP says:




      • Anthony says:

        boss wala kang bahay kung walang construction worker…. walang ganyanan…. respeto rin brad

      • dennis torres says:

        ask a master mason, or a painter, or a carpenter, youll be surprised to know that their take home pay is higher that a call center agent, by the way, a lot of engineer works in construction site, asshole

      • boy utas says:

        mas pinakita mo na wala kang pinag aralan. nakakahiya ka..

      • josh says:

        sakit mong magsalita. nasa construction din ako, hindi lahat ng nasa construction walang pinag aralan. parang ikaw ang walang pinagaralan sa pagiging prejudice mo.

        kanya kanya lang yan ng discipline. hindi lahat crafted para sa call center, same din sa ibang field ng trabaho. respetuhan nalang.

        anyway, may punto ang article, wag lang mag degrade pa ng ibang trabaho. lahat tayo may papel sa bansang to.

      • paolo says:

        hoy! joohn take note hindi mububuo bahay nyo at wala kang inuuwian kung hindi dahil sa construction worker…wag mo naman sila mamaliitin…. pasalamat kana lang na nakapag aral ka!
        may pinag aralan ka nga ang baho naman ng ugali mo!

      • skin to skin says:

        isa pa tong kupal na to. sige magcallcenter ka habang buhay. baka yumaman ka. 🙂

      • chino says:

        excuse not all people who works in a contruction ay walang pinag aralan. shame on you joohn 🙂

      • top tier agent says:

        oo nga,wag nmn gnyn,hndi lht ng construction workers walang pinag aralan,iba s knila,mas matalino p kesa sa mga edukado..kng my choice lang sila,i would bet,they would also want another job..respeto lng..

      • humble lang po says:

        Engineers and architects are working in construction. They are licensed. Skilled workers like carpenters, plumber, electrician, etc. might not have formal lectures and haven’t attended formal schooling pero sa attitude I guess mas maayos sila coz if not walang buildings na matatapos. Ang construction pwede kahit kanino basta marunong.

      • radongrafix says:

        Plumber, Carpenter, Mason at Welder tawag po sa kanila construction worker at lahat po sa kanila may pinag-aralan hindi po nila magagawa yung trabaho nila ng tama kung wala po silang alam. baka ang sinasabi mong pinag aralan yung tapos ng college. kau nga tapos ng college ano man ang kurso nyo pero call center kau bagsak. ang punto ko dito lahat po ng trabaho mahirap.

      • concern citizen says:

        correct ka dyan kabayan.,well kung tutuusin maswerte ka pa nga kahit pa tawaging call center ka lang nagtatrabaho.,at least may trabaho kesa sa matawag kang “PALAMUNIN LANG!” di ba? yung iba ang lalaki ng katawan eh,palamunin umaasa sa magulang.,mas nakakahiya yung ganun..isa pa yung nagsabi sa construction worker,well,siguro hindi nga sya nag-aral kya yun ang kaya nya lang ihalimbawa..poor little one!..balik ka kaya sa grade 1 baka sakaling makapagwork ka ng call center.

      • abcde says:

        Ayan..kaya madalas kau i degrade kasi yung ugali nyong ganyan! Masyadong mataas ung tingin nyo sa sarili nyo in a wrong way. Ok lang maging proud pero dapat wag kayong “IKAW” na nanapak ng trabaho ng iba. Once yung friend ko nagdala ng workmate nya e call center agents sila tas sabi nya “Basta mas mababa na trabaho pa sa Call Center e hindi ko na alam yan” sabay tawa. Ang bastos no? Walang madaling trabaho pero may magaan na trabaho so kung puro reklamo kayo sa trabaho nyo as a CSR bat d kayo magquit at maghnap ng trabahong ikakagaan ng pakiramdam nyo.

      • nagtrabaho din ako sa call center.kung gusto mo ng pretentious life,sa call center mo makikita.dun mo kasi makikita mga taong nagpopormang mayaman kesyo sa call center nagtatrabaho pero ang totoo kakarampot lang naman ang sinasahod.mas gugustuhin ko pang makihalubilo sa mga construction workers na walang pinag aralan tulad ng sinasabi mo kesa sa iyo na that?

      • james hetfield says:

        Hindi mo alam ang sinasabi mo!! Pinag-aralan namin ng limang taon o mahigit ang Construction. nakakatawa ka parekoy

      • james hetfield says:

        lahat ng nasa paligid mo ay gawa sa Construction. at pinag-aaralan un!
        lahat ng nasa paligid mo ngaun, kinu-construct yan at ginagamitan ng utak.
        tunto ka.. isama kita sa halo eh!
        gawin kitang padugo

      • ZoeyDispatchadora says:

        Dear JOOHN,
        “Many people are educated but not totally mannered.”

      • ordinary gurL says:

        wow.. ngyabang ka na nga lang eh palpak pa! hahahaha tibay mo mag.english pre!

      • graduateBUTNoWork says:

        kung walang construction worker sa tingin mo saan ka kaya ngaun nag wowork na facilities? 🙂 isip isip pag my time

      • Ako To says:

        Ang yabang mo naman! Yung ibang nasa construction nag-aaral din at dun nila kinukuha ang pansustento nila sa edukasyon nila! KLAP! KLAP! KLAP! Ay, mali! KAPAL! KAPAL! KAPAL! pala!

      • whyso says:

        karamihan din naman sa mga call center agents ay undergraduate. may pinag aralan pero hindi tapos. natuto lang mag english akala mo kung sino na? e samantalang hindi naman mga nakapag tapos. oo mataas sweldo nyo jan sa call center. makakapag apply ba kayo sa ibang work na pang professional na nirerequired ang college graduate? hindi diba? kaya wag mag yabang. hanggang call center lang kayo. call center na puno ng tukso, puno ng sakit. puno ng kalandian. inshort pang low class.

      • renzo says:

        uhh. ano akala mo “construction” yung blue collar job? take note masyadong general ang “construction” na term madaming sagay yan. kaya madaming sinagasaan itong blog poster na to.

      • spinach says:

        to sum it all: wag po maliitin ang trabaho ng bawat nino. kase ang trabaho, that’s the source of income. que call center, construction, teaching, engineering field. don’t waste time to boast what we earn, rather thankful sa kung ano meron compared naman sa wala nang masisidlang kubo. yung nagsulat ng article, naapreciate ku yung effort of you saying your insight na hindi dapat minamaliit ang call center, i’ve worked in a call center myself. at totoo yun, sa hirap maghanap ng work, ang call center industry ang nagbigay daan to achieve higher dreams of some, o most ng mga nagtrabaho sa call center yung iba na nag comment against the call center industry, sana wag po igeneralize na sa call center me AIDS sa call center yosi lang alam, sa call center upo petiks lang.. me kanya kanya po tayong struggle depending on the field of work we do.

        it’s not right to really put call center people down. peace peace love love din..

      • CONSTRUCTION WORKER (Civil Engineer) says:

        FUCK OFF joohn..!!

    • BOBOnaSTUPIDpa says:

      physically drained vs mentally drained.. tingin mo anong mas nkkpagod?? sabagay d k nag-iisip.. you’re stupid..

    • killsinwater says:

      try mo mag call center..tignan natin kung do mo pakasalan yang martilyo’t lagari mo..

      • artfulparanoia says:

        If you feel your job is difficult, then why don’t you try to become a construction worker? Let’s see if you don’t go back crawling to your call centre job.

      • CONSTRUCTION WORKER (Civil Engineer) says:

        FUCK YOU..!
        Magpakayaman ka! tandaan mo yang pagiging Agent mo….
        Ou! Tandaan mo pagiging Agent mo sa tulad naming humahawak ng lagari at martilyo.
        sana hindi ka mahiya sa sarili mo in the future.

    • Mohammed says:

      You’re name says it all..

    • ako na try ko na mag manual labor at mag call center. Yung isa pisikal na pagod. Yung isa buong katawan. Di biro magpuyat at gumamit ng utak. sa nag comment na to para lang makapag patawa sana nag isip ka muna. Parehong trabaho marangal.

    • Insecurities101 says:

      Eto yung mga taong hindi natanggap sa call center. O kaya frustrated makapasok.

    • zaraine says:

      kaya yan lang ang inabot mo…wala kasing laman utak mo

      • zaraine says:

        being a construction worker? pinagmamalaki mo na?? kaya ka nga nasa ganyang position dahil walang kang ibang alam na trabaho…pwede ba.. never compare construction work to any other line of business dahil anlayo ng pantayan ng pinagkukumparahan mo…lakas ng katawan ang ginagamit ng construction worker… at wala ng iba pa…sa call center hindi lang lakas ng katawan… talas ng isip..matinong paguutak at presenya ng katinuan at haba ng pasensya ang kailangan…ngayon kung di mo kayang pagsabayin yun wala kang karapatang magsalita ng ganyan sa kahit anong industriya…dahil wala kang alam sa pinagdadaanan ng ibang tao…at wala rin namang laman yang kokote mo kundi iung mga bisagrang pinupulot mo…

      • Ako To says:

        Wag maliitin ang nasa construction work. Yan ang dahilan kung bakit ako nasa katayuan ko ngayon. Pagko-construction ang ibinuhay sa amin ng tatay ko. At gumagamit ng utak ang mga nasa construction. Magagaling sila sa Math. Nagsusukat at nagka-canvas at solving problems din. Sila ang gumawa ng magagandang buildings sa Makati at Ortigas. Itinaya nila ang buhay nila sa tuwing nasa mataas na lugar sila para lang mapantay at maging matibay ang gusaling pinapasukan ng mga nasa call center ngayon. Dahil sa trabahong yan, buhay kami ng mga kapatid ko at hindi napariwara. Respeto po sa mga nasa constructions.

      • CONSTRUCTION WORKER (Civil Engineer) says:

        OU. IKAW zaraine! TARANTADO KA!
        ANO NA BA INABOT MO????

    • John Cailao says:

      ayaw ko insultohin ka perosa comment mo kawawa ka!kahit sino pede magconstruction, pero kayo kaya nyo ba magin ahente!isa kang malaking pakshit!

    • roza says:

      yes lahat naman ng work mahirap… at least ang call center nasa airconed room… kesa sa iba na under the sun..

    • aklaqwe says:

      bakit po ba ang utak mo hanggang pang construction sites lang? minsan isip isip din. mental and psychological torture ang nakukuha nila sa mga taong tatanga tanga mag tanong tapos minsan minumura pa. Plus ung physical status nila at risk kasi it disrupts their body clock(which means sleep patterns are altered.) try mo nga po mag trabaho sa contruction site na gabi at walang tulog.
      Ang dalawang trabaho mag kaiba, hindi porket strenuous / nag aapply ng madaming force ang isang job, mas mahirap na. Parehas lang yan trabaho kaya dapat parehas nirerespeto.
      “ignorance can be educated, but stupidity lasts forever.”

      • concern citizen says:

        wow kabayan parang narinig ko na yang sinabi mong last part ng message mo ah!..hango yan sa isang pelikula..let me guess, ” THE EMPEROR’S CLUB”, yan galing ano?!..tama ba ako?..

      • Darrell says:

        kung construction worker ang kaaway baka english parin kayo ng english. is it just to show how professional you are?

    • kentaxzent says:

      kahit anong klaseng trabaho kailangan lang ang respeto. pero ganun pa man, we cannot ask respect we should earn it. the word “lang” is everywhere around the world. it is up to the person how he/she would take it. if we can’t get respect better yet do good things at all.

    • Caleb Bechman says:

      ows talaga galing din ako sa call center at ngayon nasa construction sa UAE, I would choose to do construction, mas mahirap pa din ang call center work. You are both tired mentally and emotionally. madali mawala ang physical stress :p

    • JA says:

      di naman nya topic dito kung ano ang mas mahirap na trabaho, kundi diskriminasyon sa mga call center agents. sa totoo lang may ilan akong kakilala na minamaliit talaga ang ganitong trabaho. respeto nga naman sa kanila kasi di nyo lang siguro alam kung gano kahirap mga pinagdadaanan nila kung gano ka stressful yung trabaho nila. wag sana lang langin lang ang mga trabaho kung marangal naman. kahit pag babasurero man yung trabaho deserve pa din ng respeto. basa basa muna pag may time @ stoopid git

      • CONSTRUCTION WORKER (Civil Engineer) says:

        Special ba ang cca? para banggitin at sabihin na stressful ang trabaho nila???
        kea nga humaba itong comments dito dahil dyan eh.!
        May kakilala-kakilala kpang nalalaman!!!

    • Annoyed@dumdums says:

      Naintindihan mo kaya kung ano ang ibig sabihin ng blog nya, or nag-comment ka lang para pumapel? Mag-isip din bago mag-click. Walang point ang argumento mo, at lalong walang connection sa nilalaman ng blog.

    • bakit minamaliit ba ang pagiging construction worker?gawa ka din ng article mo…pampam
      bagay syo pangalan mo, stoopid, minali pa spelling para malamang tanga ka

    • kboy says:

      npakatanga mo…

    • Marco Maiquez says:

      If they pay the same rate, I would be more than willing to take that job! Well conditioned pa ako

    • JOY says:

      kaya pala napunta ka sa pagiging construction worker kasi wala kang utak na kasing lawak ng utak ng mga taga call center… kaliwa ang reasoning mo… tingnan mo, lahat ng matatalino sa construction industry ay lahat big boss kasi matatalino sila… eh ikaw? aral aral din pa may time para di ka nasasabihan na bobo…AT NEVER UNDER ESTIMATE THE PEOPLE FROM CALL CENTER INDUSTRY. THEY ARE WAY MUCH BETTER THAN YOU DO IN TERMS OF LOOKS AND SMELL

      • abcde says:

        Haha..Baho ng ugali. TALAS NG UTAK? Sus! e may script nga kayo e..pag d na alam gagawin, tatawagin nalang ang TL para sila magsolve ng case nyo..haha!!! Kung nag aral ka tlga hindi ka sa CALL CENTER babagsak! syempre maghahanap ka ng trabaho na mas malaki sahod at mas magaan! haha..

      • Janis says:

        I worked in a call center. I think mas may saysay pa ang trabaho ng mga construction worker dahil may napapala sila sa trabaho nila. Maliit man ang kita, hindi naman sila namamatay sa STD, sakit sa kakainom, puyat, at pagod, utang, at pagigigng stuck sa isang mentally unrewarding work. Looks and smell?? Nakatikim lang ng magagandang gadgets mas mataas na agad sa kapwa? Nope. At wag kang magmalaking mga boss lang sa construction ang matatalino dahil kahit sa call center, kahit mga big boss na nakilala ko e bobo pa rin.

      • CONSTRUCTION WORKER (Civil Engineer) says:


    • Wala naman talagang trabaho na madali po. Mapa call center man o construction. Ang masasabi ko lang po, there are people who would gladly take your job. Be thankful you have one. Insults and discrimination? Please. I’m an HRM graduate and to tell you honestly, job interview pa lang, me iilan ininsulto na kami. May mga taong mas worse pa ang trabaho kesa sa yo po, and you don’t hear them complaining. Stop your whining po. Kahit pagbali-baliktarin mo yung mundo, privileged ka prin dahil me trabaho ka. Keep in mind lang na wala talagang trabaho na madali. At don’t be too proud na dahil Law natapos mo, dinedegrade mo na yung ibang tao na hindi nakatapos at namamasukan ng factory worker. Wag naman mashadong conceited.

    • Jamie says:

      Sa construction, katawan ang pagod sa iyo, kapa nag-call center ka, hindi ka lang puyat, sobrang stressed ka pa sa mga panghaharass ng ibang callers, so huwag ka mag-compare, iba ang construction, iba ang call center, parehas na lang sigurong mahirap

    • cool water says:

      Bakit nag construction ka na ba? Bagay sayo name mo … Stooopid ka na, bobo ka pa..walang sense komento mo stoopid git…

    • Geenda says:

      Where’s the like button? :)) I’ll rape it just for your comment.

    • talaga lang ha. bawasan din ang kayabangan minsan. likas sa pinoy eh. says:

      tama ka brad. i compare mo pa na “lower” yung factory workers sayo. para naman doon sa isang nag construction na. bat di mo balikan? oh eh di nasagot kung bat ka nag call center?

    • pogi9486 says:

      ikukumpara mo callcenter agent sa construction worker ?? eh puro physical lang naman yun oo nakakapagod mag mason AT BILIRAN SA ARAW na try q na yun.. but working on a bpo will test your limits. physically mentally and emotionally. pati body clock mo sira,.. yun ang main reason kung bakit mas malaki sahod ng mga callcenter agent kumpara sa mga construction worker..GETS?

      • CONSTRUCTION WORKER (Civil Engineer) says:



    • bacardi says:

      lahat ng trabaho mahirap! kaya wag kang mag aangas jan!!! makapang lait eh wagas!!! daig mo pa ibang lahi kung mang discriminate ka kabayan!!

    • OMG says:

      to compare a construction worker with a call center agent is like comparing a door to a chair. wala silang relate, dahil in the first place iba naman ang requirements for construction worker at call center agent. and i assure you, wala naman college grad ang papatol maging construction worker.

    • engr nathan bajaro says:

      pards ako i admit i work in a call center before and right now sa constuction as a quality conrol inspector sa Saudi Aramco wag mo sasabihin n mahirap magtrabaho sa construction baka laborer ka lng kaya ka nagsasabi nyan pero as a labor, foreman o kahit anong position sa construction di mahirap trabaho natin madali lng at mas lapitin ng sakit ang mga call center agents kumpara sa construction.. kaya wag kang magyabang kung di mo alam sinasabi mo

    • misterchoknut says:

      Try mong mag-agent sa company na pinagtratrabahuan ko at tingnan natin kung pumasa ka sa day 1!

      In retrospect, i think dapat ang BPO/call center na mga batas-manggagawa ang dapat pagtuunan ng pansin ng mga senators natin. Milking cow ang mga call center workers pero masyadong napapabayaan in terms of the government protecting the rights of employees and citizens of the philippines.

    • joven says:

      na try ko na preho dre” mas msrap sa colcenter, kc de ercon pa” hehe

    • Bobo ka nga says:


    • steve says:

      out of topic ka sir…di ung pagkakaiba ng trabaho pinag uusapan dito kundi ung pagtingin ng tao sa trabaho namin..gawa ka nlang ng sarili mong thread

    • sakura says:

      haha because you don’t have brain maybe thats why u end up in a construction worker.

    • Don says:

      hindi naman 2 pahirapan ng trabaho, respeto ang hinihingi nya at kahit basahin mu pa ang sinulat nya, wala naman xang nilait na trabaho,, oo mahirap mag karpentero,,

    • Ncdxero88 says:

      I experienced working in construction, wrecker and masonry was my position, in layman’s term, tiga bakbak ng bato at dingding. Compared to my experience with being a Call Center Agent? Construction was fun, you didn’t have to meet any metrics, you have no quota, you have NO strict coffee breaks, you have more than 6mins of time for the WHOLE day for bathroom breaks, You come-in late and you still get the PhP375/day(min during my time). You can advance your salaries for months if you had an emergency, You can sleep in the middle of the day if your work is done, You can sleep/rest ANYTIME when you feel like it(just don’t get caught and if you get caught you just get nagged at but NEVER terminated), You can chat with your co-workers and horse around during work hours, you can EAT anytime during the day, You can even come to work reeking of alcohol and no one, not even your boss would judge you, they’ll just laugh at you for your blunders. You’re just making ignorant comments.

    • Engineer sa Singapore says:

      Kasalanan ba naming na dyan ka nag work…
      Law graduate ka di mo ginamit utak mo…
      kung di puro dada lang…
      anong gusto mo makakuha ka ng gratitude sa mga tao…
      Susulat kapa para kaawaan kayo… Hindi naman yung mga client ang mga nag papahirap sa inyo bumaboy lang kayo dahil sa mga ibang ginagawa ng mga kasamahan mo,
      Tulad ng mga talamak sa droga sa sex at kung ano ano pa…
      Marami sa inyo ay spoil brats… Naka pag aral ng maayos na inglish noong nag aaral sa exclusibo Universidad. Ngayon ay na aaply bilang call center… kasi walang alam
      Mas kinakawawa nyo pa nga yung mga taong English carabao pero nasan kami ngayon…. hahahaha
      Karamihan sa inyo ang mga magulang eh OFW din na pinag aral kayo sa maayos na paaralan pero bumasak lang kayo sa call center…. kawawa mga magulang nyo

      • kukurikabu says:

        kawawa din magulang mo sir. may naabot ka nga. mapanglait ka naman. kawawa magulang mo. gumastos sila para magpalaki ng isang hipokrito.

      • inday says:

        I strongly agree with you engr! yung kaibigan kong mahinhin, ngayon napakawild na! talamak tlga sex at drugs jan! grabe! nakakawindang!

      • wantobato says:

        Engineer ka nga, produkto ka ng inang bayan na naghirap magpa-aral sa iyo, irony nga naman.. Mahirap buhay sa ibang bansa brad… Pinalad ka lang sa larangang iyong pinag sunugan ng kilay pero d mo matatawaran ang “skills” ng mga tga BPO …. Uwi ka d2 kng mei trbho kang mahanap, malamang call center ka… tas pag andun ka na, saka mo lunuking at kainin at namnamin yan pinagmamalaki mong titulo mo.. Makakain b yan pag kumalam na sikmura mo??? 😀

      • pusanggala says:

        korek..hehehe law graduate tapos ganyan..tapos may magcocomment pa na inggit lang daw sa sahod nila.feeling nila ang laki laki na ng sahod nila..hehehhe

      • call center agent ako says:

        wow ha. alipin ka din naman ng mga banyaga diba? saludo ako sayo sir/ma’am! napakalinis mo wala kang bahid dungis! lagpas langit ang kabaitan mo. hahahaha!!! tawa na lang ako. nakapag abroad ka lang akala mo mas nakahihigit ka nang Pilipino? akala mo mas mataas na uri ka na ng tao? (ulit) tawa na lang ako. di nyo talaga naintindihan kung anong layunin ng post na to.

    • BrutalArm says:

      To: Call Center AGents are dick suckers.
      How did you know that all call center agents are dick suckers? 2 possible answers are available:
      1. You are one of those dick suckers.
      2. You are an avid supporter of the so-called call center “dick suckers”. Kakaiba ba ang kiliti na dala nito sa iyo? Yummy ba??!?!?!?!.

    • Bobo si Stoopid git! says:

      Hoy Bobo sampu ng mga pamilya mo! Gumawa ka rin ng article na tungkol s construction worker kung gusto mong i respeto rin ng ibang tao yung trabaho mo!!! Tangang to, kinumpara pa yung construction worker (no dis respect sa mga construction worker) sa mga nagtatrabaho sa call center.

      • james hetfield says:

        ►walang bobo parekoy… gaanu ba kataas at karami kaalaman mo?????
        ang ibig nyang sabihin,, walang special

    • charm says:

      sa call center hindi lang po katawan ang isinasakripisyo kundi lahat na po.bago po natin ikumpara sa trabahong iba I try po muna natin pumasok sa call center ng maramdaman at makita din po natin kung gano kahirap ang mag trabaho sa isa ng BPO Company. Kudos po sa mga construction at factory worker and sa lahat ng trabaho at ganon din po sa mga nsa BPO Company na pinanggalingan ko.

    • galitsatanga says:

      Sino kayang na boohoo ngayon? di di ikaw stoopid!! you’re one example of a puny human being na hinding hindi matatanggap sa call center.. Tignan mo nga, you can’t even understand what the blog really says. It’s telling the readers to RESPECTworking in a BPO. HIndi yung ikumpara yung pagiging construction worker sa pagiging call center agent. Magkaibang line of work sila na hindi dapat i compare. Feeling ko nga magtry ka lang pumasok sa recruitment area ng call center BAGSAK ka na agad! I really pity you! Magbasa ka ng tama, hindi yung comment ka ng comment jan wala ka namang alam. Kung hindi mo maintindihan yung sinasabi ng blog, i-google translate mo, or better yet i translate namin para sayo! Tanga ka na BOBO ka pa!!

    • ken roxas says:


    • kasalanan nyo yan kasi nung pinapag-aral kayo, namamayabas kayo! lolz

    • di naman kasama sa usapan ang construction worker. the topic here is about people na nag puput down nang mga nagtatrabaho sa call center agent. may nag put down ba sa topic dito sa construction worker? proof read before you complain.

      • james hetfield says:

        ►hindi yan dahil sa hindi binanggit. nagbigay lang sya ng example. para hindi masabing special ang kanyang trabaho sa iba! ipapalabas kc na special. walang special. kea maraming magre-react!
        maraming sobrang napapagod, pressure at stress! o mashigit pa. pero hindi iniinda.
        anong ipinapaabot ng blogger dito.
        walang okay na taong pagsasabihan ng ganun.
        bka may problema ang blogger at hindi ung nagsasabi ng “lang”.
        kea may taong hindi nkkpag-absorb o mka-accept,, kc may problema sa kanya. kung hindi sa unawa ng utak nya o ego at pride sa damdamin nya.
        ►may sakit ang blogger. ☺

    • tarzan says:

      hoy bobo kong nursing graduate ka at papipiliin ka sa dalawa, magcoconstruction worker ka? tanga!

    • effing perfect says:

      if im not mistaken ang topic is ung side comment na “call center lang pala nagwowork.” my masabi lang? pinoy nga naman… haixt.. no wonder… your name fits you perfectly.

    • puro ka kasi angal says:

      BOOM! hahaha.

    • paxmachine says:

      Nagtatarabho ako sa callcenter. 3 years narin, Tama ang lahat ng sinabi niyang lagayan ng mga ahente. Pero ang mga pagsasamantala na ito ay hindi lamang sa callcenter nagaganap. Sa kahit anong trabaho meron mga ganitong kondisyon.

      Mali lamang ang pagkakakumpara niya sa callcenter at pagawaan (factory o contruction). Kung humihingi ka ng respeto bilang isang callcenter agent. Dapat marunong kading rumespeto sa trabaho ng iba. Mapacontruction man yan, factory worker, waiter, pesante.

      Mali na pagbangain mo ang mga manggagawa. Lagyan ng lebel at label. Kasi pareparehas lang naman napagsasamantalahan ang lahat ng mga manggagawa. Pareparehas lang ginagwang parang mga robot ng mga kompaniya. Pareparehong pinagkakaitan benepisyo. Parepareho lamang na walang katiyakan sa trabaho.

      May nabasa ako sa baba, sabi mas stressfull daw ang mga callcenter agents “It’s because there was a study wherein it showed that BPO/Call Center Employees are the most stressed people. It didn’t demand for physical strength compared with a person who’s working in a construction site. However, working on a graveyard shift with schedule changes being applied almost every 2 weeks is stressful enough since the body clock requires at least 6 months of the same work schedule before it can fully adjust. Not to mention sitting for 8 hours or more can ’cause different conditions like Costochondritis, etc.”…. Parang gusto kong kwestyunin ang research na ito. Stressfull nga naman talaga iyan. Pero ganon din sa pagawaan. Shifting sked, nagtratrabaho din sa holiday. Pero mas stressful siguro yung pagkatapos ng sampung oras na pagbabanat ng buto. uuwi ka sa bahay, makikita mo ang pamilya mo na gutom na gutom at mabibili mo lang ay isang salop ng munggo at isang kilong bigas na pagkakasyahin sa isang buong maghapon. Mas stressfull siguro na makita ang mga anak mo na imbes na nasa eskwelahan, nasa kalsada at nagbebenta ng sampagita dahil kulang ang sinasahod mo. Buti pa nga nakaupo lang mga agents. Hindi risky. Subukan mo kayang 10 hours nakatayo sa conveyor tapos sa isang iglap lang, makita mo kamay mo putol na…..

      Dapat pinagUunite ang mga manggagawa hindi pinagbabanga. Dapat magkaisa ang lahat ng mangagawa para baguhin ang ganitong kalagayan sa isang workplace. Ikaw na nagsulat ng blog na ito, dami mong reklamo. Pero ni minsan ba, gumawa ka ng paraan para baguhin ang mga nakikita mong mali? Mas proud ako sa mga maralitang manggagawa dahil meron silang pagkakaisa. Ito ang kadalasang wala sa mga trabahong pang “middle class”. kaniya kaniyang sagwan para sa sariling pag-asenso. Mga manggagawa, tulad sa paggawaan, kailngan sabay sabay ang pagkilos, may koordinasyon. Iyan ang katangaian nila na ginagamit upang bakahain ang pagsasamantala sa kanila. Di mo ba napapansin sa callcenter, ang pakiaalam mo lang ay ang sarili mong stats para tumaggal ka at hindi masisante. Ganoon kasi ang itnuturo sa atin sa loob ng BPO. Dapat baguhin natin ang ugaling iyon. Dahil ba may pinagaralaan ka kesa sa mga contruction worker, ganon mo narin silang maliitin? Alam mo bang manggagawa ang nag papaikot ng ekonomiyo. Mga manggagawang lumalahok sa produksyon. Kung wala ang mga produkto na ito, tandaan mo, wala kang trabaho jan callcenter.

    • kukurikabu says:

      nakakatawa ka. bumalik ka na sa paghalo ng semento, indiyo.

    • L2 says:

      i tried construction .. have you?? And believe me… in construction, you’re dealing with physical stress. Try in a call center, wherein you have to deal with emotional and mental stress, especially for technical support. Let’s see if you can still say that.

      • james hetfield says:

        ►alamin mo muna ang salitang “construction” or “construction worker”,, bago mo gamitin.
        marami naman taung paraan para mag-search.
        ►katarantaduhan yang sinasabi mo na physical stress at sa Call Center, mental at emotional.
        ►pinag-aralan ko ang construction at pina-practice ng ilang taon bilang isang CE.
        at pinagyayabang mo ang dealing dealing with emotional at Mental mo..

        may let’s see let’s see kpa!! Leeeetchee!
        lahat ginagamitan ng mental.
        at lahat pde magka-stress.
        →andali nyo lang sabihin na “try in a call center”. Iba iba ang tao may iba ibang skill.
        ►try mong tumuwad!

    • Fow Evah says:

      Dito sa discussion na ‘to, makikita mo kung sino yung mga may kwentang kausap sa wala, mga malayo mararating sa hindi at yung mga nagiisip kung ano ba talga yung pinag-uusapan o hindi

    • nevrebyl says:

      you are a law graduate,,,then you should not working there..or simply sabihin u lang na “bakit ganito im a law graduate bakit bagsak ko call center?” but TAKE NOTE lahat ng trabaho kaylangang i respeto,lahat ng trabaho mahirap,kaya lang may kanya kanyang dahilan,,,pero alam mu ba kung anung pinaka mahirap na trabaho??yung mga walang uniform na magagara,,gusto mong malaman kung anung trabaho yun? nasa paligid lang natin,,mga basurero tindera driver ng bisikleta tindera sa kanto constructuon worker katulong labandera at marami pa,,,pero wag mung itanung kung bakit ganyan lang work nila kasi karamihan sa kanila ay walng kakayahan mag aral tulad ng kinuha mo,maswerte ka graduate ka ng law at maswerte ka dahil sa call center ka nag tratrabaho

    • mark brillantes says:

      Mukha ngang call center agent ang sumulat nito. Anak ng puta ang panget ng sentence construction .Law graduate pa daw? pwe kaya siguro di makapasa pasa ng bar exam

    • Seyj says:

      I agree..

    • wantobato says:

      it says all in your name… stoop-id! buti nkabayad ka ng pangrenta mo sa internet mka reply ka lang sa pnost mo d2.. nu ba yan net mo jan hulugan ng piso???

    • MERI DEVIL says:


      • any says:

        kasi ang ng sulat niyan ay law graduate tapos call center lng sya ng trabaho… yan lng ba kaya niya? kaya na sabi yan “sa call center lng pala ng trabaho.”

    • pusanggala says:

      respect.pero yung situation ng mga call center agent ay pareho lang sa ibang work..i mean katulad ko sa work ko,bawal naman talaga magdala ng phone.shifting sched.kahit bumabagyo kelangan mo magreport 2 hrs before duty kung di ka makakapasok..i mean its normal.tapos may magcocomment pa na ang sahod ng iba eh pang gimik lang naman nila..akala nila ang laki na ng 30k????????duh…tax nga lang namin yan eh..hehehe pero yun nga,yun basis nya na mahirap ang pagiging call center agent ay hindi sapat.but i still respect them ofcourse.

    • Unknown says:

      Yeah.. Galing na rin ako sa callcenter for 1 year at tama si “Unknown”… Mahirap magtrabaho dun kasi paulit ulit at nakakasuka yung ginagawa… Kaya umalis na rin ako kasi hindi mo siya mapapagmalaki… Pero kasi kung icocompare mo sa mga trabahong hindi ganun kalaki sweldo at mas “mahirap”, mas pipiliin ko yun kesa sa magcallcenter. Yun lang naman malaki lang ang sweldo tapos yung mga nakagrad ng matataas na degree then magaapply lang sa ganyan yun yung mga walang kwenta na move. Chaka eto lang masasabi ko –> Mas Matataas pa yung dangal ng mga minimum waged employees kesa sa nagwowork sa callcenter… 🙂 Kumbaga, mas mataas pa rin ang dangal ng mga Janitor/ security guard kesa sa kanila 🙂

    • nathan says:

      construction?? what the hell..mas ok pa ikumpara ung work nmin as food attendant s hotel kasi shifting din kami at paiba iba ang sched. madalas overtime kc late or absent ung kashift nmin.. then mahirap pa lalo pag wala ung bartender kasi minsan kami ang nasa bar kahit di nmin trabaho yun.. then sabayan mo pa ng full house guests ewan ko lng kung di ka mataranta sa mga orders at request nila.. at ibat ibang lahi pa kausap nmin, minsan di mo makausap ng maayos kc di makaintindi ng kahit english ung guest kaya magsisign or body language nlng just to communicate on them clearly..

    • james hetfield says:

      Sa lahat ng nagbabanggit dito tungkol sa Construction,, siguraduhin na alam ninyo ang sinasabi ninyo. siguraduhin ninyo na alam mo ang salitang “construction worker”. siguraduhin mo na malawak ang pag-iisip mo. mamaya hindi nyo alam,, idiot pla kau.
      un plang nasa mind ninyo at iniisip ninyo construction laborer. limited na pag-iisip un.
      alamin nyo mga sinasabi ninyo.
      Construction Worker po ako!
      pinag-aaralan namin ang Construction ng ilang taon. at Math ang major hanggang matapos.
      hindi pwedeng pisikal lang ginagamit dun.
      wag nyo ipagyabang ang pagamit ng utak.
      bka pag pinag-estimate, pinag-design at pinag-compute kau… malalaman nyo ung sinasabi nyong pag-uutak nyo.
      kanya kanyang field po yan. maaring magaling ka sa talkist, as call girl or call boy, may magaling din magbakal at maghalo ng semento at para maitayo ng safe ang establishimento ninyo.

      mag-isip ng sakto.

      • Saudi boy... says:

        Respeto sa mga Construction Workers… Isa din akong construction worker..Masasabi ko lng po e2ng mga construction workers/laborers na ito ang gugustuhin kong makatrabaho habang ako’y nabubuhay.. ako’y CE din pero ang mga taong e2 kht nde nakatapos ng pag-aaral ay pareho lng sa mga katulad nming nakapagtpos.. Physical (Construction worker – given na sa knila un / CE paperworks,site) Mental/Emotional (Construction worker – yung sigawan ka ng engineer at foreman para matapos ung trabaho kc very urgent bubuhusan mamayang gabi, ito’y napakadelikado kase magbubunga ng away “STRESSFUL TO BOTH PARTIES”..(CE ung oras oras kaung binoboljak ng boss nyo dahil mali ang cutting list ng bakal, pumutok ung porma at kinabukasan 10 construction labor ang need mo para maglinis ng tumapon na halo(kasama sa work ang pagputok)..iNTELLECTUAL (Construction worker- Marunong ba kaung magbasa ng plano ng bahay/building? alam mo ba kung paano itinayo ang hagdanan nyo? cge tgnan ko lng kung kaya mong “i-layout un”hahahah E2NG MGA CONSTRUCTION WORKER ANG MAY KAKAYAHAN GAWIN IYON.(CE-ok po heheh alam na un) With all due respect.. ipagyayabang ko ang field ng construction.. DAHIL NANDITO ANG SHOWBIZ.. KOMPLETO, MA-AKSYON, MA DRAMA AT COMEDY..


    • Loyalty Representative, Retention Department says:

      Bobo. Enough said. Lol

    • Call Center Special Agent says:

      LoL, your name suits you perfect. Trollolololol (yet so true)

    • Cons says:

      I’ve tried it. before ako mag call center. I was a construction worker. But the salary is not enough… So I study again and then i’m a operation manager in a call center….

    • Ed says:

      every job is hard no need to compare. this post is about how a certain person discriminate a call center person which they taught it was only sitting pretty and saying hi and hello. which is not.

    • Ally14 says:

      Excuse me! Magpala, mag-martillo, maghalo ng semento— mahirap! Pawis at Pagod! Subukan mo mag call center- kahit gaano kalakas katawan mo, sasabog ang utak mo!

    • haters says:

      stoopid git… bagay seo ung name mo… reflects and it shows….”

    • j.p. says:

      pang bobo ang construction puro katawan lang kailangan mind you i have tried it and it is harder to use your mind to construct grammatically and politically correct statement rather than lifting heavy stuff utak utak din pag may time…..

    • Edel says:

      I agree with you @ stoopid git….naka aircon pa sila…

    • graduateBUTNoWork says:

      kahit anu man yang trabaho nyo mahalin nyo at wag nyo kalimutan kahit mahirap work nyo smile lang wag nyo kalimutan mag saya sa kabila ng pag hihirap sa work, tandaan we live once kaya e enjoy natin… ako nga graduate ng 4 years course pero ito hirap na hirap mag hanap ng work but still di ako nawawalan ng pag asa at di ko kinakalimutan ngumiti sa kabila ng aking kabiguan sa pag hahanap ng trabaho…. ang importante wag tayo mag kumpa-kumpara ng mga trabaho kasi iba iba ang mga pinagdadaanan natin…. ika nga nila DO YOUR ORDINARY WORK WITH EXTRA ORDINARY LOVE for sure di mo mararamdaman ang hirap at pagud…. 🙂

    • graduateBUTNoWork says:


    • Ian says:

      MORON! Natural iba ang hirap sa construction, ka high blood ka.

    • hulaan ko? marami dito ang nakikipag talo sa level ng trabaho, compare dito compare doon, eh wala nmn trabaho. hahahahaha kung nag aral ka ata may pinag aralan ka eh bat papatulan nyu ung comment na walang katuturan tpos di nyu matatangap ung comment na ganito so papatulan nyu? ehdi ang hulog pumantay kau sa comment na pang walang pinag aralan,,or mas masahol pa?,

    • mrbee says:

      construction work?? i used to work here and abroad too. karamihan kasama mo walang sariling utak. parang pako lang din, sorry ha? honestly, nakakasira ng araw karamihan sa mga kasamahan mo. inaantay lang mag-bell uli. pag-inutusan, tayo pa maging kontrabida, sip2, at kung ano2 pa..

    • faqueue_stoopid_git_and_marky_boy says:

      @Stoopid Git and Marky Boy: wow grabe ah. sige kayo na ang magaling. Bottom Line lang. RESPECT. Hindi naman kailangan mag compare. Marangal na trabaho ang pagiging Call Center Agent/Representative. Try nyo lang mag apply kahit alin sa Makati, Ortigas, QC, Alabang, na mga call centers and tell us kung masasabi nyo pa yang comparison nyo.

    • dhar says:

      tama na po ang away.. lahat po tayong pinoy ay hardworker. kahit saan man tayong bansa mapadpad kilala tayong masikap. sa bawat trabaho may kanya kanyang hirap. thumbs up po ako sa gumawa neto. wag naman po sanang laiitin ang kinatatayuan o posisyon ng bawat isa,. kung gusto po nating i respeto ng ibang tao. matuto rin po sana tayong rumespeto.. GOD bless po

    • Lalalalabamba says:

      What people might mean about “sa call center lang pala nagwowork” was that it is not aligned to your field. You studied for a 2 or 4 year course, or in your case, lots of years, but then you are not working on somewhere that you may apply what you’ve learned. The point is, sayang ang degree. But nevertheless, hindi pipichuging work ang pagiging call center ageny. So people, please remove the LANG word. You are just like us who are in the travel and hospitality industry. There are no vacations and holidays in the airport and hotel. We have graveyard shifts and 3am flights. It’s do or die when there is a typhoon. Hindi lang callcenter agent ang nakakaranas nyan.

      Anyway, nice blog though. 👍👍👍

      • theafenella says:

        i get your point @lalalalabamba and i agree. however, those people — and i’m included, who opted to work in this industry are those people who would want to have higher salary kasi sila ang bread winner. buti ka, nasa hotel, may chance na magka-tip. eh pano kung ang natapos na work eh sa regular office lang talaga na may minimum pay, will it be enough lalo na karamihan sa nagtatapos ngayon eh may “mission” na makatulong sa pamilya lalo na sa pag-aaral ng iba pa niyang kapatid? that is why there are people who opted to work in the call center industry. di naman kami magkaka-incentive or tip sa regular na opisina eh. pwera na lang siguro sa customs.

      • Me too.. It always depends. The word “LANG” makes it worse kaya may mga ganitong sentiments nagiging issue sa iba. They may “know” it but they never “have” it. People who are saying na may “script?” for sure never stay for a long time in BPO.. 🙂

    • Chatetooy says:

      @Stoopid git: mas mahirap pa rin ang mag-trabaho sa call center compared mo sa construction tange!

    • theafenella says:

      hindi mo naintindihan kung anong ibig sabihin ng post na to ng author no? ipinagtanggol niya lang ang mga call center agents na laging sinasabihan ng “call center lang pala nagtatrabaho”. hindi naman sinabi ng author na pinakamahirap na trabaho ang pagiging call center agent. construction worker ang tatay ko pero nakapagtapos kami ng college. after college, nagtrabaho na agad ako sa regular na opisina pero dahil maliit ang sahod, pinili kong mag-apply sa call center. ang ibig lang sabihin ng author, irespeto ang taga-call center tulad ng pagrespeto namin sa kung anong propesyon ang meron ang ibang tao. yung sinabi ng author na For those who uses the phrase “call center lang pla nagwowork” I challenge you to try and enter this profession and after 2 or 3 months, tell me the same phrase that you mentioned and I promise you, you will change your perception!; this only means yung mga taong nanlalait sa pagiging call center agent, itry nilang mag-apply and go back to us, tell us of your perception of the job since it’s not easy. hindi ko sinasabing madali ang trabaho ng construction worker, nakita ko ang paghihirap ng tatay ko kaya nga hats off din ako sa may ganitong profession, pero itinama lang ng author na hindi tamang isipin ng kahit sino na madali ang trabaho sa call center. “In summary? Respect!” yan lang naman ang gusto ng author para sa mga taga-call center. wala naman akong nakitang kahit na anong pangit at laban sa ibang trabaho ang ginawa ng author.

    • matt says:

      stoopid git, kung hindi mo naintindihan ang nabasa mo, wag k n magcomment dahil hindi nya sinabi n madali ang construction n trababaho o kaht n anong trabaho. ang sinasabi at ipinaaabot lang ng mga taong nagtratrabaho sa call center o kahit n anong trabaho ay huwag maliitin respetuhin ang bawat isa. OO mahirap ang contruction Physically. Pero sa call center mahirap sya mentally. kadalasan pag night shift madalas nasa piligro ang buhay mo dahil sa mas maraming masasamang loob kapag gabi.

    • I would like to answer some comments and provide some ideas regarding the BPO/Call Center Industry. I’m Paul and I’ve been working for this Industry for more than 8 years and so far I have no plans of changing my career, by the way I’m a college graduate with some units in graduate school (I’m just giving a fact not trying to brag my education). Working in a BPO/Call Center Industry is also a career, well it depends if you chose to be an agent for the rest of your life or you chose to be stagnant on a certain post.You just need to work hard and prove yourself. So, for the people who said that it is “just a job” think first and try to define the word “career” especially for those people who really means to degrade the said job or industry. The BPO/Call Center Industry offers different careers and also hires other post, for example accountants, software engineers, psychometric etc.

      Not all BPO/Call Center Industry accepts undergrad, there are some clients and accounts that requires a college diploma and there are some post that even requires a masters degree like being an Site Director or being a General Manager or Country Manager.

      There is also a difference between BPO and Call Center, though it’s almost the same but just to let you know Call Center is just part of BPO there’s more to it and will take time for us to discuss.

      Not all are being compensated well, an agent in the U.S.A. is earning an average of $8 to $10 per hour so in an 8 hour job that would be $64 (using $8 as a salary), in the Philippines the average daily rate of a call center agent is 600 Php to 1000 Php depending on your account or depending on your contract, where in supposedly if we will convert it using 40 Php for every $1 that would be $2,560. But since we are in the Philippines most people think that it’s already a high paying job because our minimum wage is around 400 Php. Also, there are some accounts who offers 12k as a basic salary SIMILAR with some offices in Makati and Ortigas.

      HIV / Aids really depends on your life style and NOT dependent to your job title, though we have to admit that in recent surveys most of the people working from the BPO / Call Center Industry is the common victim. HIV / Aids is a delicate issue and in RESPECT for those victims we should not bring it to the conversation (pertaining to those people who brought this issue).

      I believe the author of “Sa Call Center Lang Pala Nagtatrabaho” did not compare the call center to a construction employee, so I believe there should be no issue about it. The last paragraph only states that “Call Center” is being classified by our system as a factory worker which is really unfair and unjustifiable. Unfair for each other not only for a specific side. I mean WE Filipinos should stop giving comparisons on delicate matters like job title and most of all should stop degrading each others job or personality. I believe the author and most of the people working in the BPO / Call Center Industry is being irritated to hear the word “lang” (which is being disrespectful) because it means a lot for us.

      For people not working in the BPO / Call Center Industry especially for those people who INTEND to degrade our job / career or the industry we are working for prove us that your well educated and you deserve the highest for of respect.

      For some people working on the BPO / Call Center Industry, we should not waste our time having an argument with people who doesn’t know your job / career. Instead EDUCATE them regarding your job, your industry and your beliefs. At the end of the day, remember that your tax also covers the people earning the minimum wage and below. Just kidding, at the end of the day, it’s your contribution to the society and your good dids that will earn you respect not your job title and not your diploma.

      Thank you for reading.

    • jonas m. cajigal says:

      Tried that bro for 6 months before finding a job as an artist.Then the economy went sour and had to work in a call center,it pays real well and in contrast its real hard. It takes smarts to be in a call center good character and you must be in good health, not to mention you must have a willingness to be taught and learn real fast. Do you think your up for the challenge?

    • ron stephen says:

      wow 30+ k.. you must be a fucking billionaire by now. Pahingi naman ng konti.

    • firechef says:

      Construction @ Php 40 an hour? you call that a job? LOL!

      • james hetfield fucking arrogant CCA.. says:

        ► napakayabang mo magsalita Chef of fire..!!! lutuin kita sa sarili mong apoy eh!
        Construction worker ako,, at bka masmalaki pa sweldo ko sau. sobrang pagmamaliit mo.
        bka tae ka lang?? hindi binibasehan sa sweldo un. tarantadu!!

    • Jeanne Thompson says:

      “Sa call center lang pala nag tatrabaho” ….. ito ang sinasabi ng ibang tao kapag nalaman nila na law graduate ka tapos sa call center ka nga lang nagtatrabaho. Kasi iniexpect nila na sa law firm ka pumapasok. Hinde nila minamaliit ang pagiging call center agent. Nadisappoint lang sila na nag aral ka ng law tapos sa ibang field ka din pala magtatrabaho.

      Frustrated lang siguro ang author kasi hinde pa siya pumapasa sa bar at maraming stess sa trabaho.

    • Ravishing_R says:

      Bakit kelangan namin mag construction worker kung may natapos naman kami? Bitter ka lang kasi yung isang taon na sweldo mo,tax lang namin sa isang kinsena..You poor little thing!!

    • Glenn says:

      Mas mahirap ang maging call center agent kasi may mga metrics na kailangan ipasa di katulad sa construction basta hard working ka lang walang pangamba na mawawala ang trabaho. I also worked as a construction worker before kaya nasabi ko, but the bottom line of this shit above is RESPECT no matter what walk of life we came from, all of us play important role in this society..

    • uu mas mahirap ang construction pero respeto naman walang madaling trabaho mahirap nga magwork sa normal na oras ang magwork pa kaya ng gabi sa call center?…pls respect nalang po!!!at qng ang trabaho nyo ai construction atleast merun pero dont blame to others why you’ve got that job kng nag aral ka ndi ganyan work mo….

    • Willie says:

      Wala namang madaling trabaho. bawat trabaho ay may kanya kanyang hirap nadinadanas, problema, at sakripisyo…

    • nones says:

      I already tried that, stoop (nice nick). And I can tell you, a call center job is a notch harder than working at the construction site. I’ve been the ff:

      – market vendor
      – tricycle/jeepney driver (Pasig-Quiapo)
      – baker
      – car painter
      – house boy
      – hospital janitor

      Again, I can tell you – it’s harder to fry the brain than the body.

    • sys dev says:

      Sa call center walang career growth. mabilis pera, kaya mabilis din mauubos. mostly yung iba pa-CONIO effect pa.

    • jomz says:

      out of the topic lang??? get sound argument! call center job ang pinag-uusapan tapos napunta k sa construction. The bottomline here wag maliitin ang pgging call center worker nila!!!

    • Jomar Co says:

      out of the topic lang???ANG BOOOHOOO MOOO!!! The bottomline lang WAG MALIITIN ANG PAGGING CALL CENTER AGENT NILA!!

    • SHELDON COOPER says:







    • stupel!!!! all work is mahirap but it defend on the salary….mahirap na work na mataas ang salary or mahirap na work na may mababang wages??? saan ka doon???

    • YEH says:

      @stoopid git- wala ka cguro ibang alam kaya nahulog ka sa construction! BOBO!

    • jejemoan says:

      OMG! Who cares??!!!

    • robin aguilar says:

      bobo ka lang kasi kaya hanggang construction ka lang hahahaha

    • Living in the USA says:

      SA US construction workers get paid a lot more, since they are skilled workers, call center agents just little over minimum wage since they can just hire a group from other nation for a cheaper price, u dont have to be a college graduate to be a call center agent in the US but sa PHILs i believe its a must

    • MikeCalo says:

      To be honest with you na try ko na lahat yan and being a call center agent is the hardest.. nag litson ako ng baboy nag panadero, nag latero minsan side job ng construction pero even if this freakin job is the highest paid i’ve ever been I’m tellin you sir that insults everyday in every call wihin 8 – 9 hrs work taz ang tulog moh pag uwi 4 – 6 hours lang believe me kakainin moh yang sinabi moh…

    • ER says:

      ay hindi gets… ang sinasabihan nya dito ung mga nasa professional world, ung mga nakatapos ng mga degree nila na nasa linya talaga nila…. swerte ung mga un kasi nakapasok talaga sa linya nila agad, ung mga nasa call center na nakagraduate ay hindi pa kaya sila nagtyatyaga dun. mahirap ang trabahong call center kahit sa interview pamatay na. may alam akong mga nasa professional world na ganyan kung tignan ang mga nasa call center pero wag ka patry mo magenglish pulpul… kaming galing sa call center pag nakapasok sa field namin mas dadaigin pa naman mga matatagal na sa professional world lalo na pagdating sa pakikipag communicate.

    • red says:

      yah boohoo..what’s a shame in being a factory worker? You defend one job and yet malign another…hmmm Every kind of job should be respected…just saying!

    • engot ka pala eh says:

      try mo kaya magsalita ng dere-deretso ng 8 walong oras.. buti pa nga construction pwede tumunganga at magpahinga pag pagod na.. eh pag cc agent dapat parati kang alert ng buong 8 oras or else papalpak ka.. malas mo pa kung kelanGn ka mag-OT… dapat din lagi nagmamadali kc may oras lang ang break di tulad s construction parang maraming beses pwde magmeryenda dahil kung gugustuhin, pwede…

    • Isang Maralita says:

      Lahat naman ng work mahirap o may hirap kang mararanasan. Ang pino-point out ni blogger eh yung pagmamaliit sa mga nagta-trabaho sa callcenter sa pagsasabing “Callcenter LANG pala nag ta-trabaho”.

    • Isang Maralita says:

      @NEO “Madalas, may makakasabay kami sa restaurant or bus or just any public place, maiingay na call center agants, then ipanaparinig na ang sweldo ay 35K, ung isa naman humirit ng sa Dubai na raw sya mag cacallcenter kse tumangap na sya ng offer – Php 50K a month daw. Walangya! natatawa na lang kami ng mga officemates ko na kasama nila sa jeep. Ang hirap kse senyo, ang tingin nyo sa 30/35K, malaki na.ROFL..ano un? Monthly tax lang un ng average IT guy na may 3 to 4 years experience eh (hindi lahat ganun, pero madaming IT na ganun – ung totoong IT ha – not customer service agent). Eh kung mataas na sa kanila iyon anong problema mo? Ano ba ang issue mo yung “ingay” o yung fact na sinasabi nila in public ang suweldo nila? Puwedeng “normal” sa kanila na pag-usapan iyon in public kasi alam nila na marami na ang kumikita nang ganon at hindi iyon big deal. Kung PARE PAREHO LANG NAMAN KAYONG NANGANGAMUHAN AT SUMASAKAY ng JEEP ano ang itinaas mo sa kanila? HANGGAT NASA PUBLIC na lugar ka wala kang karapatan na diktahan ang iba sa kung ano ang dapat at hindi dapat pag-usapan at kung gaano kalakas o kahina ang boses ng mga nagsasalita. UNLESS NA LANG SA SOBRANG TAAS NG SUWELDO MO KAYA MONG BILHIN ANG PAGTAHIMIK NILA.

    • Construction worker says:

      Amen! Hahahaha!

    • kamote says:

      actually it’s a no brainer no offense pero na-try ko na yan.

    • epiquestions says:

      nakakatawa diba gusto nila ng respect pero pag may nag comment na iba(hindi naman sinasabe na madali lang mag call center) mag rereact na bobo ke construction lang na kesyo laki sweldo pang gimik lang. Hypocrites.

    • Caregiver666 says:

      Lol, construction job is like call center job. Both employs people that fails to get a job with ther choosen field. You know, its like the recycling bin in your computer. You place all your trash in there. Get a job in line with what you really want to be guys.

    • Karlingish says:

      mimomiko – Ser baka naman kasi sobrang dali ng trabaho nyo, like call director or something.. hehe.

      NEO – tama ka naman sa mga “ibang” call center agents na mayayabang, pero hindi naman po lahat. hindi din lahat pinagmamalaki na call center sila nag wowork, I don’t brag that I’m in this business. I’m not proud, yet I’m not also ashamed. And the pay? oh no, akala lang ng iba malaki, pero sa totoo lang, kulang pa sa lahat ng mga trabahong ginagawa namen.

      oh…btw..the stress thing complaint?!! Anong stress doon? you have a freaking script to follow for goodness sake!LOL…
      – Probably you won’t know the stress, kasi, yes, sa ibang call center, all you have to do is just to take in calls, pero hindi naman po lahat. Call Center din ako at hindi madali ang trabaho ko. Hindi ako manager pero I don’t just take in calls. Seryosong nakaka stress. I’m not saying na hindi nakaka stress trabaho nyo but then again, not because it’s call center lang eh hindi na nakaka stress. 😛 Probably iba-ibang level ng stress lang ang binibigay ng iba’t ibang line of work.

      PS, hindi lahat ng nasa call center ay mahilig uminom, manigarilyo at gumimik. 😛

    • Network Guy says:

      Well natatawa ako sa mga gantong sistema sa ating bansa, Totoo may discrimination when it comes to Job Titles. Ako i never bragged about anything.
      30k salary oo malaki na para sa isang tao for monthly basis para sa starter.
      Pero when it comes to profession soon mamemeet ang salary ng ganyan or even more.
      Mag 4 years na ako sa field ko as I.T pero short padin sakin ang malaking sahod. kase gusto ko maibigay sa pamilya ko ang “THE BEST” di pwede sakin ang sapat lang.

      Ako base on my experience as I.T Net Ad sa isang BPO company, Madaming tao na magtatanong kung anung trabaho ko, at kapag sinabi ko na I.T po ako sa isang Call center. babanat sila ng “Ahhh okaya naman Ahhh ok” at ang masaklap pa ay magsasalita pa ng kayo ung mga tumatawag at sumasagot sa telepono diba?
      Sa mga ganyang tao di nalang ako nag rereact na para mag paliwanag pa. sagot ko nalang “Di po kami ung nagaayos at nagseset up para sakanila”.

      At ang sobrang kinaiinisan ko pa ay ung mga Ahente at Bisor na kala mo kung makapag react kapag nagkakaproblema ay pasigaw at gigil na gigil saamin. kaya nakikita ng mga ahente at iniisip lang nila na mas mababa pa kami sakanila. hahahaha

      Natawa nalang talaga ako sa mga ganong tao, di nyo ba maisip na kami ang backbone ng isang company di lang sa mga BPO. kung wala kami wala kayo. at isa pa paala sa mga ahente na mga kupal saamin. Ingat nalang kayo “Kasi kami kaya namin sirain trabaho nyo, papaliwanag lang namin na nagloloko network or pc” lusot na kami, pero sisiguraduhin namin na babagsak ka sa stats at matatanggal ka.

      Sa term ko na “kung wala kami, wala kayo” it is the flow of the job.
      papasok ang engineering & construction (electric / fire and safety) bago ang karamihan ng trabaho, papasok na jan ang mga offices works (Accountancy, Law Firm. BPO etc. etc.)

      Kaya ang masasabi ko nalang para sa lahat ay “Irespeto natin ang isa’t – isa.”

      ~ Peace yow!

    • bpo_employee says:

      ano ba yan. the person who posted this did not say na ang pagiging call center agent lang ang mahirap na trabaho. what he meant was that mas mahirap ang trabahong toh kesa sa iniisip niyo.

      and let me clarify a couple of things as well:

      1. HINDI LAHAT NG CALL CENTER AGENT GIMIK AT YOSI LANG ANG GiNAGAWA. marami pong nasa bpo industry na pamilyadong tao, take for example one of our bosses. she has a 2-year old daughter who has cancer, but she and her husband took this job because the pay and medical benefits help them out in prolonging their daughters life. maraming single parent din na nagttrabaho dito dahil kailangan nila itaguyod ang pamilya or anak nila. at after nila magtrabaho, aasikasuhin pa nila ang pamilya at mga anak nila,

      2. HINDI DAHIL BPO AGENT KA EH BOBO KA NA. oo nga, marami ngang trabaho na iba diyan. pero kung ganon kadali humanap ng trabaho sa profession na gusto mo, siguro wala ng unemployed sa pinas. at hindi rin po lahat ng fields eh tumatanggap ng undergrad. marami pong call center agent na kahit matalino, dahil lang sa hindi naka graduate eh automatic ng di matanggap dahil sa “technicalities”.

      3. HINDI DAHIL NASA BPO INDUSTRY KA NA EH SCRIPTED NA ANG TRABAHO MO. if you are in sales, like in our case which is consultative selling, you have to pattern the recommendation depending on the needs of a customer. if you are in customer service, one minute you are talking or chatting or e-mailing with someone who can’t pay because that person just got laid off, then find yourself talking to someone who is wondering why there are charges that are “unfamiliar”, or the next minute you have to explain the details of the entire billing statement (number of months may differ) just because he wants an explanation regarding the changes, without realizing that their state changed their state tax percentage. if you are a tech support agent, one minute you can be talking to someone who just got a new product, or someone who has problems using his gadget, or would have to figure out what the problem is with their gadget when the customer himself cant explain it on his own. every call, chat or e-mail is different, and every customer you encounter is different. at SPIELS po yun. hindi SPILLS. 😛

      4. HINDI TELEPHONE OPERATOR ANG BPO AGENT. you can be a voice agent, a chat agent, or an e-mail agent, we do not just man the phones and answer calls, in every account or program, there are a number of tools that you have to use while simultaneously creating notes or documentation AND assisting the customer. when i say tools, that may differ from just 3 tools, to up to 14 tools. you also have to keep your eyes not just on one monitor but even three, four or five at the same time, all while assisting the customer and MULTI-TASKING (one of the skills necessary if you have this job).

      5. HINDI DAHIL NASA CALL CENTER KA EH WALA NG CAREER DEVELOPMENT. hindi lang isa ang position sa call center industry, you can be an agent, a representative, an sme, a transition coach, a trainer, a communications coach, a quality analyst, a supervisor of one department, a team leader, an assistant team leader, a workforce analyst, a real time analyst, an operations manager, a senior operations manager, an account director, a site director, a country manager, a regional manager for global operations. MADAMI PONG POSITION. nasa tao lang naman un if he decides to push himself to get a higher position, it also depends on what account the person is part of, and how big and stable it is.

      i do not mean to put down anyone on my comment, all i am saying is, every job has its unique qualities and requirements, and all that we decent call center agents ask for is respect for the job we have and the amount of work we put in it. you’ll never know, sa laki ng industriyang toh, sa dami ng trabaho na napprovide nya, at sa laki ng contribution nito sa bansa what with its extra curricular charity projects and social awareness and responsibility projects, malay mo, di mo lang alam,may isa palang taga call center industry na nakatulong sayo, sa kamaganak at kaibigan mo, oh sa mga magiging anak mo.

    • James says:

      Mark? 30k per month? Kung makalait ka sa mga nag coconstruction hahaha. Kung wala sila baka wala yang building na tinatayuan mo. I earn almost 2M per year. Magkano ulit sahod mo?

    • Joey says:

      Correct…’s a level of maturity to understand that every job has its own pros and cons….you should be aware of it…..I would like to challenge who said inggit sa sahod……..barya Lang Meron ka akala mo mayaman ka na…..

    • eter says:

      wew gs2 q ung topic nyo,kaso ala kwenta…kahit gaano ka laki ung sinasahod nyo kng sa call center,construction oh ano p mn yan..talo pa rin tyo kc ung tax natin ky napoles lng napunta…haha

    • KAHOY says:

      KUNG WALANG CALLCENTER.. MARAMI AMG WALANG TRABAHO.. PG WALANG TRABAHO.. MARAMI TAONG GUTOM! CALLCENTER IS A LIFE SAVER.. kahit anong curso mo maraming mapag pipili-an. Any BPO company would hire you “if you pass the interviews” mamili ka mg tratrabaho ka sa curso mo na walang sigurado na may vacant or open or sa BPO industry na palaging vacant and always welcomess you anytime. uu graduate ka nga ng Nursing, Engineer, Teacher ect. d ka nmn papasa if you dont have what it takes to be an angent in any BPO company… sa curso ka nlng mg apply ng trabaho mo, hope you find what your looking for, and hope you’ll find it… anyways it all goes down to the salary…HAHAHAHHA…

    • whatever says:

      ang dami cnabi, natural yan sa nag tatrabaho o regular employee ang majority ng cnabi mo sentimyento lang, at kung yan lang ang kaya ng competency mo eh wag k mag reklamo. sa call center, English fluency lang ang kailangan, hindi nga kailangan ng intellectual skills o kahit common sense d na din halos, at ang second tongue naman natin ay english so anong mahirap dyan. NAPAKADALI maqualify sa mga call center agency ngaun.

      nakakainis nmn ung sentimyento ng writer n to, LAHAT naman ng nagtatrabaho PAREHO ng protocol dyan sa iniiyak mo,
      kaya ang yayabang nga ng mga nasa call center, akala mo kung cno umasta nakakakausap lang ng foreigner feeling international level na LOL, 30K? masyado maliit ung exaggeration mo after 2 years p yan bago maging 30,, 20k lang ang average salary nila unless todo kayod k pa sa lame ass job ng mga wala nang balak mag sikhay sa buhay call center n lang. nag aral ka pa, eh khit nga HS grad pasok na pasok n dyan.

      nag law ka pa, call center palang SOLVE k n eh bat kpa umiiyak dito, and duda ako na law grad k kung ganyan ka superficial ang sense of justice mo.

      kahit nga HS UNDERGRAD kaya na makapasok dyan basta marunong lang mag english, ngaun nga mga HS grads pde na mag apply Hiring sila ng fresh grads HS baka d mo alam,

      nag apply ako dyan nung 16 y.o palang ako, mdali ang pagpasok ung mga kasabayan ko sa interview shoki mag english mga try hard pero baka nakapasok, makakapasok n nga sana ako kung d lang ako underage kasi umabot ako ng 2nd interview, nung nagpasahan ng requirements dun corny na.

      call center agents are PUPPETS, no life, tulala sa “30k”

      i wasnt here to discriminate until i read ur teary post, para sakin Call Center is the most lame job u can get as an employee, kdamihan ng mga kilal akong call center agents mga ignorante, english deluded litong lito, walang sense kausap haha.

    • IITCHAN says:

      bobo ka ba? hindi nya sinabing pinaka mahirap ang pagko-call center agent. naintindihan mo ba yung binasa mo at yung gustong iparating ng gumawa nito? may nabasa ka bang ikinumpara nya yun sa iba pang trabaho? ito ay tugon sa mga taong kung umasta eh akala mo napakaganda ng trabaho nila. ayoko ding magsalita tungkol sa sweldo. below the belt na yan. ito na lang ang sasabihin ko, isa ang call center industry sa mga pinakamalalaking TAX CONTRIBUTOR sa pilipinas. (tagalog po ito, sana maintindihan mo)

    • kinanginanyo says:

      i did and i was 15 installation nang walling more than 20 meters roofing installing fiber insulation na sobrang kati kahit na ka overall ka tumatagos, nsubukan mo ba mag bak-bak nang 4 day old na 2 meters x 2 meters na konkreto na pati jack hammer eh sumosurrender pero di makukumpara sa pagiging ahente, konteng kibot mo IR “memo” bisor mo na kala mo eh si superman ang kaharap na 3 days ka na alang tulog eh hihirit pa dahil kung hindi pag iinitan ka. pucha ka ah

    • KALOLOOY AKO says:

      Iho, oo mabigat ang trabaho sa construction, pero d ka naman nasisigawan o binabara ng customer. Ni minsan d ako nagtrabaho sa call center after I graduated from college, I worked sa mga corporation sa Maynila like NAPOCOR, NutraSweet, sa GFI’s. Pero I sympathize sa mga workers sa Call Center, kc nga I always shop online at madalas din ako nagcocomplain, later nga I realize na di naman sila ang nagaprocess ng order ko, so I just voiced out my disappointed to them in a nice manner and make sure my concerns will reach to vendor they representing. TAKE NOTE TOO, NA KAHIT ANONG TRABAHO NATIN KAHIT JANITOR OR PINAKAMABABA NA TRABAHO SA TINGIN NG TAO, REMEMBER THIS ”THAT PERSON MAKES OTHER PEOPLE LIVES CIVILIZE” kung walang construction worker, ano kaya hitsura ng daan natin, may mga bahay at towering building ba, wala. Kung walang janitor/janetress or MMDA ano ang hitsura ng daan sa Metro Manila, o ng rest room “comfort room” sigura ang sama ng amoy. Kung walang collector ng basura sa Metro Manila siguro lahat ng sulok ng daan sa Metro Manila puno ng basura… THOSE PEOPLE DOES A MENIAL JOB MAKES OTHER PEOPLE LIVES CLEAN AND CIVILIZE. KAHIT ANONG TRABAHO NATIN BE PROUD OF IT AND DO YOUR BEST.

    • Sibz says:

      Marked says:
      August 26, 2013 at 7:52 am
      “Inggit lang kayo sa sinasahod namin, dahil ung buwanang sahod nyo ay pang gimik lang namin.”

      -this is what makes me hate call center agents, they speak as if their salary can increase 6digits, I respect the few “humble” call center people and despise the majority dumbasses english speaking baby graduates…

      every work / job is hard.. the phrase ” Sa Callcenter lang pala nag ta-trabaho” can be also seen in many other professions – “taxi / jeepney /bus driver lang po”, “nagbebenta lang po”, “katulong lang po” and the likes. So in my own conclusion the way i thought he/she should’ve ended it is – “RESPECT to all people honestly working striving hard to live”

    • Gerome says:

      I am a callcenter agent and yes, I did try carpentry and construction. Mas mahirap ang mag callcenter… Iba ang pagod ng katawan compared sa pagod ng isipan. Drained ka talaga kapag ang mind mo ang pagod.

      • Construction Employee fucking arrogant CCA.. says:

        hindi pwde ung trabahong pisikal na hindi gagamitan ng utak. lalo na sa Construction. Mahina Isip mo…!!! taranrado!

    • Romantic Boner says:

      Bottom line, kumita ka ng MILLION para irespeto ka ng kapwa mo.. Get real, everyone! Di naman importante sa iba kung marangal o mahirap yung trabaho mo.. ang importante sa kanila, mas malaki yung sinasahod nila kaysa sayo.. Kaya kung gusto mo ng respeto, maghanap ka ng paraan kung pano mo malalamangan sa sahod yang nang-aapi sayo.. Maging leader ka ng Mafia, ewan ko nalang kung apihin ka pa ng kung sino dyan.. Natural sa tao na maliliitin yung kapwa niya na tingin niya ee mas mababa sa kanya.. Kaya wag IMPOKRITO/IMPOKRITA yung karamihan dyan na parang kala mo ee TAGA-PAGTANGGOL sila ng mga naapi.. YANG MGA CALL CENTER AGENT NAMAN TALAGA AY KARAMIHAN MAYAYABANG pero natural naman talaga sa tao yun ee.. Pero dapat din ay I-EXPECT nyo din na yung mga engineers, doctors, at iba pang tao na MAS MALAKI ANG SAHOD SA INYO AY YAYABANGAN DIN KAYO.. “Payback’s a bitch,” kaya wag cry baby pag kayo naman yung minamaliit.. Kung gusto nyo naman ee hindi lang kayo ang irespeto ng mga tao ee maging BILYONARYO kayo tapus lumabas kayo sa TV at ipangalandakan na dati kayong call center agent at nakaranas kayo ng pang-aapi noon.. Ewan ko nalang kung isipin pa nila na walang potensyal na yumaman ang mga call center agents.. In the first place, di naman dapat kayo nagpapadala sa sasabihin ng iba dahil di naman kayo magbebenefit sa sinasabi nila ee.. DI NAMAN PAKAKAININ NG MGA MASASAKIT NA SALITA NG IBA ANG PAMILYA NYO.. Kaya di importante kung sinabihan ka na “sa call center lang pala nag-tratrabaho”.. Importante lang yun kung NASASAKTAN ANG PRIDE NIYO DAHIL SINASABIHAN NIYO DIN ANG IBANG TAO NA “AY SA …… LANG PALA NAGTRATRABAHO”.. Kaya ang masasabi ko kay STOOPID GIT: ” WHO CARES KUNG MAS MAHIRAP ANG TRABAHO NG MGA CONSTRUCTION WORKER?! I’M EARNING F*KING ENOUGH TO FEED THE PEOPLE I LOVE AND CARE ABOUT.” Para naman sa AUTHOR NG BLOG POST NA ITO AT SA MGA *CALL CENTER AGENTS NA NAKIKISIMPATYA SA WRITER NG BLOG POST NA ITO: “BUTI NGA AT MAY MAS MAYABANG PA SA INYO!! ANG SAKIT NOH??”

      *call center agents lang na masyadong nakikisimpatya sa blog post author ha?? baka sabihin nyo na naman gine-genaralize lahat ng mga call center agents ee..

    • ecah says:

      harhar kuya! mind over body? wala pa rin tatalo sa stress sa ulo kesa sa stress ng katawan na nawawala ng oitments/gamut at pahinga.. isip-isip din bago mag.comment ah? kasi di nyo po alam ang dinaranas naming nagtatrabaho sa call center!

    • Lala Lala says:

      Mahirap po sa mahairap mag construction. Pero sa katawan lang yan. Sa call center, akala natin bibig lang ang pinapagana, pero kasama po utak dun. 🙂 Medyo late na tong reply na to. Haha. 🙂

    • TSR Alumnus says:

      Nirerekomenda ko magkaroon tayo ng experience sa call center kung gusto mo mag abroad balang araw.. Very good english training. Katulad ko 2 years experience, napakadali mag apply sa abroad. Dito ko ngayon Japan, bukod sa Mechanical Engring graduate ako, nakuha ako dahil sa diretso ako magsalita ng english. Nagpapasalamat ako sa naging experience ko.

    • Cimson says:

      Callcenter ang topic sabay construction?
      May macomment lang? Pinapaliwanag dyan na hndi biro ang call center.. hndu construction.. I respect those people n nsa construction.. pero kng tulad mo mag rerepresent sakanila para mo nrin pinahiya industry nyo.. o ang sarili mo. Tska hndi nkktawa ang malaki ang sahod kng ipag yabang.. kung deserve ng tao n may malaki sahod ..then sige lang.. dahil di biro sa call center.. pustahan sa susunod mong kahit kaninong comment dito.. sablay nanaman! Again! Call center topic dito hndi construction!

    • Mark says:

      Sus bobo ka ata kya di mo kya sa call center pang my utak lng ksi un

    • Voltaire says:

      why dont you try working for a call center dude! I doubt kung kakayanin ng utak mo ang mental and physical stress!

    • Ganon po ba kababa ang tingin mo sa amin? Kaya po pala sa CALL CENTER ka lang bumagsak kahit LAW GRADUATE ka. Tandaan po natin, ang respeto ini-earn yan hindi yan pwede i-impose. Good luck po sa yo kuya kagalang-galang ka. And to you Mr. Construction Worker… Apir!!!

    • maureen velaquez says:

      Like like call center are bagsakan ng walang patungo sa buhay.
      especially for some graduates whatever course you are bagsak mo call center lang pala LOL.
      Ung mga ibang undergraduate should have deserving article than this crappy article because kumakayod din sa hirap

    • janjan says:

      Mas maigi pa nga ang construction lakas at katawan ginagamit jan pero in the bpo UTAK and tell you what?,…pag ang utak mag colapse lahat nang system nang katawan mo USELESS…… construction lalaki pa lalo katawan mo and i can ralate to it nag construction din ako……..

    • pon says:


  2. mae faith ritos says:

    I totally agree with this, considering that I am a registered nurse who chose another path; and this is to work as a call center agent. Since the government does not offer jobs for nurses, I decided to change my path and was able to love the path I chose. It’s true that it’s really hard working in a BPO industry, no matter what emergency you have, it won’t matter. Policies are policies, and emergency is not an excuse. It is also true that it’s hard to meet metrics especially if it changes every month in order to meet client’s demand, we come to a point that we get tired and think, do these bosses know how hard it is to take in calls? how an agent gets 7/10 irate customers everyday and insult not only the company but your race as well? this job takes all your time, especially if you’re a family person. After 8 hours of work, sometimes you’ll be obliged to be in a meeting for 1 or two hours when what you only want is go home, spend a little time for your loved ones before going to sleep. But that’s how it goes in this industry, its also correct when you said, they won’t give high salary if all you do is sit down and talk

    • SAME HERE! RN @ A BPO.

      • mark brillantes says:

        Lumalawak ang Field ng Nursing ah, Biruin mo pati call center ngayon field na din ng nursing hahahaha

      • theafenella says:

        @mark brillantes: di mo ba alam na may mga nurses talagang pumapasok sa call center? do you even have an idea how difficult it is to land a job as a nurse in the philippines for you to react like that? it’s not a laughing matter. isa pa, may mga health services na talaga sa BPO kaya nga dun nagkakaroon ng chance ang ibang RN or nurse na kakagraduate lang na magkaroon ng trabaho na kahit pano ay malapit sa course nila. baka dumating din ang araw na pati ikaw magtrabaho na rin sa call center. nothing is impossible. may ibang manager na nga sa ibang opisina pero lumilipat pa sa call center industry para lang maging mas malaki ang sahod.

      • CommonSense says:

        Walang growth para sa isang nurse na magtrabaho sa call center. Sayang yung license nyo. RN ka nga, nurse ka ba? Malaking pagkakaiba yun. Hindi mo naman nagagamit license nyo sa pag cacall center. So what’s the point na sabihin mong RN ka? Para mo nang hinikayat mga student nurses or newly grad nurses na magcall center. Gets ko na mahirap talaga makahanap ng trabaho mga nurse dito. Pero tyaga lang naman kailangan mo. Ako 2 years akong patraining training lang, pero ngayon nakakuha na ako ng trabaho sa isang tertiary hospital. I have nothing against RN’s na di nagpractice ng work nila. Pero hindi po nakakaproud ang sayangin yung license mo sa isang field kung saan di mo magagamit and natutunan mo kay Kozier, Brunner at Pilliterri. Just saying. No offense.

      • Raine says:

        Oo nga e, ang lawak ng mundo, pero parang lumiliit. Hay, ayos na sana ang mga sentimiento ng ‘author’ nito pero dinaan pa sa pagkukumpara e. Kung ‘di siya masaya sa trabaho niya, e ‘di umalis siya ro’n. Gano’n kasimple.

    • 13 says:

      RN here. Sorry ha, pero lahat ng sinabi mo x2 mo sa pinagdadaanan ng nurse na nasa hospital. Try mo mag duty ng 12hrs sa ER. Oh wait di mo pala naranasan. lels.

      • kukurikabu says:

        we wouldn’t really know. kung ayan ang kinalikhan mong trabaho, at ayan lang ang alam mong trabaho. anong alam mo sa trabaho ng iba na you haven’t experienced first hand? ika nga nila, ignorance is bliss. saya saya mo tuloy haha.

      • Reap says:

        Yes I did try I was an ER Nurse before and yes it was hard but that’s only physically and mentally thats recoverable. try in call center. your emotion your soul your physical as well as your mental aspect will change trust me. besides I did not continue with the nursing because government or private hospital offer a shitty salary anyway

      • theafenella says:

        natawa naman ako dito…kabaro mong nurse, nilait mo pa eh alam mo namang di madaling mag-apply ng nurse sa pilipinas kasi may mga training ka munang dapat mong matapos. ang sabi pa nga ng iba kailangan mo pang magbayad sa hospital para lang makapagtraining ka. ang karamihan ng nurses napupunta sa BPO para magkaroon ng pera habang naghihintay ng chance na makapagtraining o magkaroon ng chance para makapasok na nurse. nag-ojt din naman siguro yung nagpost ng reply na ni-reply-an mo rin, kaya may idea din siya kung gano kahirap ang maging nurse lalo na sa ER. marami akong kaibigang RN pero they opted to work muna sa BPO while waiting for their turn. makapagyabang ka sa sinabi mong Try mo mag duty ng 12hrs sa ER. Oh wait di mo pala naranasan. lels. ikaw na’ng RN na nagtatrabaho sa ospital at siya na ang RN na hirap na hirap makapasok sa ospital dahil sa reality ng pagiging nurse sa pilipinas. di ba mas tamang hindi ka na lang nagreact kasi RN ka rin naman pala? kapareho mong RN, di mo pa nagawang irespeto. tsk..ayan tayo eh..

    • k.rbcii says:

      have you guys heard about Royale business club.. il share a link i hope youll have time to watch 🙂 she’s also a nurse 🙂 bka makarelate kayo. thanks

    • gabbie laroya says:

      I agree with u mae faith. Ako nga din i change path. To think 2 ang tinapos kong course. But what i thought of is mas mabuti na tong work na to kesa wala.

    • ric says:

      that’s why this career is looked down upon. its modern day slavery. they let you sit and take calls all day and that’s it. tapos pag may bagyo kahit sabihin pa ng gobyerno na walang pasok kahit private eh kayo pinapasok dahil daw they have a different set of rules and they don’t follow government pag dating diyan. I used to work sa call center and left when there was an opportunity. you should do the same. there are a hundred and reasons why you should leave that work.

      • Unknown says:

        Agree ako sayo ric. 🙂 Mas maraming work na kahit di ganun yung sweldo pero hindi naman parang slave ang trato… No offense pero, yung mga naka grad ba ng matataas na course gusto nyo mga Team Lead nyo is di man lang natapos ng high school? Tpos napapagmalaki na nila yun? Kasi dahil sa sweldo? Parang hindi magandang basehan yung “dahil kasi malaki yung sweldo”. pero nasusuka ka naman sa paulit ulit na pagsagot ng mga walang kwentang tawag… Pati break time robotic kelangan pindutin…

      • theafenella says:

        if there will be a better opportunity, why not transfer. i agree with you. there are hundreds of reasons for us to leave. di naman forever ang trabaho sa call center; but i must say, there are people who find greater opportunity in this industry. yung iba nagiging team manager, quality coach/analyst, operations manager or SDM or better yet, general manager. yung dating GM namin, nagstart lang siya as an agent but he thrived hard kaya nga GM na siya. he is even eyeing to be a VP. kung may opportunity outside this industry, go and grab it pero hangga’t wala pa, stay stay muna..mahirap pa namang walang trabaho sa panahon ngayon.

    • Anthony says:

      mga kaibigan sa call center, diskarte rin. Subukan mag ipon, kahit konti, tapos mag-negosyo, sabay resign

    • inday says:

      hey mae faith! and to all the RNs here, let me tell you this, my sister is RN also but she chose to suffer, sacrifice, strive or kung ano mang term ang gusto nyong itawag jan para mafulfill nya yung kursong tinapos nya. Pag gusto may paraan pag tinatamad, sorry na lang. Yes, galit din ako sa gobyerno but the fact na isisisi ang lahat sa kanila eh non sense at useless yun mga iho’t iha hindi nila kasalanan kung ano ka man ngayon dahil pinili mo yan. Hindi gobyerno ang lalapit sa inyo para alukin ng trabaho ayos sa tinapos nyo. Ang binibigay sa kanya ay 6k lang kasi hindi pa sya casual (yan yung term nya) pero to think na she’s doing this for a purpose like magiging stepping stone nya para makaangat at magkasahod ng malaki eh bilib ako sa kanya regardless na kapatid ko sya ha. Sorry to say this but according to what I’ve seen and observed Ang Call Center ay bagsakan ng mga……….. at isa pa nabasa ko jan mahirap makapasok sa call center… HUWAW! mahirap na ba yung haharangin ka sa daan, aalukin ka ng food? magpainterview ka lang sa kanila? yes! sinubukan ko yun and guess what? pasok agad yun lang hindi ako tumuloy kasi saying naman yung tinapos ko, anong gagawin ko jan? eto sinasabi ko lang para hindi magyabang, natatawa lang kasi ako sa mga iba jan na kala mo naman eh dadaan ka sa butas ng karayom para makapasok jan! hello parang seatwork nga lang eh.. ay oo nga “gawaing upuan” and when it comes naman sa quality time wala yang sinasabi nyo sa field ng trabaho ko..(syempre hindi ko sasabihin kung ano) kasi baka makapagisip-isip kayo eh burahin nyo bigla tong mga posts nyo lols! anyway this comment is for the RNs at s mga bumagsak sa call center at hindi nafulfill yung course na kinuha nila… kaya nga db? si kuyang article eh nagrereact sa phrase na “sa call center lang pla nagtatrabaho”

    • Caregiver666 says:

      Wahaha.. Blah blah blah.. Mg nurse k men tas layas k ng pinas. Kung kaya mo dn lng mgpkhirap s pgiging call centers e, bat d k mgpractice a nurse. Dami nyu rasun kayung mga namili ng ibang path kuno.

  3. My only problem with this piece is how you depicted a “factory worker job” as something undesirable just to elevate the status of a contact centre job.

    • I agree to the point of the article about being discriminated and of the comment. It’s trying to defend one job by diminution of another. No one deserves discrimination, regardless of what job they are in.

      • k.rbcii says:

        true 🙂

      • noinoi says:

        ok din pala kumuha ng malakihang credit card yun mga construction workers? ganun po ba? i believe kaya bawal or malimit ang pagapprove sa mga ahente ng call center ay dahil sa pangaabuso at kawalang ng tamang disiplina sa pagamit nito. nung naging call center agent ako 7 yrs ago, napakadali kumuha ng CC pero naiintindihan ko kung bakit ngayon ay mahirap na. 🙂

      • marco punzalan says:

        AGREE! yun yung offensive dun eh!

      • janelle says:

        I agree with the comments above about how the author depicted “factory worker job as something undesirable”..
        “Respect! This is not a simple job, otherwise they would not offer such a high pay, it takes a lot of sacrifice and yet it is classified by our system as a factory worker category, such a shame.” where’s your RESPECT to factory workers then? you are asking for RESPECT but you can’t give due RESPECT to another profession,not fair!……….

        I’m not a factory worker, I used to work as a call center agent and I totally agree with what you are trying to point out but I don’t think there’s a need for you to look down on other profession just to carry out your point…what difference did you make with the people who are saying “call center lang pala nag trabaho” when you yourself was doing the same thing to another profession “factory workers”…You don’t know their plight working as factory workers, It might be equally hard as being a call center agent or even more harder…Hence, regardless of which one is harder than the other the point is give RESPECT, and don’t DISCRIMINATE…RESPECT IS WHAT YOU WANT TO GET THEN RESPECT IS WHAT YOU SHOULD GIVE…(just saying..)

      • ssshh says:

        i one deserves any form of discrimination. basta marangal ang trabaho wag ikahiya, at lalong wag hamakin ang mga taong may mas mababang trabaho o pinag aralan sayo. sure ba kayo na lahat ng nasa construction e mga walang pinag aralan?

    • Super agree. No one deserves to be discriminated based on their job.

    • dan says:

      I don’t think factory worker job is disgraceful, the irony there is being a college graduate and working in “factory worker job” level.

    • JA says:

      sa tingin ko wala naman syang sinabing masama about factory worker. ang point nya lang siguro dito call center agent = factory worker? ang layo di ba. mag kaiba sila ng trabaho at ng ginagawa.

    • RaymaN says:

      its clear that the writer is just defending the call center industry and its workers, which is good… marangal na trabaho to!, it is one of the industries that helps the economy of the country, nagbibigay din to ng opportunity sa mga di makahanap ng trabaho sa kani-kanilang profession/expertise dahil sa kakulangan ng trabaho o demand dito..
      dito ako galing and im proud!’

      pero medyo pangit pakinggan to —>
      “classified by our system as a factory worker category, such a shame.”
      siguro di naman nya sinasadya…,
      pero.. what if.. “FACTORY WORKER” ang nakabasa nito…???’ eh di parang ganon din…

      • Thau says:

        Nilagyan pa kasi ng “such a shame”. Kakahiya ba maging factory worker? Nag dedemand ng respeto sa trabaho nya, eh mababa pala tingin nya sa iba. Graduate pa ng law. San na ba logic mo utoy?

  4. gorgeossa says:

    I totally agree with you being in this industry myself for 8 years. In retrospect, working in a Call Center used to be regarded highly. You are defined to be very good in the English language and highly intelligent. But because of how call center agents themselves treat this industry, this position is now regarded to be the most unstable career. By jumping from one center to another, lack of respect for the company and their profession. People who are working from within knows that they can work from one center to another thus they disregard being late or absent. People from outside of the industry would think that because of mass hiring that it is an easy industry to penetrate. And because this has become the norm, banks and credit card companies are reluctant to approve employees with loans and such. Just my two cents.

    • joohn says:

      we just cant blame these call center agents for jumping from one company to another,,,practically, they would seek for a higher salary….hirap ng buhay ngayon…

      • renzo says:

        of course mahirap ang buhay pero what will other companies think of you when they read your CV saying company XX 1 year, company YY 1 year Company ZZ, 1 year

    • Gretz says:

      I agree, it’s business wise for banks like BPO, maybe nasaktan lang sa word na “lang”

    • Anthony says:

      parang “talking robots” sila. bwisit policies nila sa loob, kahit malaki sahod…. mag-aabroad na lang ako…. homesick nga, kahit papaano may chance pa rin maka-chamba ng maayos na trabaho

  5. Harriet says:

    So right…as a former call center agent I agree to all these points. It is downright difficult to get a job at a call center and even harder to keep it. When handling calls, one must be a professional and not allow emotions take over no matter the kind of caller. It can be a high-stress job but it can also be fun and you get to meet good friends too.

  6. alucard says:

    i challenge you to work in a manufacturing plant then tell us your story. you just disrespected the factory workers. you must be a very sad person and i pity you…

    • tintoy says:

      tama ka alucard… ang laki nga ng sweldo ng mga call center agent kumpara sa factory worker.. masyado lang ma drama tsk tsk

      • julia says:

        oh, the drama! bravo alucard.

      • Chenezie says:

        they deserve that coz everyday puro F**** Y** or bad words ang naririnig nila, sa manufacturing plant ba parating MURA sa iba ang naririnig mo…di ba hindi…..actually having high compensation is not enough if u are working in a call center……

      • julia says:

        @Chenzeie, depende sa call center at depende sa manufacturing plant. meh, drama.

    • callcenter agent says:

      im a call center agent. dati aqng ngwork s sardinasan.. mas mahirap mgcall center kc kelangan mng gamitin utak at katawan… kung parehong pagod magkkasakit k tlga. yun lng mas malaki sahod s call center kaya tiis tiis muna habang tumutulong s pamilya..

      • ramonb says:

        RIP grammar

      • Oh GAWWD!! says:

        I think hindi sa kung anong mas mahirap na trabaho ang point ng comment, or kung anong better na trabaho for that matter. For me it’s more like respect each other’s status of work nalang, because no one deserves discrimination. Parang pinag-tanggol lang nya yung mga factory workers kase it seems na na-discriminate din sila e.

  7. binky says:

    saludo ko sa mga tga callcenter..

  8. ssshh says:

    slave? sweat,blood, and tears? you’re being “PAID” for that. how lame! you wanted to be classified as what? what’s wrong with being a factory worker? mahirap naba sayo ang mga yan? as if naman yan na ang pinakamahirap na trabaho sa mundo, try mo magtinda sa kalsada o kaya mg construction then tell us your story.

    • isa kang HANGAL! baka gus2 mong subukan para para ma ibsan yang ANGAS MO?

    • callcenter agent says:

      e d subukan mng mg-apply s callcenter kung mkpasa k at mkktagal k. isip isip din bago mgsalita. by the way pg walang pasok ngtitinda kmi ng fishball s lugar nmin at ang bayaw q ay construction worker s pcc building taguig na minimum 12k take home pay

      • JA says:

        common sense naman call center = factory worker. parehas ba sila ng ginagawa? at wala akong nakitang masama sa sinabi nya. di nya binabastos ang mga factory worker.

      • Bryan says:

        pahirapan ba to ng trabaho or what? ang importante nabubuhay tau at naka2kain tau sa bawat araw natin

      • ssshh says:

        why would i apply? how sure are u that i dont have a high paying job? e trabaho niyo yan e tapos reklamo kayo ng reklamo, as if ur nt being paid :p tsk tsk ok na sana e, kaso hinamak niyo mga “CONSTRUCTION WORKER” tsk tsk

      • Anthony says:

        hmmm nasubukan kong mag-apply sa call center 5 years ago… mahirap nga…. marami kami nakapila…. nai-pasa ko, pero di ko tinanggap kasi alam kong mahirap…. plus galing ako sa isang kilalang pamantasan…. Ang sabi ng nanay ko: “nagsayang ka ng panahon sa pagpila at pag-aaply dyan”….. gago kasi ako ang hilig sa adventure eh (as if mauubusan ng trabaho kahit galing sa “Daang Libong Salaping University”)…. LOL. In the end, napasok ako as programmer sa isang multinational IT firm sa Libis….. ngaun first line manager na ako….. 😀

      • top tier agent says:

        this is for you ‘ssshh’….you know what,wala kming pkiaalam kng mgkano sinusweldo mo (the hell we care)..

        to answer your question why would you apply?para malaman mo how stupid u are sa mga nagiging comment mo ngaun..

        ‘hinamak nyo mga constuction worker’- basa basa din pag may time,(go through it again..)hindi nmn author ang nagsimula ng construction worker thing na yan e..galing yan sa isa sa mga kagaya mo na hindi nag iisip bago mgcomment..

        f i were u,magbasa ka din and i suggest,intindihin mo din ang binabasa mo..

    • Alex says:


    • John Cailao says:

      tanga din to!sahod mo allowance lang namin!nkakaiinit ulo ng mga loko na to ah!

      • 13 says:

        I’m a Nurse. Yung sahod mo di kayang bilin fulfillment na nararamdaman ko sa profession ko ngaun. Nabasa mo? Profession. Hindi katulad nyo, pera pera lang.

    • Mr. Right says:

      i AGREE with you. i think this blogger just want to tell us that being a CCA is super special profession. ang kulang lang s nagsulat nito is di sya marunong tumangap ng Opinyon…

    • callboy says:

      subukan mo muna mag call center kahit 1 taon lng pra masabi mo na blik k n lng s pagtitinda s kalsada! try mo lng pra di ka puro satsat! bobo mo!

    • +1.

      with all due respect to all BPO “slaves” out there. if you’re wanting to earn such respect for what you do for a living, then stuff like this argumentum ad misericordiam article are rather redundant. like c’mon. get real. it’s called work, you don’t have to like it, you just have to do it. all your “sweat” “tears” and “blood” are paid in return. anyone who has a legit work goes through the same shit everyday. may differ in form, but srsly it’s the same shit. now these people who treat their jobs as inferior to other jobs, i think they either have financial issues, or simply social acceptance issues, the latter mostly self-inflicted.

    • AP says:

      @ssshhh…kaya pala may empathy ka sa factory worker because factory worker ka. Ang baduy ng thinking mo. Nakakairita ka. El tonta!

    • Bobo ka nga says:

      ssshh.. para kang tanga isa ka pang stupido

      • Bobo ka nga says:

        ssshh says:
        August 26, 2013 at 2:36 pm
        why would i apply? how sure are u that i dont have a high paying job? e trabaho niyo yan e tapos reklamo kayo ng reklamo, as if ur nt being paid :p tsk tsk ok na sana

        “e, kaso hinamak niyo mga “CONSTRUCTION WORKER” tsk tsk”

        ssshhh basabasa din pag may time. kami nanlait sa construction worker?? pakibasa yung pinaka- unang comment. para kanino yon? para sa blogger di ba? ang hirap sayo binibigyan ka ng nanay mo ng pambayad ng tuition sa eskwelahan kung saan san mo dinadala. napapaghalataang retarded ka eh

      • butthurt. resorting to calling names. and you’re missing ssshh’s point bigtime

      • Thau says:

        i agree with you Jerome

    • Bobo ka nga says:

      ssshhh’s point? eh isa ka pang stupido eh. bobo na nga yung pinaka unang nagcomment sa blog na to mas bobo ka pa!!

  9. True, call center agents are discriminated. And if I may say so myself, is quite a stressful job. But no, being a call center agent is not that hard. However, having the patience and determination to stay in such field (especially in one company) is quite the hard thing to do. This should be enough reason to pay respect. Regardless, only those who does not know how to pay respect are the one’s who don’t deserve it.

  10. Joy says:

    working in a call center is a s hard as working like a factory worker and construction worker… the only difference is, the last 2 jobs have the privilege to enjoy Philippine holidays by not working and just staying at home, unlike call center agents that they have no choice but to work instead of spending the holiday with their family… I do have full respect to factory workers and construction workers. My mom was a former factory worker and my dad was a former construction worker, and I am a call center agent. There is no job that easier or harder than the other. We should just respect each and every one. Respect whatever job others have if you want others to respect you as well.

    • joohn says:

      one thing also is that ul get a reverse life,,,,ul be working at night generally,,,ang ibang work sa day lang….

      • millencolin says:

        You get paid higher working at night shifts compared to day shifts. I have been with day shift workers complaining about their salary kasi “buti pa sa graveyard shift anlaki ng sahod kesa sa amin”
        If you work at night shift and yet get paid like a regular day shift employee without any additional night differentials – then yeah it’s unfair. If not, then ayos lang since you signed up for it.
        The grass is always greener on the other side nga naman.

    • mae faith ritos says:

      Totally agree with this. A work is not a work if it’s not hard… regardless if they’re factory workers, construction people or so, respect for the job is one of the most important thing. My dad was a former security guard, but he was able to send us to a private school, and was able to send me and my brother to college, was able to build his own house, and buy a car. para paraan lang yan kung pano mo gagastusin ang sweldo mo. Even if you’re earning high, but spend so much with things not worthwhile, then wala ka rin lang mapapala. Respect begets respect.

      • i agree po sa inyo my father is a factory worker since i was a child.. im d eldest.. 3 kaming magkakapatid.. 23 nako ngayon pero masasabi ko na settled kami dahil sa parents ko,, me kanya kanya kaming lupat bahay .. pinag ipunan nila kasi lahat kami girl at di daw nila alam ung pwde mangyari sa future pag nag asawa kami,, so, wala talaga sa laki ng kinikita o hirap at pagod yan,.. lahat nmn ng work talgng mahirap … ang pangit lang kasi na discriminate na ung pagiginbg call center nia, ginawa nia pa sa ibang tao.. tsk! respeto nalang sa lahat..

    • proud call center agent says:

      Of all the comments i’ve read.. this is the best… btw, i’m a hardworking call center agent. and i also respect everyone’s profession. i definitely agree with you.

  11. cid says:

    There’s nothing wrong with factory work either. You’re right, respect is the key but you have to give it before you can receive it.
    Think before you click.

  12. gee says:

    yun lanbg may Sinabi pang factory worker… thats bad

  13. VESTA says:

    you are right in some points but this is just your opinion, how about the opinion of others?? You know what I mean, coz your a LAW GRADUATE, ryt!?

    • inday gabriela says:

      i’m sorry to say this pero baka kasi hindi kinaya ang bar kaya jan bumagsak…. — I am not looking for trouble and I usually ignore this kind of blogs, but then it caught my attention.. nakakairita lang.. at naghahamon pa..

    • ders no special being a call center says:

      you NAIL it!!!

  14. Mike says:

    This “freaking hard” facts that you mentioned is the reason why “you can hear the aah of disappointment in their tones”.Been there done that my friend (19 years in the industry). I know where your driving at, but your piece is just totally in the wrong perspective.

    • T@NGA says:

      GRAMMAR: The difference between knowing your shit and you’re shit! You are the latter! hahaha

      • someone’s having too much oatmeal eh?

      • Jake says:

        Madaming Q.A. dito…pero off topic ang hirit. Maka correct lang ng english bida na. Dito ko sa mga taong to inis na inis. Get a life “Tanga” and read the topic and try to comment intelligently ..Bagay na bagay ang pangalan mo,

        Totally agree with Mike. The article was done in good faith but I guess the comparison sparked it all. Baka naman ginawa talaga to get good google rankings. 🙂 Great job tho.

    • top tier agent says:

      ‘but your piece is just TOTALLY in the wrong perspective’.really now?been there,done that too,my friend,and alam kong alam mo na tama sya at some point..

    • Douche Baggerson says:

      You managed to stay in a Call Center for 19 years? Where there even call centers 19 years ago?

    • Thau says:

      You nailed it Jake.

  15. Juan Procopio says:

    General public discriminates because there are a lot of stupid people in call centers. That’s all there is to it.

    • Xtian says:

      I do agree that this piece is in a wrong perspective, nde naman siguro “stupid people” pero bumababa na ang standards nila.. I’ve been with the business din for 7 years, and i’ve seen how the quality deteriorated.. nun nalipat ako sa ibang career path, i’ve noticed that how these “call center agents” treat others with disrepect.. Eeenglish ka to the highest level para lang mapahiya ang isang tao, plus with matching slang na pag mumura.. no surprise why the general public belittle their work…

    • that’s what i’m talking about!

    • renzo says:

      dont forget yung mga biglang angat na ugali. mayayabang

    • BiL0G32 says:

      Hinde po lahat ng call center ay maraming tanga, Marami kasing call center ngayun ang basta basta na nagsusulputan kaya ang iba sa kanila mga maka pag english lang eh tinatanggap na. . . Kaya minsan may nahahalong tanga, pero try mo maka pasok sa medyo high-paying call center company, halos wala ka makikitang tanga. peace

    • mardeljudith says:

      I totally agree with you on this.

    • nanok says:

      thats true pre kahit high skul pede pumasok sa call center thats why they discriminate the call center job kc kahit d related sa course basta nakakapag salita konting praktis ok na hahah

    • AP says:

      Excuse me? what the hell are you saying? Lot of stupid people in call centers but not as stupid as you are. Think about what you’re saying or maybe you’re just thoughtless.

  16. James says:

    you pointed out “Factory Worker” what’s the point of your rant when you actually discriminating Factory Workers too? now, (as factory worker thinks) i’ll throw back the stones to you!

    • Mr. Right says:

      ur RIGHT! maybe he/she thinks being Call Center Agent is more Special than a Factory Worker.. she/he feels insulted not knowing she/he insulting others too. STUPID!

    • James says:

      Ouch!!! bukol kung sa ulo matatamaan. at nde lang isang bukol… stoneS ba naman eh =)

    • ssshh says:

      agree 😉

    • FIONA says:


    • AP says:

      ang epal talaga nito ni ssshhh..grabe, pa-bida ka teh. papansin. Di ko alam kung anung droga ang sinaksak jan sa katawang hayup mo. Tingin ko, sinasabi mo lang ang mga bagay na iyan dahil gusto mo maging hero. A duh! Gusto sabihin ng mga tao isa kang mabuting tao. Well, tingin ko, gusto mo kumandedato. hahaha

    • mELan_C says:

      korek! think before u click..dnt put ur emotions into words to elevate one’s self esteem and down low others..wait till u hear or read rants frm factory careful with ur words..cge na James throw those truckloads of stones..magpapadala pa aku from Mayon Volcano! kalurki nman kng makapag emote tong agent na ito!

  17. solidad says:

    Very well said 🙂 I am sending you my deepest gratitude for expressing your thoughts.

  18. rocko says:

    this article discriminates factory workers, and the line- “No job deserves more respect than the hardworking call center agents who slave every night to support their family because our government could not offer a job that suits their profession. ” – how bout other professions like Doctors, Nurses, construction workers and sales rep, vendors, drivers and etc.? , I say all profession deserves respect as its being done the right way with good conscience.

    • Mary says:

      i agree, rocko. in other countries, they don’t look down on people based on their professions. dito lang naman sa pinas maraming ganyan. sad but true.

    • roza says:

      how about nurses and other jobs? aba shifting ang sched namin ano, and even holidays may duty kami..minsan on call pa, kahit nasa mall ka, need mo mag duty anytime. so every work needs respect and lahat ng work ay mahirap. walang madaling trabaho. ahit sales lady pa yan at guard, ang hirap kaya tumayo magdamag at sumunod sa customers sa mall maghapon.. 🙂

      • Kingkong says:

        Jusko po….Naging trabaho kc ng Author yung Callcenter. At hindi po comparison ng trabaho ang topic dito….kung hinde, PAGRERESPETO SA MGA CALL CENTER AGENTS..naintindihan nyo po ba?? kung gusto mong ipag tanggol yang pagiging Nurse mo, gumawa ka din ng Article mo…

        pero..I respect nurses…:)

    • Ako c ako says:

      what about the teachers???aha

  19. Dong says:

    siguro naiisip mo ngayon kung bakit dinamay mo pa mga “factory worker” tsk tsk..

  20. MJ Torcuator says:

    Mapapansin mo talaga sa mga nag babasa nito kung sino ung defensive sa handang umunawa.. kung sino yung kritiko at kung sino yung marunong umunawa…. may mga shallow headed talaga sa mundo.. I understand your point dude..pero kung tinagalog mo.. bka mas maintindihan yan ng mga sarado ang kukote pre… They’re just focusing on a word not the whole idea… tagalugin mo pre bka hindi nila na iintindihan ung ibig mong sabihin….

  21. tintoy says:

    anong drama to?

  22. Mary says:

    parang ganito lang yan:
    “If you automatically expect less of me because I am ________ then you are bigoted against _________ people.”

    fill in the topic in context:
    “If you automatically expect less of me because I work for a call center, then you are bigoted against call center workers.”

    and also this:
    “If you automatically expect less of me because I am a construction worker, then you are bigoted against construction workers.”

    Kindly read this post: and try not to be jerk #5. respect.

  23. crownofthorns says:

    Discrimination in what context my friends. Ask yourselves, will your comments resolve anything?We have freedom to express our own thoughts, therefore its his right to speak what he think is the best way to discribe the “JOB” the call center job. You see theres a big difference with work and job, work is the objective the task you have to do so you get paid. And job is the position you applied for to get the work. Everyone in his own way of working has differences in terms of the work load, either the mind or the body that do the task. You can NOT compare the work in an office job and in a labor job, its impossible to weight the two. What we need to do is to stop ranting about the author’s way of lifting the callcenter industry but be proud enough that you, we are the working class of this society. We pay taxes irregardless of how big is your contribution whats important learn to feel the sentiments of others, no job is small or big cause at the end of this arguments, remember it is the government that we should be miticoulously guarding they benefit from all of us, now ask who discriminates us more. Its the one who takes the share but is not sharing it back and worse rob us from the money that could have been more useful at our dispossal.

    • and thats what im talking aboiut 🙂

    • this is the only ANTI-anti-author comment that i’d be happy to listen to. simply bec it makes sense. but while i understand your solution-centered ideas, i cannot completely disregard the “author’s way of lifting the call center industry” simply bec i also care about why he has so. and so i figured, the author asks for respect, quite blatantly actually. all this whining to receive respect. but i couldn’t bring myself to give the author some considering he/she’s been disrespectful with other workers, which in the first place he shouldn’t be comparing him/herself with. Being proud belonging to the working class is a good thing, but that’s not really the case here.

  24. Dennis says:

    You know the answer how come you still complain? “You don’t have a STABLE JOB” that’s why there are specific rules for loans, credit cards and phone lines. How can you pay if after 1 or 2 months you get terminated? Like what you said, you can be terminated in just a snap. These companies are NOT idiots to lend you easily considering your employment stability. Law graduate ka ba kamo? You should know that right? Fyi. I also worked for IBM.

  25. hrv says:

    Lahbt ng trabaho mahirap pero pag minahal mu trabaho mu hndi mahirap yan you will find it interesting ganun lng un anu mang trabaho yan

  26. franz says:

    You summarized your article with the word, “Respect!”. but you followed it up with a discriminatory&tasteless line that states, ” it takes a lot of sacrifice and yet it is classified by our system as a factory worker category, such a shame.” shame on you! i would rather give my utmost and highest respect to a factory worker rather than to a boastful and arrogant call center agent/ law graduate like you!

  27. hrv says:

    Lahat ng trabaho mahirap pero subukan mung mahalin ang trabaho mu d mahirap you will find it interesting anu mang trabaho yan

  28. jessa sese says:

    There is no easy job in this world…I’m working in a call center as well…but prior to that I’ve tried as a service crew,accounting staff and I thought switching to a BPO is a little bit lighter task…nagkamali ako bukod sa hirap makapasok at pumasa sa mga interviews,training and metrics…ung discrimanation ung mga galit na tao na kausap mo..Pasok sa tenga tagos sa utak ung pagmumura ng mga customer mo…But what I’m trying to point is RESPETO lang sa bawat trabaho na meron tayo hindi mo pwedi e “LANG” ung isang trabaho gaano man yan ka liit mahirap pa rin yan.

  29. OPH says:

    alam mo pre, aminin mo nalang na marami talagang skwating ang ugali sa mga callcenter. ilan na mga nakilala mong nagmamalaki kung gaano karaming card ang pinagkakautangan nila, kung magkano ang kelangan nila bayaran sa post paid plan ng globe, ilang hulugang gamit ang di pa tapos etc etc di mo masisisi kung pinagkakaitan ka ng mga credit card companies ng matinong credit line. Atsaka hindi po mahirap makapasok sa call center ok ka lang? kaya nga kung sino sinong latak nalang anjan sa kumpanya mo ngayon, di makapasa sa application ng credit cards pero nakapasa sa hiring process niyo lol hay nako.

    matinong trabaho nga yan pero mabilis napuno ng mga jejemon at skwating ang ugali kaya ganyan nalang tingin ng madla sa inyo

    • chira says:

      Grabe, kung mkapang lait k nmn ng mga taga call center, bakit ntry mo nbng mgapply s call center pra msbi mong ganon lng kdli pumsok s isang company? Tutuo nmn ung iba mring bills n binbyrn, pero nsa pmu2hy ng tao yn, kng pno nya pgka2syhin ang shod nya to pay bills. S real world, hnd lng call center agents ang mrming utang, kht ung mga taong maliit lng ang shod at wlng trbho my mga utang dn n d mbyaran….hbng sinusult q tng comment q nbubwct aq sau, but in the other hnd, naaawa nrn aq sau kc npka close minded mo.:-)

      • OPH says:

        Chira opo maraming callcenter na po ako pinagdaanan. Nakita ko din ang decline ng mga aplikante through the years. Kakaunti lang ang matinong callcenter, kung nasa industriya ka, alam mo yan. Ako din po ay naaawa sa inyo dahil po stuck na kayo sa pagiging ahente. Wag kasi patalon talon ng kumpanya para mapromote po.

      • renzo says:

        ang sabi sakin walang career ladder sa call center. also kung pupunta ka libis dami dun mayayabang na CC.

        nakakdismaya rin kasi walang nagagawang “real jobs”. sa pinas kaya asan na yung mga engineers, IT, etc? ayun nagiging OFW kami.

        ginagamit lang ng gobyerno ang call center industry para masabing madami silang nagawang trabaho

      • nanok says:

        uu nga d stable ang call center at d man kau makakaipon dyan wahahahha

      • Logic says:

        Hindi naman sinabi na taga callcenter lang ang umuutang gamit credit card. Basa maigi ha.

      • maitea says:

        naging ahente kadin pala OPH. makacomment wagas. so naging jejemon kadin hahahaha peace!

      • inday says:

        hi chira! yup madali actually qualified nga ako eh una inalok nila ako ng food for interview.. so napaisip ako, “ayos ahh. anong company to? at anong trabaho to papainterview ka lang, my free snacks ka pa:)” then and so on and so forth, but at the end of the day, hindi ako tumuloy? why? kasi hindi naman to yung linya ko.. kaya wag mong sasabihing mahirap.. kasi kung mahirap, inutil ka kung ganun..

      • chira says:

        Nkakatuwa nmn n prng seat work lng pla sau ang aplication process, hanggang san kba umabot, s nitial interview? Kya pla. Akla m b un n ung process? Mrming step un, buti n lng d k tumuloy at n realize mong hnd ito ang linya mo, dhil mlmang hnd mo kakyanin.

      • inday says:

        hahaha funny chira, don’t you know how to read? meaning I’ve done the interviews, answering stupid questions like how do you express colors in words. how do you describe them, blah-blah-blah… well sorry to say chira, i’m just testing my capability and capacity and oo a bit curious na din kung papano ang hiring or kalakaran sa CC industry and what ive found out? seatwork! o ayan ms. chira baka naman mapunta pa sa ibang topic to ha? medyo nagreact lang ako sa sinabi mo na,”Grabe, kung mkapang lait k nmn ng mga taga call center, bakit ntry mo nbng mgapply s call center pra msbi mong ganon lng kdli pumsok s isang company? ” kasi I’ve been through that, I may sound mayabang pero hindi ko lng kasi bet yang work na yan WHY? I have my diploma, i have my license, guts and confidence para mag-apply sa kung anong field ko? so why would I end up being a call center agent? mataas na sahod? well it depends upon your lifestyle dear, kung ikaw nakatira sa barong barong jumper ang cable at kuryente, kumakain at nagcocoffee sa wifi zones,I think malaki na ang 18k sayo, am I right? kung yan ang initial income nyo.. but for some people here, that’s too small pwedeng pang bayad lang yan sa meralco ok?

    • rcccc says:

      yes! nakahanap ako ng matatanungan ko…kapag hindi masyadong hiring mahirap din makapasok diba.. yata.. naka_anim na call center na rn ako eh.. convergys , 24\7 ‚ west contact services, sutherland, ambergris,…. ang alam ko ung iba jan nasa top ten best call center company. masasabi ko lang talaga mahirap lang yan pag mahirap ung account. nahirapan ako noon sa dell. ang daming tools grabe.. haba din training..pero meron din namang sobra dali ng account..meron din kumpanya na napakadaling makapasok. sa mga napasukan da best convergys pagdating sa agents. di ko nga alam baka hiring lang talaga kaya ako nakapasok. pero galing ng mga nakasama ko. pagdating sa english communication skills average cguro ako sa convergys compared sa ibang agents. pero minsan sa ibang companies like ambergris now telus, magaling nako para sa kanila.. lalo sa sutherland pampanga, napromote na agad akong Sme, ako pinakamagaling sa training pati sa english. at gaya ng sinabi mo pag madaling pasukin na company or madali ung account squating din agents minsan magaling kpa sa sup mo. pero in fairness naman pag maganda company like hsbc or kung mahrap ung account karesperespeto naman siguro mga agents na yon. nga pala sa mga napasukan kong company pero hindi pa rin ako nakapasok ng hsbc. ang hirap ng questions nila sa interview parang sa pageant. or baka hindi lang talaga hiring kaya choosy sila.. sensya na psvita lang ako ngyon kaya hirap mgtype.. wala na pala ako sa call center ngayon. noon talaga mas mahirap pumasok nung bago pa call center. marami pa cla mapagpipilian. eh ngayon sa dami ng bgong call center. ubos na magagaling. kaya ung mga latak nalang nakukuha. hay nako noon talaga maiintimidate ka sa ibang nagaaply. ang gagaling pag nag group interview.

    • echusero ka says:

      sa totoo lang may punto ka, ako man eh call center agent ng 5 taon (wala na nga pala ako sa pilipinas) at sa limang taon na un naka 17 call center na ako, hopper as in hopper talaga. hindi man ako katulad ng mga sinasabi mong skwating o jejemon (kinaganda neto eh walang diskriminasyon sa application process kung may skill ka pasok ka na )pero oo para sakin NAPAKADALI makapasok sa ibat ibang call center, masaya magpalipat lipat eh lalo na pag mas mataas ang sweldo sa ibang kumpanya, masarap lumipat sa kadahilanang mahirap ang trabaho, mahirap magtagal, nakakasawa at nakaka stress at kinailangan mo ng bagong ENVIRONMENT. Sadyang nakakabaliw ang trabaho at stress. Yang application ng card at kung anu pang loan yan, walang diskriminasyon jan nag aapprove sila un eh kung matagal ka na sa kumpanyang pinapasukan mo eh kung hopper ka eh talagang wala kang pag asa.

    • Let me say two cents worth. In every 100 applicants only 3 applicants get the chance of being offered a contract. Out of those 3 people who got hired only 1 will remain by the end of the year. This is the reason why you see BPOs and Contact Centers continuously hire people. The attrition rate is high and the pool of talents is shallow.

      I have been an HR Consultant and Language Proficiency Trainer for a Consultancy firm and I say to you, out of the 20 people I interview for a job as an agent, I can only pass 3 applicants. It is not just your language skills that we gauge but also your critical thinking skills and problem solving skills.

      I worked as an agent for 2 years in a BPO. My mom was furious about the idea and saw the job as dead-end and menial. But as I shared the stories of each call I receive and what it takes to have an issue resolved she thought otherwise.

      Don’t say that landing a job in the industry is easy. Don’t tell me that applying for a job in a call center is just a walk in the park. I totally beg to disagree.

      Let’s face it that the predicament of getting a credit from the financial institution if you are working in the industry is the fault of the people working in the industry. If banks did not incur so much defaulted credit lines coming from people working in the industry, then we could have a different story.

      What I can say is this, it happened because people were not taught of financial management and responsible money handling. I myself was once this type of person. But I came to realize that I need to clean up my credit for my future. I was 18 when I first landed a job as an agent.

      In the end, no job is easy. There is no job that is menial. Every job has its highs and lows. But it is never right to demean another person’s job because of its nature or of its pay. The only time that your job is at its lowest is the time you think it is.

    • Bobo ka nga says:

      OPH wala ka na sa call center. Kung wala ka na mabuti na lng. Nabawasan ang inutil at jejemon sa industriyang ito.

  30. yawyaw says:

    wla namang madaling trabaho. That’s it. period. Whether you’re a call center agent or someone flipping burgers, and even a company owner,IT IS HARD. Working is hard. Earning money IS hard. So yes, let us respect each other’s work. It is nice that you expressed your sentiments, but try not to lean on the negative perspective. That way people will really get what you’re trying to convey.

    • phillippe says:

      tama po kayo sir yawyaw…wala pong madali n trabaho,..masasabi ko po yun ksi na try ko po yung mga mahihirap n trabaho…mataas po ang respeto ko sa bawat trabaho ng isa sa atin..nag try din po ako mag call center pero d ako pnalad makapasok…(hindi po ksi ako ganun kagaling mag englis)d naman po sa bobo ako…minsan nakakaranas din ako ng discriminasyon s larangan ng trabaho ko lalo n sa mga call center agent..masyado mataas ang tingin nila sa sarili nila(yung iba lng naman)..porke madungis kmi parang ang baba ng tingin nila saamen…ako at ang mga ksama ko madungis ksi kami yung mga taong gumagapang sa kisame para ayosin ang mga aircon nila kmi yung mga lumalambitin sa labas ng building nila para ayusin ang aircon…ang hindi alam ng mga agents (pag kausap ko ang boss o superior nilaa BOSS ang tawag sken)bkit yung boss nila marunong mag respeto???bakit yung agent hindi???may ari po ako ng isang maliit na company airconditioning services….

      mabuhay po tayong lahat,,respeto sana sa bawat isa sa atin na nag hahanap buhay ng marangal…

      • yawyaw says:

        Nakakabilib na nga yung nakahanap ka ng trabaho kahit maliit ang sahod. At least ibig sabihin hindi ka tamad. Hindi ka umaasa sa iba kahit mahirap. O kita mo, may business ka pala kuya, pero bakit ka pa rin lumalambitin? Kase, we still need to work hard di ba? At hindi po ako sir kuya. babae po ako. hehe.

    • alex says:

      right on, mas mahirap ang walang work at all….

  31. Discrimination or no Discrimination. why do we have to be butthurt when people say “ay CC lang pala work…”. you enjoy this job, get paid, and these people who say that doesnt even understand kung ano sinasabe nila… do you just wana rub it in their face na mangmang sila dahil di nila alam? or do you want to hear and see them jumping off the roofs pag nalaman nilang sa CC ka nag work?

    and isa pa… “NO JOB DESERVES MORE RESPECT than the hardworking call center agents…”
    really? do i even need to comment on this?

    don’t tell me otherwise cause i worked as a Tech Supp for a while… i get what you mean and i know how you feel.

    pero what i really feel upon reading your post… it kinda look like you just need to put yourself on a pedestal and appreciate what your doing. (which is not bad) but, try not to be butthurt about it.
    you already know how hard it is and how rewarding it could be as an agent… no need to rub it on other people’s face how great it really is.

    • roza says:


    • AJ B. says:

      The author made this writeup because “CC ka lang pala nagwowork” is not something to be happy about. If you look at it close enough you’ll probably realize that the author WAS a call center agent, not currently one. It’s also not rubbing in people’s faces like you say. Try to understand the context of the writeup. The writer is just correcting such an abusive, unethical, and demeaning statement from those who have never had a taste of the call center life and those who blatantly take this profession as a no-brainer. It’s not to say the call center agents are so smart and all nor to brag about how rewarding and awesome the job is. It’s all about educating people (especially those who have no idea) about life as a call center agent for them to understand and stop belittling these hard workers. If we say we are professionals, this will be easy to understand. 🙂 Most of my friends are call center agents, and I can attest to their hard work and dedication and I salute them. And so I say they don’t deserve to hear this kind of statement. They are humans, we must remember that.

    • boy iling says:


      bakit hindi pwede ikumpara sa construction worker, entrepreneur or tindero ng taho?
      pareho naman need ng dangal
      pareho naman need ng dignidad
      pareho naman need ng sakripisyo
      pareho naman need ng hard work
      pareho naman need ng skills at talents
      pareho naman need ng dedkiasyon

      partying starbucks and coffee working for 8-9 hours?(hinirit pa talaga ito)
      grabe ang iba nga wala na oras magkape

      sa thrid paragraph…
      hindi makadala ng telepono sa loob ng opisina? (talagang nireklamo ito?)
      yung iba nga walang telepono

      grabeng hirap katapat ng malaking sweldo?
      ang iba pareho ng hirap eh kulang pa ang kinikita

      the rest of the rants
      every decent employee, executive, boss, vendor, construction worker, laborer, mother, father, son, daughter…. has done so or should do so…

      no less…

      what makes you think that you are better than the rest?

      if you did your job good then be happy for being able to do so
      you get paid for your work
      you even get extra for good work
      dont expect to be given a ribbon or a trophy or be hailed and lauded by everyone around you

      dinadaanan din namin yan sinasabi mong pinagdadaanan ng call center
      di lang kayo ang nahihirapan

      kaya siguro nasasabing may pala… *Call Center Lang pala…”
      baka may karugtong pa na “… akala mo kung sino umasta”

    • Ganda says:

      Anung pinagsasabi mo????? Hahahaha! Kengkoy!!!

  32. chira says:

    call center, factory worker, construction worker, vendors, driver, kargador…etc. pareparehong mhrp n trbho yan, nsa tao nmn yn kung pno ntn ti2ngnan ung bgt ng trabho, oh kung pno ntn ma2hlin ang trbhong ngbi2gy stn ng kbuhyan. Lht ng yn importabnteng trbho, lhat ng yan, connected s isat isa, lht ng yn nka2tulong hnd lng s srli ntn, kundi pti s pmilya. And one more thing, it is the bloggers opinion and its how he feel with that statement “call center lng pla ngwowork” it is his right to express his opinion.just respect it, you don’t have to blame him with anything.

    • then probably they should remove the comment section.

    • LOL says:

      Sabi ng manager ko sa bank, malaki nga sahod nila pero wala naman patutunguhan. Nag aral ka pa ng college eh sa Call center ka lang din naman papasok.

    • Sonny says:

      The blogger does have the right to express their opinion, just like everyone has the right to criticize this article, much more when the author mentioned “This is not a simple job, otherwise they would not offer such a high pay, it takes a lot of sacrifice and yet it is classified by our system as a factory worker category, such a shame.”.

      The article made some valid points early on, up until the last the paragraph with which just reeked of hypocrisy and left nothing but bad taste in the reader’s mouth.

      Respect should be given only when it’s due. Mistakes should be pointed out, and deservingly so, to try and prevent it from happening again.

    • Eugine says:

      kaya chira please lang paki buo naman ang mga words mo pag nag comment ka at baka sabihin na talaga nang madlang people na ang mga nasa call center ay mga JEJEMON din 😀

    • Douche Baggerson says:

      This is the internet. I can say whatever I want. Also, do us all a favor and get a keyboard.

  33. RYE-rye says:

    don’t compare us to a construction worker, just so you know we create not just jobs but good leaders to be part of our rebuilding process here in the philippines.

  34. #ihatehypocrites says:

    I say to each his own.. been in the BPO industry as a level 1 agent.. rose up the ranks.. left the BPO industry (after 6 years and consistently being a consistent top performer) and pursued my profession… madali lang sa BPO, mahirap ang actual profession. So if you’re a call center agent and you find it difficult, then you are a MEDIOCRE agent! So STFU, get out and practice your profession. Don’t lash out at other people who view their industry as “more difficult” compared to the BPO. Plus, let us not forget the fact that 90% of HIV cases come from the BPO aka call center industry. Tells a lot about your “hardships” as call center agents don’t you think so? At anong utak pinagsasasabi ninyo?! You only use spiels and scripts.. hide behind policies and stuff.. place customers on hold for long periods of time… c’mon, be realistic.

    • rccc says:

      ano ba account mo? Hindi naman totoo sa lahat ng account na spiels and scripts lang ginagamit. baka naman Tae account lang yan na nag-aaverage lang ang AHT niyo ng 3 mins.

    • ... says:

      Spiels and scripts are given, but you don’t just say them. You can’t finish a call by just using them (not unless you’re working for directory inquiry due to AHT requirement.) When you are working in a Tel Co, Solely using spiels and scripts wont help you get through. You are conversing with people not reading scripts and spiels for ’em.

  35. Jun Alonto says:

    kayo po ang bagong bayani ng ating bansa ngayon. dahil sa inyo mga call center agents dumami ang mga kumpanya ng mga call center d2 sa ating bansa, na nkakatulong sa pagpasok ng salapi galing sa ibat ibang kumpanya ng bansa. MABUHAY kayo mga CALL CENTER AGENTS!

  36. mary says:

    Khit dq ntry mgng call center agent..alm ko n mhrp ang gngawa nla..for my opinion pg call center ang brilliant ng tingin ko s knila tama mhrap mkpsok s mga companies dhl s mga intrview nla..for me din mas mdali at ms ok n ung mskt lng ang ktwan kkwork kesa s knla n lge puyat,mskt p sa mata tas utak at lge slita ng slita..kht anu nmn work mhrap e at of course kht gnu kliit o kalaki yan kylngn ng respeto s lht ng uri ng trbaho!!!

  37. Caleb says:

    omg cry me a river…im not discriminating, i respect people with jobs. period. but what were u thinking when u posted this? there are tons of other jobs more tedious and hazardous than this one yet you feel like you have to make an article about your job being frowned upon and not quite getting the social acceptance you think it deserves? every job has its downside regardless of education, location or work schedule. welcome to the real world.

  38. Boietv says:

    Respect wins respect.. It is pretty obvious that you discriminate each work.
    Every company have their policy in place to guide each employee for the smooth execution of the job.
    Why don’t we just respect the dignity of labor. Each job is as important each other regardless it is manual , clerical managerial etc…..they are compensated accordingly.
    Let us not be discriminating so that we won’t be discriminated….

  39. doy15 says:

    dahil mahirap na mabutasan s english ko eh tatagalugin ko nlng…pasensya na po sa mga shortcut na salita…sang-ayon ako na mahirap ang trabaho sa call center…galing din ako dyan…sa factory worker at construction worker…ganun din mahirap din yan…kung iicipin nyo…”LAHAT” ng trabaho eh mahirap tlga…yun eh dahil s hindi nmn yan ang gs2 nating trabaho…sabi nga nila sa english ” find something you love to do and you would never work a day in your life”…
    para sa mga datihan na sa call center…sa kanila ako naaawa kse sila ung biktima ng discrimination. karamihan kse(diko nilalahat)ng mga ngtratrabaho sa call cntr ngyn ang ngbigay ng ganyang imahe sa lipunan…kaya nila “lang” ang trabaho nila bilang call center agent…
    nakakaaliw makita na marami pla tayo hinaing or sakripisyo sa pg tratrabaho sa call cntr…pero dapat maicp din natin na sapat ba ung binabayad nila para mg sakripisyo tyo….tanungin din natin bakit tyo bumabalik sa industryang e2 kahit alam natin na mahihirapan tyo or magsasakripisyo…e2 lang ba ang kaya nating trabaho?bakit di natin subukan mag ibang bansa…kse ganun din nmn ang mararanasan natin…d ntin ksama ang pamilya natin sa mga okasyon na gs2 nyo cla makasama…ganun din mga kaibigan ntin kse…tulog cla gising tayo…gising tayo cla nmn ang tulog….
    natural lng na may mga hinaing tayo patungkol sa trabaho natin…pero ung pgkakalahad d2 parang…ang hirap tlga ng buhay sa call cntr…mahirap nga tlga pero d nmn ung parang konti nlng mamamatay kna….sabihin man natin nsa ganung punto na sobra sobra ang sakripisyo na ginagawa natin…db dapat hinanda na natin ung mga sarili ntin…dahil alam natin ang papasukin natin…alam naman natin na khit ilang call cntr pa lilipatan natin yun at yun din magiging hinaing natin bandang huli….e2 po ay opinion ko lang…wla po ako kinokontra sa mga sumagot sa thread na to…
    ang pinaka maganda nyan eh…hanapin natin ang trabaho na gs2 tlga natin para mabawasan ang mga hinaing natin

  40. Pink says:

    Gawa rin tayo ng Blogs natin then express ourselves….basta para sa akin…walang mahirap na trabaho para sa taong nagsusumikap at nagsisipag abutin ang kanyang mga pangarap. Wala akong pakialam kung papano sasambitin ng iba ang titulo ng trabaho ko… eto na lang ang itatanong ko kung sino man ang manlait sa ikinabubuhay ko, may sariling bahay ka na ba? sasakyan? negosyo? masayang pamilya? nabibili mo ba ang gusto mo? nakakapagtravel ka ba sa ibang bansa? nakakatulong ka ba sa iba? may sobra ka bang pera? kasi ako lahat yan eh “Oo” ang sagot ko….ngayon kung “Oo” ang sagot mo, taga Call Center ka rin ba? 😉

    Peace mga Kabayan…. Good Vibes lang tayo….

    Express ourselves.


  41. 13 says:

    Walang trabahong madali. Kung ayaw mahirapan, wag magtrabaho. Nurse ako, at yang pinagmamalaki mong stress, “sweat, blood, and tears” pinagdadaanan sa lahat ng industriya. Walang nakaka angat o nakakalamang. Try mong mag duty ng 12hrs straight at wala ka iba nakita sa buong 12hrs kundi dugo, hirap, iyak at kamatayan. Walang karapatan magreklamo, pasalamat na lang at may trabaho. Mahalin nyo trabaho nyo para respetuhin industriya nyo.

    • Mis_behave says:


    • rccc says:

      Ewan ko. May kaya ko pa siguro yon. Ang problema kasi sa call center (uulitin dipende talaga sa account kung gano kahirap sa call center) pagpalagay natin mahirap ung account mo ung tipong isang damukal na windows / tools binubuksan tapos TSR ka tapos galit ung customer. habang inip na inip sa telepono ung kausap mo sinisigawan ka or sinesermonan pinag-iisipan mo pa kung pano mo mareresolve ung problema. Kaya dapat mabilis ka talaga sa computer (ito’y kung mahirap ang account ah). Meron din kasing knowledge base (parang wikipedia ng account) pag mahirap ang account. marami din pagkakataon na gagamitin mo google para mafigure out problema ng customer. Well hindi talaga mahirap yan kung tutuusin ang nakakstress dun eh ung minamadali ka tapos solid multi-tasking talaga sa dami ng tools. So andami mong iniisip tapos may nagsasabi sayo “tapos ka na ba, ang talal naman,, bilisan mo bilisan mo”..
      siyempre kailangan mo pa makapasa sa QA. meron kasing requirements sa call na kailangan mong tuparin na minsan dahilan pa para magalit client sa phone. alam mo yun. Sorry gusto ko lang idescribe ung experience (applicable lang talaga to sa palagay ko sa mahihirap na account). Diba stressful ung ganun, ginagawa mo ung best mo tapos napagsasabihan ka araw araw dagdag pa na kailangan mo matapos agad call mo dahil maapektuhan metrics mo. lol.

  42. Think! says:

    haha! makulit tlga pinoy pag nag sasagutan.. lahat ng trabaho may challenge yan, nsasayo kung panu mo ddiskartehan para mapadali work load mo.. graduate ka man o hindi, ang tanong is may savings ka ba? kung ayaw maging employee edi mag ipon ka and mag own ng business..

  43. Edy Enriquez says:

    I do not want to think na sa buhay sa pinas may mga stupid comment ka pa naririnig sa klase ng job na pinapasukan mo…dapat pasalamat na lang at may mga trabaho…what is wrong with a call center job??? I can not figure out..para sa akin disenteng trabaho na dapat ipagmalaki instead na matahin ng kung sinong self proclaimed genius class? bullshit!!!! SOB!!!. mga ngtatrabaho sa call center mostly proffesional or if not, nagtatapos ng curso…yong mga high school grad na nasa calll center mga passers sa examination kaya may utak din!! Ano ang gusto nyo trabaho Drug Dealer?
    Call Girl or Boy? instead of Call Center?…Sa hirap ng survival sa pinas..kayabangan na para mang mallit ng trabaho!! importante may trabaho!!

  44. rodel says:

    never under estimates call center agents, we have clients working at call centers but they were able to buy a townhouse through bank financing!! any job within your capacity, as long you’re doing it with love and dedication is worth to be appreciated.

  45. Arturo Intal says:

    A Korean’s Message for the Filipinos
    18 July 2008
    Written by Jaeyoun Kim

    Filipinos always complain about the corruption in the Philippines. Do you really think the corruption is the problem of the Philippines? I do not think so. I strongly believe that the problem is the lack of love for the Philippines.

    Let me first talk about my country, Korea. It might help you understand my point. After the Korean War, South Korea was one of the poorest countries in the world. Koreans had to start from scratch because entire country was destroyed after the Korean War, and we had no natural resources.

    Koreans used to talk about the Philippines, for Filipinos were very rich in Asia. We envy Filipinos. Koreans really wanted to be well off like Filipinos. Many Koreans died of famine. My father and brother also died because of famine. Korean government was very corrupt and is still very corrupt beyond your imagination, but Korea was able to develop dramatically because Koreans really did their best for the common good with their heart burning with patriotism.

    Koreans did not work just for themselves but also for their neighborhood and country. Education inspired young men with the spirit of patriotism.

    Forty years ago, President Park took over the government to reform Korea. He tried to borrow money from other countries, but it was not possible to get a loan and attract a foreign investment because the economic situation of South Korea was so bad. Korea had only three factories. So, President Park sent many mine workers and nurses to Germany so that they could send money to Korea to build a factory. They had to go through horrible experience.

    In 1964, President Park visited Germany to borrow money. Hundred of Koreans in Germany came to the airport to welcome him and cried there as they saw the President Park. They asked to him, “President, when can we be well off?” That was the only question everyone asked to him. President Park cried with them and promised them that Korea would be well
    off if everyone works hard for Korea, and the President of Germany got the strong impression on them and lent money to Korea. So, President Park was able to build many factories in Korea . He always asked Koreans to love their country from their heart.

    Many Korean scientists and engineers in the USA came back to Korea to help developing country because they wanted their country to be well off. Though they received very small salary, they did their best for Korea. They always hoped that their children would live in well off country.

    My parents always brought me to the places where poor and physically handicapped people live. They wanted me to understand their life and help them. I also worked for Catholic Church when I was in the army. The only thing I learned from Catholic Church was that we have to love our neighborhood. And, I have loved my neighborhood. Have you cried for the Philippines? I have cried for my country several times. I also cried for the Philippines because of so many poor people.

    I have been to the New Bilibid prison. What made me sad in the prison were the prisoners who do not have any love for their country. They go to mass and work for Church. They pray everyday.

    However, they do not love the Philippines. I talked to two prisoners at the maximum-security compound, and both of them said that they would leave the Philippines right after they are released from the prison. They said that they would start a new life in other countries and never come back to the Philippines.

    Many Koreans have a great love for Korea so that we were able to share our wealth with our neighborhood. The owners of factory and company were distributed their profit to their employees fairly so that employees could buy what they needed and saved money for the future and their children.

    When I was in Korea, I had a very strong faith and wanted to be a priest. However, when I came to the Philippines, I completely lost my faith. I was very confused when I saw many unbelievable situations in the Philippines. Street kids always make me sad, and I see them everyday. The Philippines is the only Catholic country in Asia , but there are too many poor people here. People go to church every Sunday to pray, but nothing has been changed.

    My parents came to the Philippines last week and saw this situation. They told me that Korea was much poorer than the present Philippines when they were young. They are so sorry that there are so many beggars and street kids. When we went to Pasangjan, I forced my parents to take a boat because it would fun. However, they were not happy after taking a boat. They said that they would not take the boat again because they were sympathized the boatmen, for the boatmen were very poor and had a small frame. Most of people just took a boat and enjoyed it. But, my parents did not enjoy it because of love for them.

    My mother who has been working for Catholic Church since I was very young told me that if we just go to mass without changing ourselves, we are not Catholic indeed. Faith should come with action. She added that I have to love Filipinos and do good things for them because all of us are same and have received a great love from God. I want Filipinos to love their neighborhood and country as much as they love God so that the Philippines will be well off.

    I am sure that love is the keyword, which Filipinos should remember. We cannot change the sinful structure at once. It should start from person. Love must start in everybody, in a small scale and have to grow. A lot of things happen if we open up to love. Let’s put away our prejudices and look at our worries with our new eyes.

    I discover that every person is worthy to be loved. Trust in love, because it makes changes possible. Love changes you and me. It changes people, contexts and relationships. It changes the world. Please love your neighborhood and country.

    Jesus Christ said that whatever we do to others we do to Him. In the Philippines , there is God for people who are abused and abandoned. There is God who is crying for love. If you have a child, teach them how to love the Philippines. Teach them why they have to love their neighborhood and country. You already know that God also will be very happy if you love others.

    That’s all I really want to ask you Filipinos.

    Let us help one another in making a new Philippines and a better Filipinos. Visit our Website:

  46. rockwitralph says:

    been a out bound call center agent before I can feel what you mean… high respect to this article as well to the writer!😊😎

  47. justsaying says:

    @chira: i agree.. it’s just the same way kung ssbhan ang construction or factory or vendor or whatever job they have with the phrase “LANG PALA” everyone of us takes pride on what we do, and it hurts to hear something like that.

  48. jhepot says:

    The negativity doesn’t stop!
    Dami epal na nagsasabi… “subukan mo mag construction worker etc.” ndi pa din naman nya nasusubukan.
    Meron pa nagsabi madami daw stupid sa Call center… do you even know what are the requirements to be in a call center company?
    I have been in a fast food chain company and I can work 12 hours straight without any problem… but pagdating sa pagtanggap ng mura,insulto, discrimination over the phone or personal man, wala nang mas gagrabe pa ang natatnggap ng mga call center agents.
    I pay high respect for everyone.
    I’ve never been a street sweeper, that is why i respect them. I’ve never been a police man, that why they have my respect.
    Kung ndi nyo pa nasusubukan, wag nyo kami husgahan. Wala kayong alam!!

    • boy iling says:

      eh paano kung nasubukan kaya nakahusga?

      • rccc says:

        Ang problema kasi ang akala ng hindi pa nakasubok nakalista na lahat sa papel ang mga sagot. Marami din troubleshooting plus ung dami ng tools at higit sa lahat ung taeng kausap mo sa telepono na minamadali ka. Try mo kasi. Apply ka ng DELL para solid maexperience mo talaga baka kasi kung sa iba ka pa magapply mapunta ka lang sa panis na account lalo mo lang maiisip na madali lang ang call center. Ang totoo minsan madali talaga pag natiyempo ka sa pipityugin na account. swerte mo nun, taas na sahod papetiks petiiks ka lang sa call mo kung baga no brainer. pero pag mahirap account mo hehe buong shift mo nagtatype habang minumura ka..hahaha

  49. ahem says:

    okay na e..maiintindihan ko na sana..kaso may factory worker pa.. I think, it’s really none of our business what other people says about’s their prerogative.. I work in a bpo company, and my parents sell vegetables in the sidewalk.. and I feel so lucky to have a good job which gives me a good salary.. and that means that I don’t have to be awake 20 hours a day, be exposed in the sun, and force yourself to work when it rains..and still not sure if your income will be enough.. each of us have our own individual unique story.. All we need to do, is be thankful that we all are blessed in God’s own way.. Mahirap talaga maging call center agent.. di man alam ng iba yun, at least some of us know that to ourselves..

    • rccc says:

      AMen! Agree mahirap maging call center agent!. Putek caregiver ako ngayon, ang layo sobrang layo, kung sakaling mangyari magkasing sahod o KAHIT NA MAS MABABA na ng konte mga 2thousand sabihin mo na.. PIPILIIN ko maging caregiver. punas tae, paligo, linis bahay, minsan may NAMAMATAY din. ang problema sa call center STRESSFULL.

  50. Mike says:

    I am an engineer but nag wowork ako now sa BPO industry as a technical support. Mahirap tlaga mga tol maging isang agent tapos pag nalaman pa nila na may natapos kang magandang kurso tas hindi mo nagamit, iba tlaga magiging reaksyon nila. Kaya nga i understand how this guy feel. Pero wag lang sana laitin ang pagiging constgruction worker or other jobs kc sa future jan din ako pupunta after BPO.

    • rccc says:

      KITA NIYO NA! ENGINEER NA TO NA NAGSASALITA. according to guiness book ENGINEERING daw ang pinaka-mahirap na account. Tapos ang isang engineer sinabi niya na mahirap maging call center agent!. Di pa ba sapat yan people. On the other hand naman, mas mahirap kasi ang TSR

      • james hetfield says:

      • james hetfield says:

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        Post by The Call Center Show.

  51. Kirk says:

    Good article and so true….People don’t realize what all is involved and how easy it is to lose your job. I was an Electronic Engineer in the States and made REAL good money and moved to Philippines and started working in the call center industry. The pay is not what it should be but better than most jobs here but you constantly have to fight to keep your job.
    Even as an American where I am sure I make more than the average Filipino doing the same job, When I go to bank and apply for credit card as an operations manager in a call center I feel all the disappointment from their expressions.

  52. NURSE AKO says:


    • CommonSense says:

      Tama, nung nagresign ako sa Call Center na trnatrabahuhan ko dati para ipursue yung nursing career ko, OM at HR pa mismo nagsabi na mas mahihirapan daw ako sa trabaho ng nurse.

  53. Dover says:

    to all CC agents here trying to defend and justify their work,

    really guys? are you dead serious of telling the whole world about how hard it is to talk to people not even in person but over the phone??? i think only those who are having a hard time in this field are the ones who are not qualified for the job!

    and…you don’t get the respect you’re ranting about by being insensitive and rude!

    • rccc says:

      dead serious ka dyan! arte mo… hindi mahirap makipagusap kung weather lang paguusapan niyo.. problema kaya paguusapan.. minsan galit pa. so call center agents are trained to listen, think, act at the same time. Dami kaya tools so dapat “the flash” ka talaga sa pag-navigate ng tools mo sa computer. kung hindi patay AHT mo (call handling time). At sympre kailangan mo maresolve agad.

    • rccc says:

      Douche sino ba umaangal. Meron ba ditong nagrereklamo sa pagiging call center agent. Ano ba ang topic ng article nato. Hindi naman ang topic “Ang hirap ng maging agent gusto ko na lumipat ng trabaho”. Itong si Dover lang naman. Kung saan saan na sumasangay ung diskusyon. Ang pinupuntirya lang namin mga agent eh hindi sobrang dali maging agent at hindi rin pambobo na mukhang yun ang impresiyon ng ibang tao. LUMALABAS BATO SA FACEBOOK??!!

  54. Nic says:


    I work as a business analyst at a marketing company based in Texas. They have operations here in Manila, but here, the company IS a call center. So even if I’m not doing any call center work, I sill live with the same oppressive policies my company has (my company actually has the same policies you mentioned. LOL.) — few SLs, the NCNS policy, etc. So anyway, I see your point when you say that call center work is hard, but then most jobs aren’t what you would call easy. People also lose their job when they do something wrong, people still work at night even when not in a call center, people still do get harsh words from colleagues from abroad/other nationalities, and those same people, even those in high-value BPO services earning more than 50k, are always at risk of having their accounts dissolved. Everything you mentioned also happens to other people. As for the discriminatory “sa-call-center-lang-pala-nagtatrabaho” remark, ignore it. Call center workers are not the only ones discriminated against. Just do your job, and do it well. No matter how hard the work, it wouldn’t matter as long as you enjoy it, and strive to be better. It’s not how bad our jobs treat us, it’s how we cope and make do with what we have. =)


    I am a former military man, I was a Field Sergeant of the Philippine Army, yet I chose to work in a call center for it offers a higher pay being a call center agent I not that easy sa totoo lang nasabi ko sa sarili ko angsarap pala ng buhay sundalo MAS MABIGAT ANG TRABAHO SA CALL CENTER take it from me. so kung inaakala nyo na mas madali ang trabaho ng call center agent kesa sa Construction Job, w/c I used to do back in my military days, well you are damn wrong my friend.

    • boy iling says:

      you trained to be a soldier
      yet work in answering calls?

      mas masakit tamaan ng totoong bala
      kesa makarining ng pumutok na baril over the phone


        why is there anything wrong with that? hindi ba disente sumagot ng calls? kabawasan ba yun sa pagkatao ko? palagay ko ang totoong kabawasan sa pagkatao ko e yung pagsilbihan ang taong bayan na minumura ka dahil pinagtatanggol mo sila para makatulog sila ng mahimbing

    • Douche Baggerson says:

      Di ka naman sundalo eh. Barbero ka yata.

  56. Roni Dino says:

    I was a Comcast subscriber back in the States, I was mean to call center agents and cuss at them all the time. Wanting to stay here in P.I., I worked at a BPO with a Comcast account. Talking about Karma, I am telling you it is hard to deal with Customers, They will ask you if you are an American and say bad words to you. When I get pissed I would say “I’m an American by choice you are an American by accident”. Please try working in a BPO first before saying it is easier than working in Construction.

  57. Poetangina says:

    Hind ikaw ang kausap ko, bagkus IKAW na call center agent.
    Hindi ka bayani dahil sa call center agent ka. Bayani ka, dahil sa kabila nito, pinipili mo pa ring magtrabaho’t maghirap sa trabahong ito.

  58. Poetangina says:

    Kaya’t kung sa pagsusulat mo nito’y layon mong itaas ang ngalan ng call center, hindi mo ito matutupad, ni kailanman.
    Subalit, kung hangad mong iangat ang pangalan ng call center Agent — mabuhay ka!

  59. inday gabriela says:

    this is extremely non sense! you know why? nowadays wala ng madaling trabaho lahat mahirap.. I always hear this phrase as in.. even me nasasabi ko to, (i’m sorry ,for I have friends working in call centers) but out of anger and out of control nabibitawan ko tong salitang to bakit? why don’t you ask yourselves people, masyado kayong maaarte at arogante, yup you may be fluent in English but not to the point na sasakay kayo ng jeep super mega English pa kayo. magbabayad lang naman, so si mamang driver sa bilis nyong magsalita eh nakatanghod na lang sa inyo, pano pwede nyo namang sabihin ng tagalog eh mag iinarte pa kayo (yes, nakasakay nyo na ako) so you see anong magiging feedback sa inyo ng mga tao?? same db? as what you’ve said you’re pissed of as well as the people na pissed din sa inyo.. anyway i’m not looking for trouble here, I am just telling you the truth based on my experiences. One time pa nga, sa Rockwell she’s bragging about her salary then may lumapit sa kanya na promo girl (which is nag-aalok ng item for free trial) nagtanong pa “may bayad ba yan?” so you see center agent, kayo din ang gumagawa ng reason para sabihan kayo nyan. And if we will have a chance na magswitch tayo ng work, then let’s see if you will last for a week. you’re challenging us to work for 2-3mo? nuts dude! now kung sasabihin mo na its your business not mine or ours? Well then whats the purpose of this post?…

  60. KJ Ang says:

    sad to read some comments here, tama naman yung writer nitong blog, RESPETO lang sa akung anong trabaho meron ang isat isa as long as marangal ito, walang madaling trabaho lalo na jan sa Pilipinas, ang importante napapakain natin ang ating mga pamilya galing sa perang pinaghirapan natin at walang bahid ng pagnanakaw!
    nagcall center agent din po ako and its really hard but fun! nasa tao din yan kung paano nya eenjoy ang kanyang trabaho ..

  61. dave says:

    John 13:34
    “A new command I give you: Love one another. As I have loved you, so you must love one another.”

  62. Jeffrey says:

    I salute all call centre agents but the author’s rant is unacceptable. It’s idiotic to compare one’s profession to another. All professions/jobs contributing to the growth of the economy and well-being of the society should be respected.

  63. john says:

    Everybody who work to earn money in a decent way, deserve a respect.

  64. cyd says:

    wala namang madaling trabaho ngaun …pero lahat ng trabaho ay deserving na i respeto

  65. ropixx says:

    all jobs are difficult. it depends to the person if he/she handles the job difficult or easy…. so don’t compare your job to other jobs. dami mo reklamo 🙂 haha

  66. millencolin says:

    This guy demands respect of the job he’s doing at the expense of dissing other jobs.
    I have worked in the BPO industry for 8 years, and it is tough as hell, but it pays really great. If a company pays you more than you are expecting, why gripe about the strict conditions they impose? Why compare it to other jobs that enjoy the holiday breaks and daytime schedules when their salary pays 3 times less than yours? You signed on the dotted line with those conditions – man up or get out.

    The reason why you get the “call center lang pala nagtatrabaho” is not because of the work itself, but the work you are actually doing. You can’t find any educational degree specific to call centers, unlike, medicine, engineering and such. Look at yourself, a law graduate and yet you are working at a call center, why not work at a law firm since it’s relative to what you’ve studied? Since you’ve studied a specific field and yet did not put it into practice, you will get that “call center ka lang pala nagtatrabaho” – they expected you to work at a law firm. If you are offended by those words, then step up, be a paralegal or even pass the bar exams.

  67. Ninja says:

    lol, that’s the kind of mindless argument that always makes me want to say “ah call center agent ka? ok.”. Marami sa mga klase nyo ang kung maka asta kala mong superior sa lahat nang bagay.

    1. Never compare your kind of field sa mga factory worker or any kind of field. Meron akong mga kaibigan na nag tatrabaho sa mga factory dito sa laguna and to tell you the truth, they earn twice as your so called high salary and they work for 12-14hrs a day. Such ignorant comparison only shows that, “meh call center agent ka nga”.

    2. Ok if you want to go there, I’m a Senior software engineer wanna compare your “High Salary” againts mine? as far as I recall CC Agents never make it more than 5 digit salary. Please correct me here if I’m wrong.

    3. Gusto mo ikaw lumagay sa kalagayan naming mga developer/programmer? I bet you wouldn’t last a week with that attitude of yours.

    4. Don’t act all high and mighty mate. Kahit gusto mong depensahan yung side nyo I don’t think comparing will get you anywhere.

  68. Secret secret says:

    Kaloka ang mga comments!

  69. Jun Capuz says:

    Regardless of profession, everyone deserves respect.

  70. PapayaJoe says:

    Here’s one story, and this one’s a true one, few years back.. Graduate ako ng 2 year IT course. Loko loko kasi ako nung college kaya fail sa engineering. Nung una nag apply ako sa isang casino bilang surveillance. Fail din ako don, di kasi kami mag kaintindihan ng British na interviewer. Pero may comment siya na maganda daw records ko. May mga awards kasi ako sa computer kahit papaano. Nung nag papabalik balik ako sa Makati head office nung casino, napaisip ako mag apply sa callcenters. So nung nag fail ako sa casino, nag tanong ako sa friends ko and search sa net if san ba may mga call centers sa Makati. Pinuntahan ko is 3 offices to find out na parang head hunter firms ata sila. Pinakuha nila ako ng exams and pasado ako don sa mga yon. Pero during the interview on 3 head hunting firms, on 3 different offices sa makati. 2 of them said something na napaisip ako ng husto that time.

    Pag call center daw mababa tingin ng karamihan, even sa ibang bansa hindi daw kino consider na experience pag galing ka sa call center. Pag pumasok ka sa call center and spend a lot of years, be good at it daw and try to earn a lot, be one of the best. Kasi if you’ve spend years daw sa call center work and planned na lumipat ng other job, mahihirapan ka din daw humanap. Thankful ako at honest sila. Kasi i have friends now na nag call center work more than 5 years ago and now nag sasawa na sila sa ginagawa nila. Pilit silang umaalis at humahanap ng new work pero wala sila makuha. Walang enough experience based sa tinapos nila or job description na inaapplyan. Kaya eventually bumabalik din sila sa call center jobs. Its like a 1 way ticket.

    Kaya dun sa mga kabataan na balak pumasok or mag work sa call centers, dapat handa kayo. Call center is a good work and good source of money, pero as much as possible, don’t look at it as a long term job. Sana kung anong tinapos niyo or passion niyo, yun ang pagyamanin niyo sa experience. Dun kayo mag sumikap.

    Most of people na kakilala ko na nag work sa call centers, most of them may nag bago sa personality, maybe sa nature ng work nila.

    Anyway ayon, mas maganda pa din na ang work na kukunin niyo is passion or love niyo. If passion niyo is sa call centers, then enjoy it and be good at it. Don’t listen to what others say. Passion niyo yan eh. Pero if apektado kayo sa katagang “Sa callcenter lang pala nag ta-trabaho”, then something is wrong sa tinatahak niyong landas.

    Now im a freelancer web developer. Before someone says na walang pera sa ginagawa ko, paupo upo sa bahay, laging nakaharap sa computer. Some even say “gumagawa lng ng website yan, walang pera yan”, pero it doesn’t hurt that much. Kuntento na ako sa na produce kong 50k to 70k a month without a boss, and can go sa gym anytime i want. Can wake up anytime i want, and i’m still learning more and more and more everyday. Things na dapat natutunan ko if nag aral lang ako ng maayos. But still thankful na God gave me a chance na matutunan sila on my own.. 🙂

    Thanks for reading.

  71. Alex says:! ang hirap naman nyan! walang cellphone habang nasa office! 8-9 hours of work! PUHLEASE!!!! you know why i look down on call center agents? because most of their parents slaved their lives to put you to college to be engineers, nurses, accountants, teachers, but YOU CHOSE THE SHORTCUT ROUTE TO EARN BIG BUCKS! and don’t you say that the government cannot provide well suited jobs to your course: MAGHANAP KA TEH!! YOUR GOVERNMENT WILL NOT FIND YOU A JOB! and lastly, the reason i hate most call center agents: you live a lavish lifestyle when in reality you can’t really afford, MY GOD, KUMITA LANG NG 18,000 KUNG MAKAPAGYABANG KALA MO KUNG SINO!! JESUS CHRIST, DO YOURSELF A FAVOR AND GET A REAL JOB!!!

    • kukurikabu says:

      well, you cant really blame them if they took the shortcut to earn money fast. nowadays, money almost buys everything. wag sana tayo hipokrito, and if given the chance you would take something that makes money fast (long as legal hehe), than to slave away and not earn as much. fortunately, you lived a life under different circumstances. do yourself a favor, put a bullet in your head. you unrealistic piece of secret. hihi

    • firechef says:

      Alex YOU Idiod! THIS is a REAL job, I bet YOU could not handle it! Before you open your big ignorant mouth, try going through what they did to get the job, then you can open your big mouth!
      I know many people with nursing and teaching degrees who can’t find jobs there.

  72. malditah062609 says:

    isa lang dapat isa utak ng tao walang trabaho n dapat sinasabihan ng may lang dahil lahat ng trabaho ay pinaghihirapan pra s ikabubuti ng pamilya kahit construction, basurero, janitor, driver or call center man!!! ang trabahong marangal at tapat hindi dapat ni lalang lang ng kahit sino, bawat trabaho may kanya kanyang sakripisyo at pagod para s pamilya… may mga tao lng talagang mataas ang tingin s sarili nila at msyado minamaliit ang ibang trabaho.

  73. Secret secret says:

    Hindi naiiba ang author ng blog na ito sa mga taong nililibak niya sa post niya na hindi nakakaintindi sa buhay-call center. Tama, discriminating din ang pagsabi na nakakahiyang trabaho ang factory worker. Madami naman talagang pasaway sa industriya ng BPO kaya mabilis ding nawala ang prestige nito. Walang trabahong madali para sa isang taong walang passion sa trabaho niya, regardless kung anong industriya ka pa. Kung apektado ka sa kritisismo ng iba, it only proves to show na ikaw mismo, kinahihiya mo trabaho mo at nagpapaliwanag ka na lang dito na hindi ito madaling trabaho in defense. Kung hindi mo kayang magpaapekto, then get out of that shameful job and find another.

  74. to YOU guys who posted this….I SALUTE U….more blessings to come…BUT to the guy who UTTERED this PHRASE, ” SA CALL CENTER LANG PALA ” UR A MORON….

  75. come on call center LANG talaga yan! kahit under grad nkakapasok anong klaseng requirement un.. sad to say mauunderan ka ng under grad sampalin ko ng diploma un, di kailangan ng utak dyn, its a robotic job paulit ulit.. magagaling lang magsalita la naman laman utak

    • inday says:

      so true, san ka nakakita ng trabahong bibigyan ka ng pagkain para lang magpainterview?

      • sdfcvergsdv says:

        bibigyan ng pagkain pra mag apply? parang “bibigyan na kita ng pagkain, apply ka lang samin pleeaaseee?” HAHAHA

    • Douche Baggerson says:

      American accent. Wrong grammar.

      • toff says:

        With due respect to everyone, let me enlighten everybody what call center/bpo really does. I’d like to comment dun sa nakalagay na scripted lang ang agent so he/she can converse in english-not true, script serves as a guide and requires comprehension so you can somehow interpret or deliver it in your own words. Majority of the accounts would require their employees to be conversant in english so they can communicate properly and effectively since they don’t have a script otherwise, these bpo companies could’ve recorded all of their responses to their customer’s queries. Another, college education not a requirement. Still is, but just to augment the high rate of unemployment here in our country, moreover, as help to our government, bpo companies started accepting even high shool graduates. With proper traning and discipline, we hone new skills and talents so they can be of help in our society and their families. Fourth, bpo companies provide billions of pesos as income to our government so they(gov’t)recognizes our effort and is in full support with this type of industry and as proof, some educational institutions started offering call center training as part of their curriculum and so is TESDA. Not a career-being a housewife or husband or just being the head of the family for me are all careers, so no matter what field you belong and what you do in life as long as you fulfill what’s expected of you, then thats the career of your choice. We may not have the most promising career with the highest pay cheque available in town, as long as we can provide food, shelter, education and other basic necessities in life, that would be enough for us to keep this job as long as it exists. Bpo’s are diverse in nature and doesn’t not practice discrimination in terms of sexual orientation, age, religion etc. It is also unfair to quote and almost condemn bpo employees that HIV is highly rampant within their community. Most of the reported cases were victims working in call centers and are courageous enough to be tested and became advocates in fighting against HIV/Aids, so I just wonder where are the remaining percentage of unreported cases would come from?

    • vmuasw says:


  76. theskychic says:

    Kahit anong work, put your pride, dignity, mind and soul to it para talagang maipagmamalaki. Mahalin mo work mo sabi nga nila kasi yan ang nagpapakain sayo at sa pamilya mo. I respect contact center employees. But I hope this article does not encourage the young ones to take up call center employment instead of those in line with their formal education. Sayang kasi eh.

  77. Do you know why they have such ridiculous working restrictions? It’s because it’s an employer’s market. You go out the door and there are 1000 more of you waiting to take your place.

    Discrimination, even if you had been a lawyer, is always present in whichever industry we work in.

  78. Walang freshmen student na nangangarap magwork sa callcenter says:

    Hmmmm I’m wondering why people who belongs in this Industry are not getting it. Working in a Call Center blew ass!!!! I bet that most of the people who works in this industry just failed being successful elsewhere that’s why they end up being an agent. Or maybe people who has a very simple skillset…. answering phones and giving canned answers…. Napaka dali pumasok dito I bet kasi meron kaming kasambahay dati na Agent na ngaun. Moral Lesson: Kung nag-aral lang kasi kau ng mabuti or tinapos nio pag-aaral nio e di sana nasa mas maganda kayo na industry…

    • kukurikabu says:

      oh really now. i know people who appears to be smarter than you. no offense.. parang mas matalino pa ata sayo kasambahay niyo dati. why judge people who failed at something and had the courage to look for something they can do? lets be realistic, not everyone will be overly successful. and no one planned to fail in life. but what can you do if it just doesn;t work out for you? look for something that you can actually do, don’t mind assholes (like you). you are demeaning people who work just to survive. ewan ko kung mayaman ka, or ignoranteng mahangin.

  79. Angelo says:

    My first job is in the call center industry… I am now a Sustainability Consultant in a well known company here abroad. Without my call center experience I might not be able to communicate with authority to people with different race working with me. Kaya wag nyong nilalang ang call center job.

  80. Its really hard to be a call center since it is my work too.

  81. Wala lang says:

    Feeling ko kaya mej mababa ang tingin sa mga call center agents because of the high premium the society regard on the education we get and and hence, looking down on underemployment. I was once a call center agent as well and without downplaying the value of the not-so-bad salary and the other things that come with it, at the end of the day, it is still a job na ang minimum requirement ay high school graduate. I know one can say na hindi naman porket nakatapos ay magiging successful pero if you are a law graduate or a nurse or a doctor or whatever field, of course the society will be expecting you to be doing something related to that (re: cognitive dissonance). Kaya feeling ko regardless kung anong merong filter or anong standards and institutionalized rules meron ang kompanya sa pagtanggap ng mga agents nila, this mentality will never change.

    Although this mentality exists, hindi ibig-sabihin agree ako sa kanila. Syempre nasasaktan din ako dahil hindi talaga madali pero if anything, hindi naman exclusive ang pagtingin na ito sa mga call center agents. Kunwari graduate ka ng kurso like aircraft mechanics tapos ang magiging trabaho ay ground attendant, syempre magkakaroon pa rin ng “ay ground attendant ka lang?” na perception ang mga tao. Remember, may process din yung mga airlines ng pagtanggap, may mga rules din sila on ncns, may rules on phones, may sakripisyo din etc. At ganun rin actually sa iba’t ibang trabaho. I guess ang pinupunto ko lang dito ay walang rason para sumama ang loob mo kasi hindi ka nag-iisa, friend. 🙂

  82. Chardlim says:

    I think it should not matter if the work is as a janitor, cleaning lady, trash collector, as long as it is honest work. Work discrimination should be left to those that kill people, or steal other people’s hard earned money. As for associating immorality with the work place, it happens everywhere, sometimes even inside the church. Still no excuse just to simply stereotype a person just because that is their profession.

  83. kd35 says:

    i totally agree with this application pa lang pahirapan nang makapasok sa dami ng steps na kailangan mong pagdaanan, kung matatanggap ka at makarecieve ng job offer another challenge na naman pagdating sa trainining, lalo na kung nasa prod floor ka na, Oo nga’t nakaupo ka buong shift mo pero katawan at utak mo naman ang kailangan para mgsurvive ka sa work na ito, hindi talaga basta basta mging call center agent and I am proud to be one….

  84. Mike says:

    Paanong mahirap makapasok? sa Iqor sa Clark sobra dami bobo na call center agents, di man marunong mag english pero they are working there.

  85. there is shame says:

    What I don’t like in call centers which I have experienced first hand is how majority of the people brag about their sexual activities, drug adventures and what not. This is true and if you worked in a call center you will observe this sickening culture. People hooking up as if it is a right of passage to be in the cool crowd. I will NEVER allow my children to work in this kind of environment no matter how much higher they pay.

  86. Ronie Naif says:

    Anumang trabaho ay dapat irespeto at pag pahalagahan basta malinis at marangal ang ipapasok mo sa bibig ng pamilya mo. Hindi natin dapat lagyan ng pamantayan kung ano ba ang trabahong maganda ang salitang “lang” ay hindi dpat dinudugtong sa anumang usapin tungkol sa trabaho oh katayuan sa buhay dahil tyo ay pantay pantay sa ating dahilan kung bakit tayo nag papakapagod yun ay ang mabuhay at bumuhay sa anumang paraan basta malinis at matuwid na paghahanap buhay ay tunay na dapat nating ipagmalaki. Mataas nga ang posisyon mo sa lipunan kung magnanakaw ka naman at hinahayaan mong magutom ang ibang tao para sa sarili mong kapakanan yun ang dapat na may “lang”. “Politician ka lang”

  87. meow says:

    ano kayang trabaho ng nagsabi ng “call center LANG” na yan?! baka mas mataas pa yung tax na binabyaran ng call center agent kesa sa kanya.

  88. renzo says:

    you elaborated it yourself. everything you do that is not in the rule book can cause termination. and yes mostly mayayabang ang mga nasa call center lalo na yung mga nasa malalaking companies

  89. MEL says:

    Kung gumradweyt ka ng law o nurse o anuman basta gumradweyt ka ng college tapos nag-call center ka, ang pinagkaiba lang nun sa factory worker ay mas malaki ang sahod, pero parehas lang din yung underemployment. Di mo trabaho ang tinapos mo.

    Lahat tayo may sari-sariling sakripisyo, iba-iba lang ang pagtingin natin dito.

    Bakit sinisisi mo ang gobyerno sa pagiging call center agent mo? Wala ka ng pinagkaiba sa mga iskwater na sinisisi ang gobyerno dahil wala silang matirhan.

    And man, if you can’t stand the heat, step out of the frying pan.

  90. darksphere says:

    lahat ng trabaho mahirap, call center agent, factory worker, construction worker, driver, kargador, even mga engineer, accountant, teacher, mga manager sa companya, mahirap din yan. what’s the point in comparing jobs? choice natin kung saan tayo nag trabaho, pinili natin ang trabaho natin (kahit pa sabihin nating hindi natin kagustuhan mag end up sa trabahong yun dahil sa hirap or what, may choice pa din tayo, choice natin na hindi magtapos ng pag aaral. hindi natin choice maging dukha pero nasa sa atin na kung gagawa tayo ng paraan para makapag aral at hindi mapunta sa trabahong hindi natin gusto o sa trabaho na would make us feel little compared to the others). meron din namang trip talaga maging call center agent, merong trip talaga maging vendor, wala nalang pakialamanan. may kanya kanya tayong buhay. kung hindi tayo fulfilled sa trabaho natin, magsikap tayo, hindi mang belittle ng trabaho ng ibang tao just to make us feel good about ourselves. pare parehas lang tayong nagbabayad ng saktong buwis buwan2x. kaya wala tayong karapatan para maliitin ang iba ano man ang trabaho nila.

  91. mark says:

    Im working in a call center. Mahirap, sakit sa lalamunan pag queing, sakit sa ulo pg d ma resolve ang isssue ni caller, sakit sa atay lalo na pg grave yard shift ka. So shut up ang mga taong papalag and i believe me i dnt give a shit.

  92. Sa building namin kung saan ang main office ng isang local bank… tuwing nasa elevator parang nang didiri madikitan ng taga callcenter sa ibang floor… aba naka pustura nga sila kaso mal-grammar kung mg inglis at di hamak mas mataas pa ang sahod ng mga agents namin kaya sa ng gagandahang counter clerks nila…

  93. jeremyy1975 says:

    You just put down another job (factory worker) because of your rant about how some people have been putting down yours.

  94. ashley says:

    nasubokan ko din mag work sa call center.. I’m a father of 5 kids and after resigning as a gov’t. employee from another province i chose to be a call center agent to be with my family (after 6 years). Ang pinaka naging problema ko is yung distance ng bahay ko sa workplace. nasubokan ko maglakad ng malayo (wala ng masakyan kapag gabi, eh graveyard shift ka),so napilitan kumuha ng motor , nasubokan ko na maawa sa sarili ko dahil inuulan habang nagmo-motor papunta ng “Center” .. and what made me resign is ung nakatulog na ako mag motor pauwi (madaling araw, at kamuntik ng bumanga sa trak).. It’s a decent job and though it pays good compared to other jobs, PERO hindi mabayaran ang PUYAT.. health, sex life, pati quality time with kids apektado. wala ka ng ginawa kundi magdasal na bukas sana off mo na.. PERO naging stepping stone ko to para magwork online (home-based).. ayun, the skills i got from the “CENTER” helped a lot of what i have now.. so thankful ako sa experience..

  95. Zaldy says:

    Mahirap talaga sa call center at hindi nirerespeto ang mga galing dito. Hindi nga hinahire ng ibang field basta makitang galing ka sa call center iniisip nila may attitude kana. Basta ang alam ko pag call center agent laging on the dot at hindi nagpapalate ng kahit isang minuto sa pag punch, kaya din sumalo ng nakakastress na galit ng customer at ngumingiti padin pag katapos. Nagpalipat na nga ako sa non voiced account kasi napapaaga ang pag puti ng buhok ko pag voiced.
    Sa mga nag babash sa mga call center agents tandaan nyo ang perang sinwesweldo namin ay galing sa ibang bansa meaning mas malaki naitutulong namin sa economiya ng bansa, para bang ofw at dahil malakas kami gumastos nabubuhay ang mga negosyo kahit madaling araw kung saan saan.

  96. eve says:

    Can we just agree to disagree that all jobs are different and difficult? All the jobs in the world uses brain… mapa – karpentero, abogado, doktor o call center pa yan. Some maybe under paid and some are not… sa demand lag naman ng workforce nagkakaiba yan. Ang importante, we worked fair and worthy of what we are earning.

  97. Keeno says:

    Two thumbs up. I am once a call center agent, and being one is not an easy task. Training palang ako pero mahirap na. Nandyan yung every week maiiba ang schedule mo. Nandyan yung bawal kang magbreak hanggat hindi mo pa oras kasi may mga calls ka pa. Nandyan yung hindi ka makakapunta ng banyo dahil may tawag ka pa. Nandyan yung pressure na kailangan mong matutunan lahat ng dapat kapag nagtake ka na ng calls. At hindi biro ang sumagot ng tawag na mumurahin, isusumpa at wawalang-hiyain ka lang dahil sa hindi mo magawa ang problema NILA. But you need to, dahil trabaho mo siya, dahil yan ang bumubuhay sayo. Hindi madali ang pagiging isang call center agent. Interview palang, sasalain na kayo hanggang sa matira lang sa kung sino talaga ang may kaya. Iba ang dalang pagod ng psychological stress kaysa sa physical stress. At sa call center industry, parehas yan na burden ng mga agents. Kaya wag ninyo mamalitin ang mga CALL CENTER AGENTS kasi sa kanila mo makikita talaga ang mga matitibay at matatatag na tao. Kudos! 🙂

  98. sa construction lng pala ako nagttrabaho. says:

    utak sa call center??? please, pag fluent ka na sa isang language para wala na lang yan..
    try nyo sa engineering design firm para malaman nyo kung ano mas mahirap na trabaho
    at kung ano talaga ang trabahong ginagamitan ng utak. try nyo maging project manager.
    para mas malutong ang pagdedegrade ng mga amo nyo. yan ang tunay na pagod pisikal at pagod sa utak.. me kasama pang pandedegrade ng amo sa bawat kamote mong trabaho.

    dating akong call center agent and i find this OA.

    my point is wag nyo masyadong padramahin buhay nyo. madameng nagugutom sa africa.
    peace out.

    • Avionics Mechanic says:

      True, Kahit saang field naman eh, un nga lang, yari tayo sa kanilang Agents, mga Grammar Nazi kasi, isa ring marka ng kayabangan nila..laughing stock pa nila pag nagkamali pa sa grammar ung mga ibang tao.

  99. patty says:

    Sa hirap ng buhay ng mga Pilipino, kahit anong trabaho papasukin para sa ikagiginhawa ng pamilya at ng sarili..kaya kahit anong trabaho meron tayo hangad natin na irespeto tayo kaya dapat respeto din ang ipakita natin sa kapwa natin Pilipino…

  100. killachef says:

    I’ve been working in the kitchen almost all my life, but when I was waiting for my resident visa abroad. I decided to quit working with the company that I work with because was about to be transferred to baguio city, it was too far for me since I live in the south, So I tried to apply for a call center job, Being a cute guy who works 14 to 16 hours 6 days a week in a very challenging hospitality industry I did not think that there would still be a more challenging job that would top that. but I was dead wrong. Much respect for call center industry from the voice screening, interview, training and actual doing call is very challenging specially for a cute guy that has no idea how the industry operates. Still the experience is worth it met most amazing people with the batch that I was in, Fun and cool trainer’s that taught me how to handle calls, Awesome cafeteria and recreation stuff that you can play with while on break, smoking area on the roof top, Mind you I only worked for 3 months in this industry before I migrated abroad. I could still say it’s freaking hard just going to work on a grave yard shift it’s the weirdest feeling specially going home in the morning that you can see other people having fresh gel on and some ladies still have their hair wet going to work and here you are having itchy and heavy eyes because you are going home without sleep yet. People need to respect industries whichever it may be if we can say nothing good then just shut the hole up and watch you porn or something.

  101. Wag na kayo magtaka kung bakit ang hirap mag apply ng credit card at postpaid mobile phone ang mga taga call center. Sila rin naman may kasalanan niyan kasi ang daming cases na tinatakbuhan nila ang utang. Umpisa pa lang ubos biyaya na kaagad eh. Sila rin naman kasi sumisira ng image ng isang call center agent. BTW, former call center agent din ako.

  102. Louise says:


    Unang una, gusto kong sabihin na apat na taon akong nagtrabaho sa call center. Sa loob ng apat na taon, iba’t ibang kumpanya ang napasukan ko. Kaya I, too, speak from experience.

    “This is not a simple job, otherwise they would not offer such a high pay, it takes a lot of sacrifice and yet it is classified by our system as a factory worker category, such a shame.”
    – Hindi porket nagtatrabaho ka sa call center eh mas dapat irespeto ang trabaho mo kaysa sa mga factory worker.
    – It IS a simple job. It’s not easy, but it’s simple – which is why there are such low requirements for call center applicants. Undergrads are accepted. People with no experience are accepted.
    – Ikaw na nga ang nagsabi, you are compensated well for your efforts. Pero ang dami mong reklamo. Masyado kang entitled. Arogante ka. Paano pa ang mga workers natin na extremely overworked pero severly underpaid, gaya ng mga kaminero, garabage collectors, and jeepney drivers?

    “In spite of being regularized these people still do not have stability of work, with the constant change of client requirements and statistics, quality control and metrics a call center agent can lose his job at anytime!”
    – THIS is the reason people (who do not work in the BPO industry) frown upon call center agents. Due to the innate instability in the call center industry, agents have little to no assurance regarding their careers. It is NOT because being a call center agent is considered, in your terms, “menial”.
    – THIS is also the reason why banks, cellular phone providers, and loan companies are skeptical about welcoming call center agents with open arms. Kasi nga, unstable at walang kasiguraduhan. Ke 6 months o 6 years ka ng nagtatrabaho para sa kumpanya mo, wala paring assurance na hindi ka mawawalan bigla ng trabaho.

    “and believe me working in the night is one of the most difficult thing to do”
    – Talaga? Mas mahirap pang magtrabaho sa gabi kaysa magtrabaho overseas ng malayo sa pamilya? Mas mahirap pa kaysa magpulot, maglinis, at mangulekta ng kalat at dumi ng mga taong di mo naman kilala? Mas mahirap kaysa magtrabaho ng 12 oras sa isang araw para lang kumita ng 600 pesos?

    “No job deserves more respect than the hardworking call center agents”
    – I am both shocked and appalled at your arrogance. Working at a call center is NOT an important job. This sounds harsh, pero totoo. Think about it: Napaka dispensable ng mga call center agent. Pag may nagresign o naterminate na isa, may sampung nakapilang handang pumalit.

    Also, gaano ba kahalaga ang services na dinedeliver mo sa society? Nakakasagip ba ng buhay ang pagsagot mo ng calls (unless 911 operator ka)? Magreresulta ba sa mass panic kung magkamali ka sa trabaho?

    Pwede ba, put things into perspective and cut yourself down to size, arrogant prick.

  103. feeling agent says:

    Hindi yung pagiging call center agents ang problema kundi yung mismong ibang call center agents.

  104. Genaro Talens says:

    I salute those who work as call center agent…. Dahil nagkapagwork na ako as SENIOR TECH SUPPORT, mahirap talaga lalo na yung graveyard ang work. pag-uwi mo ng bahay nasa school mga anak mo tapos pag darating naman sila eh ikaw naman ang papasok…. para karing naka-abroad….

  105. Migs says:

    Being a call center agent is extremely stressful, more so mentally than physically, but still, the night shift does take a fair amount away from a person, regardless. Also, he hasn’t even touched yet the topic of those working in accounts that require both customer service and sales. Now THAT is hard. It’s bad enough that you have to worry about your customer satisfaction stats, you have to meet the quota for your sales and if you sell things through up-selling, you’ll soon realize people don’t really have time for that because they called to get their problems fixed, not so the people can sell them stuff. I know we’re getting paid, and as an under grad myself, 16-18K a month when I only have myself to worry about is not bad. But the longer I stay, the harder it gets sometimes, and yes, friends, it really isn’t easy.

  106. mic says:

    salamat sa bpo industry dahil maraming tao ang may trabaho ngayon hindi lang para sa mga call center agents pati na rin mga contruction workers, gwardia at mga utility workers. kahit mga taxi trybers, pedicab trybers at yun mga nagtitinda sa tabi-tabi.
    kung makalait naman ang mga taong nakapagtapos sa kolehiyo wagas. dati ang work force sa makati karamihan ay para lang sa mga graduate ng 4 year course pero ngayon kahit kaming mga high school graduate lang e kumikita ng mas malaki pa sa mga nakatapos ng kolehiyo.
    Wag naman po sanang maliitin ang malaking tulong na naibigay naming mga call center agents para sa ekonomiya ng bansa natin. Buti pa nga mga OFW binibigyan ng parangal ng ating bansa bilang mga bagong bayani at exempted sila sa taxes pero kaming mga call center agents bonga ang binabayarang tax buwan-buwan. Hindi naman fair na idiscriminate ang trabaho namin. malaki ang naitutulong namin sa ating bansa.

  107. alex says:

    Lahat ng work ay mahirap lalo na kung hindi natin gusto ang ginagawa natin sa trabaho. Lahat naman ay may PROS at CONS, lets just suck it up, wala naman tayo magagawa kasi kelangan natin magtrabaho para sa mga responsiblidad natin. When it all comes down to it, respect lang po ang kelangan natin.

  108. Applejack says:

    Joohn Please don’t be too quick to judge these people in the construction industry.

    Kahit hindi sila nakapag aral sa isang pormal na eskwelahan o hindi nakapag tapos ng kolehiyo , may “pinag aralan” Pa rin naman sila.

    Years of on the job training and experience in their respective job skills is what these men and women carry everyday at work.

    Kung walang pinag aralan ang mga tao na nagtatrabaho sa construction industry malamang eh gumuho na yang building na kinalalagyan niyang call center ninyo. Kanya kanya ng expertise lang yan.

    Respetuhin natin ang nagagawa ng kapwa natin maliit man o malaki, professional man o hindi. Kaya hindi umuunlad ang bayan natin dahil sa mga ugaling ganyan. Sadyang napakahilig natin manlait at maliitin ang kapwa natin.

  109. ara says:

    lahat ng work pinaghihirapan at pinagsisikapan, at lahat may pinaguukulan, kaya lahat deserve ng respeto.

  110. jon says:

    sus! dami nyo satsat lahat! hindi naman dapat ikumpara ang trabaho sa isat isa. Move on! and make a living to survive this fckng life!

  111. moronman says:

    yung story mo fre – yang ung call center nung panahon… mga way back 2004… mahirap talaga makapasok noon sa ganyang trabaho… di mo lang mabasa ang Irasburg or Connecticut ng tama = mag service crew ka nalang kung saan… mga 10 years na rin ako sa bpo – nagsimula sa pagiging agent, then product trainer, then comm skills trainer, etc… ang call center ngaun, kahit barukish ka mag english = pwede na… minsan basta gwapo or maganda ipapasa na din ng bobong HR… ok lang naman yan at least madami magkakaroon ng trabaho sa atin… un nga lang wala na matinong kaledad kac pati mga HR, QA, OM, TL karamihan na poser… garapal ang sipsipan ngaun as compared sa noon na talagang skills ang pinapairal… kapag pet ka ng boss mo, kahit magdala ka pa ng PSP sa production floor = ok lang… mas bibilib ako kung naging call center employee ka nung mga panahon na tinutukoy ko hahaha…

  112. ARVIN PINEDA says:

    tama na! magtrabaho na , the most important here is that ” MAY PAMBILI TAYONG BIGAS” WAG NG MAGYABANGAN!!!

  113. leon says:

    Educated kabang tao ka? graduate k ng law tapos sasabihin mo n factory worker nakakhiyang trabaho? e kung mag try k kya mag trabaho ng hard labour dugo pawis kalyo n ang iyong piang lalaban walang kht kelan ayaw ko call center why? dignidad ko ayaw ko patapak sa ibang tao.. grad auto mechanic work at nissan balintawak 1year exp sa talyers 2years exp then schooling BSIT 2007-2009 MSIT 2009 2010, 6months it department callcenter, now Administrative tourist information here in dubai..head visa Section in Hormuz Tourism.. Lesson? Mas masarap kasama mga tao n nasa hard labour why? dugo pawis ang sweldo pero ang dangal nasa knila parin at dignidad at HIGIT SA LAAHT WALANG POLITIKA and EXP SA CALLCENTER kaming mga IT DEPT nag papasensya sa mga katangahan nyo sa pag gamit ng computer tadyak dito tadyak dun bato ng mouse bato ng headset tapos mumurahin pa kmi pag hindi kmi agad n nakapunta mern kasing tinatawag n job order mag file ng joborder bago nmin kyo puntahan..respect ko mga call center agent dahil mern din ako pinsan na nag wwork dyn… pero ikaw leche ka ang lakas mo manglait sa mga mas mahirap n trabaho..

  114. I hold my own destiny! says:

    If your skilled with what you can do, why go to a call center? If you can compete and be the best to what you do, why go to a call center? I don’t discriminate those call center agents. But do not use this as an excuse that working in the call center is the only way and you complain if someone says; “Call center agent lang”. If you are a nurse then be nurse, if you are a Law Grad then be in the law field. Its all about attitude and the way you want to compete. But if you really enjoy working in a call center then so be it.

    Dati akong call center agent both inbound and outbound calls for two years, and I hate it! Hindi pang call center ang course ko (Computer Science) So what I did is I work smart and improve myself in my given field as an IT Professional. And now, I’m an IT Project manager earning 6 digit payroll net, and I’m only 27 years old. Don’t just work hard, also work smart! But if you really enjoy working in a call center then so be it.

  115. Tee says:

    I understand that people shouldn’t belittle us. However, you said, “…and yet it is classified by our system as a factory worker category, such a shame.”, and I think that’s what’s ticking people off.
    I know you mean well. However, you can’t be any more careless.

  116. Akala mo kung sino says:

    factory worker gumagawa sa computer, routers, phones na gamit mong call center agent ka! practice what you preach! wag ka ma-offend kung mababa tingin sayo kung mababa din tingin mo sa ibang tao!

  117. chris says:

    d nyo kasi maiiwasan na sabihin yun kasi halos lahat ng center kahit high school grad lang pede na basta magaling mag english. they should try to raise their requirements on looking employees

  118. chris says:

    d nyo kasi maiiwasan na sabihin yun kasi halos lahat ng center kahit high school grad lang pede na basta magaling mag english. they should try to raise their requirements on looking for
    sorry typo error

  119. Mr. Assimo says:

    Natatawa ako sainyo lahat hihihihi. just do your own career, everyone has a path and strategy to achieve their goals. Trabaho mo yan, wag ka magreklamo., umalis ka kung hindi mo kaya, lahat nmn kayo may kanya2 storya hindi lang sa trabaho., okay? hindi nyo dapat pinagtatalunan ung ganyan mga bagay. MYOB, mind your own business. walang ibang hahatak saiyo pataas kung di sarili mo. okay? stop arguing THANK YOU.

  120. I think what the phrase “sa call center lang pala” is not meant to degrade the BPO employees. maybe they are just disappointed that these people did not finish their studies (some agents are not degree holders) or they chose a career not related to their degree if they have one. I also worked from a BPO industry before (medical transcription) and i know BPO is one of the toughest job today (mind and body stress – burnout!). I realized though that this is not permanent, so i decided to be a chemistry and biology teacher, which is very relevant to my degree. Plus, I am able to contribute to the welfare of our beloved Philippines by teaching the future generation.

    Working ins call center (or BPO) is a very decent and tough job indeed. 100% true. But the reality is that it is not permanent somehow. Maybe that’s the reason why they say the phrase “sa call center lang pala…..”

    In fact, i am always telling my pupils to find a job that is related to their course, or a job they really love. Money matter should be the last resort

    -Kenneth L. Frias-
    HIgh School Faculty – Science Dept.
    San Lorenzo School
    San Pedro, Laguna

  121. i agree with you.. I’m a teacher now and worked as a call center agent before.. They should not discriminate jobs or any profession.. I also feel the same when I heard a lot of discrimination about teachers when in fact teaching is the noblest profession.. Its just sometimes there are people in the field who are not practicing the ethics of their fields.. but again never underestimate and discriminate other peoples work.. hindi magnanakaw yan..


    No job deserves more respect than the hardworking call center agents who slave every night to support their family because our government could not offer a job that suits their profession.—

    -so you mean to say we should cast all other professions aside like being an educator, working in the field of nursing, working as an honest law enforcer, and put being in a CALL CENTER at the top of the noblest profession?

    I hope you be mindful next time of your choice of words though because they might have other distasteful implications. what should’ve been said is, respect begets respect, everyone works in their own naturally endowed or self-improved capacities and we are all battling hard against poverty for the good of those we love and support, and that there should be no profession nobler than any other, as it is with the intent of the profession and the ethics with which you practice it that bestows nobility and honor to the employee. To be a NOBLE person in totality then, one must not sneer down on others just because SOCIAL STIGMA says so.

    I understand your resentment on the remark that prompted you to write this blog entry in the first place, but however, as a fellow blogger, it is always wise to be mindful of and responsible for the subtexts of what we write.Yes we all have a right to our own opinion, but there’s nothing wrong with wording them right so as to not cause offense.

    Thanks and cheerie-bye

  123. oh, and also i do not agree with your allusion to factory workers… Leave other professions out of this, just some unsolicited advice.

  124. ive worked many jobs, as a professor, as a call center agent as well (although i only worked as one during the summer break), as an fm station dj in manila, and now as a band vocalist, and

  125. Utol ng Call Center Agent says:

    My brother works for a call center and I have to say that I’ve seen him fight his way up the ranks. Mahirap para sa kanya kasi wala syang college degree but nonetheless nakapasok sya.

    Mahirap ba mag-work sa call center? Yes, I believe so. Kitang-kita ko yun kay utol. Uuwi sa bahay para lang matulog kasi kelangan gabi sya mag-work. Hindi makatulog ng maayos kasi wala sa oras ang tulog.

    Payo ko sa mga call-center agents, which payo ko din sa kapatid ko, is find a way out. Ang advantage nyo is sanay na kayong mag-work ng mahirap. Ang kelangan na lang is ilipat ang effort nyo into something na mas mag-b-benefit kayo long term. Use what you have learned sa call center to start your own business. Sanay na kayong kumausap sa tao at sanay na ring ma-reject – two requisites na napakahalaga sa pag-ne-negosyo.

    Look at it from the positive side, mahirap ang work nyo, pero astig ang pinagdaanan nyo. Astig in the sense na matibay na ang sikmura nyo sa maraming bagay kaya move on na to the next big thing.

  126. jumar2011 says:

    Just by trying to voice out your feelings bro, you have somehow unconsciously and unintentionally offended workers from other industry. If you are asking for it then you should also give it to others.

    “In summary? Respect! This is not a simple job, otherwise they would not offer such a high pay, it takes a lot of sacrifice and yet it is classified by our system as a factory worker category, such a shame.” This is statement or phrase is much even harsh or worst than what you heard, “Call Center lang pla nagwowork”.

    Let me just tell you that there’s nothing shameful being a factory worker. If not for them Philippine economy would have not survived. The manufacturing industry is there for the longest time just before the Call Center Industry started. Most of the food that you eat and dresses that you wear are coming from factories that are being processed and manufactured by hard-working factory workers. I think they deserve respect and recognition.

    Every industry gets criticism I assure you. They only differ on the nature of criticism. Don’t take one person’s criticism or view as majority or a collective view. I had worked in the Call Center Industry from 2003 to 2013 and I have heard the same criticism several times but I can tell you with all honesty that I heard more praises than criticisms. I received more respects than disrespects.

    Overall, I urge everybody to stop comparing jobs and industry. Every Job is difficult. Respect are giving to people who give respect. 🙂

  127. sorry for the typo, i obviously meant:

  128. Angelo says:

    Kahit anong propesyon wag niyong alisin ang RESPETO dahil yang mga trabaho na yan ang tumutulong sa mga PAMILYA natin. Hindi natin KAILANGAN na pagkumparahin ang lahat ng uri ng TRABAHO dito. RESPETO lang ang HINIHINGI ng may-akda. Lahat ng trabaho na DUGO at PAWIS ang ibinibigay mo RESPETO lang ang KATUMBAS non at PANGUNAWA.

  129. kurt says:

    Call center lang pala..

  130. Lovely Rocha says:

    Khit anong trabaho basta marangal malaki ang respeto ko. Call Center is a descent job, graveyard panga ang oras ng pasok ng iba, kyo,na nagcomment ng negative marangal ba trabaho mo? katulad kay napoles? Marangal ba? We should give a high respect to all the people na nagtratrabaho ng marangal para makapagsupport sa kanilang family. I salute sa sa mga nsa Call Centers, Online teachers and other na marangal ang paghahanap buhay.

  131. mike says:

    Mahirap din ang mag type sa typewriter buong araw. Pero gaya ng call center industry, walang masyadong value. Wala naman kasi sa hirap ng pagtrabaho minsan, dapat alamin mo din kung saang position ka sa value chain ng isang kumpanya.

    Kaya siguro may “LANG” hindi dahil madali ang trabaho, kung hindi nasa after-sales business “lang” which for many is less important than the actual sales/marketing, or the hardcore product design and manufacturing of whatever it is the call center agent is supporting.

  132. Very true. I agree with this, working in a callcenter is not easy. You need to be responsible and determined, di pwede ang petiks dito. Mahigpit sila sa attendance, it’s true that you will be terminated for 3 absences and tardiness. Kung di ka flexible di ka pwede sa BPO industry. I salute callcenter agents..***

  133. disappointedkayTS says:

    same lang din naman kahit ano work. you need to sacrifice things to earn money.
    nakakalungkot na isang law graduate ang magawa nito article.
    sana wag kana maging abogado… maghihirap lalo pinas sa uri ng pag-iisip na meron ka bro.

  134. Boy Balantoy says:

    Okay na sana til you stated that “ takes a lot of sacrifice and yet it is classified by our system as a factory worker category, such a shame”. Shame? Is there a shame with being a factory worker? I know a handful of people who are call center agents and at the same time having parents who worked in a factory just to make both ends meet and give their children a college degree. That Job you are ashamed of gave them the necessary prerequisites kaya sila nakapasok sa Call Center : Education. You wanted to justify that being a call center agent is not a menial job…but in order to do so, you dissed another noble profession. Such a shame. If only you had stuck with the idea of justifying your cause without having to compare with another job in a negative light I should have given you a two thumbs up…again, such a shame.

  135. LAWYER MY ASS says:

    Lol natapakan lang PRIDE at EGO mo kc d mo mapractice pnag aralan mo. Bakit naman ako, sa call center din nagttrabaho pero wala ako pake kc honor para sakin un. Bago ka magpost siguraduhin mo alam mo pinaglalaban mo.

  136. Boyhipon says:

    Fluent ka lang mag English pasok ka na sa pagiging callcenter agent.. But please do not consider this job as long term one. I am telling you guys, you wouldn’t want to work in this kind of environment for 30 years straight or until your retirement.

  137. bayaw says:

    kulang ka po sa tulog kuya. at nag halo halo na ang problema try mo mangibang bansa. para hindi mo na ma-feel yan.

  138. HRD says:

    Walang mahirap na trabaho kung gusto mo yung trabaho
    Alam mo kung anong trabaho ang pinasok mo. DONT COMPLAIN JUST DEAL WITH IT.
    or JUST QUIT

    Now I’ll ask you.

    Bakit yan ang trabaho mo? (if you blame someone on your answer that means youre a loser)
    a) dahil ito ang gusto ko (means you’re in the right path)
    b) dahil mas malaki ang sahod (Then don’t complain)
    c) dahil kailangan ko ng trabaho para mabuhay (You have my respect)
    d) dahil sa ito lng ma-ooffer ng gobyerno (you’re stupid)
    e) para sa experience (think twice)

    No matter what you’re job is kung wala kang sasabihing maganda sarilinin mo na lang.

  139. imipramine says:

    paano naman ang mga magsasaka mangingisda o ano pang physical na trabaho? mas mahirap yun mababa pa kita, swerte nayung call center agent kumpara sa kanila,

  140. r says:

    wala namang trabahong madali. daming sinabi. :))

  141. Peach says:

    It only boils down to one thing “LAHAT NG TRABAHO BASTA MARANGAL AY DAPAT IPAGMALAKI” it doesn’t matter if your a construction worker, call center agent or a maid as long as you are hardworking, honest and you don’t intentionally step on other’s foot just to achieve your goals.

  142. Pingback: Sa Callcenter lang pala nag ta-trabaho | blogistaakoh

  143. Slave Master says:

    Why are call center agents such crybabies? The fact of the matter is, this job is not really as hard as all the other jobs that require people to think, plan, strategise and manage people. If all you do is sit there and talk, worrying if your diction is perfect, then you can’t really expect to get a higher salary or respect from the big companies in the country now right?

    For me, most of the call center agents are those people who are loud, drinking in front of 7-11s with no regard for people who still have to go to work in the morning. They are oblivious to anybody as long as they can get their alcohol and pat themselves in the back for being in the BPO industry.

    I do have friends who work in call centers but they don’t glorify themselves or ask for anything like this article does. Call center agents who do are just dumb idiots to me.

  144. tokyrecio says:

    I am also a Registered Nurse and after a couple of years working in a hospital, I decided to take a career shift. my first job outside the hospital was actually in the call center. my first impression was that madali lang siguro ang work sa call center because all I have to do is sit and take calls. I have never imagined na mahirap din pala ang work. i can’t enjoy that much because I have to work kahit masama ang panahon, kahit pagod, puyat, kulang sa tulog, even on holidays, and maybe because I was a virgin sa industry. all kinds of work naman have different kinds and levels of stress and we should never underestimate anyone because we can never can tell what he or she is experiencing sa job.

  145. FUCK.OFF says:

    and nilait din niya ang mga FACTORY WORKERS… yan ang hirap, Masyadong mataas ang ihi ng mga agents, let’s say iilan lng nmn, kasi may mababait naman, pero kadalasan kasi MAYAYABANG SILA, and one example is this blog. 🙂 defending their job pero lalaitin din nmn ung FACTORY WORKERS. edi kayo na mataas, kayo na highly payed salary, kesa Sa mga public TEACHER, NURSE atbp. na hindi nakakakuha ng BINIPISYO katulad sainyo. NAGOOVERTIME pero d nmn bayad… kea sakin kea nasasabing “CALL CENTER AGENT LANG PALA” ay dahil, mayayabang ang karamihan, lalo na ung mga bata pa… On my opinion, pinapasok lng nila ito, para matustusan ang mga LUHO nila. kokonti ang nakikita kong seryoso sa trabahong to. madalas GOOD TIMES ang hinahanap mga IMMATURE ONES. kea medyo PANGET IMAGE pag CALL CENTER AGENT KA, dahil me mga agents na sobrang TAAS ANG TINGIN NILA SA SARILI NILA dahil kumikita sila ng malaki kesa sa Bumbero, Teacher, Nurse, Police, Basurero. at un na nga. FACTORY WORKER, kea wag neo ilelebel sila sa ganyang trabaho, dahil magagalit sila. 🙂

  146. Justin says:

    Ang problema kasi sa karamihan ng call center agents, akala mo kung sino umasta. kala mo mas magagaling pa sa ibang empleyado. ang feeling-feeling mag-english.

    and this line: “No job deserves more respect than the hardworking call center agents who slave every night to support their family because our government could not offer a job that suits their profession.” yan palang, sinasabi ng napakayabang ng mga call center agents. sige nga, sabihin mo yang linyang iyan sa mga taong buhay ang hawak. tignan ko lang kung hindi ka sapakin sa mukha.

    Nagtrabaho ako sa call center dati for 9mos. meron kami niyang mga sinasabi mong metrics, stats, quality control. Mahirap lang naman yan sa umpisa, first 2 months tops. tapos pag nasanay ka na sa spiels mo nagiging no-brainer na yun. kaya mo na siyang gawi nang nakapikit.

    di lang kayo ang nakakaranas ng discriminasyon kaya wag ninyo masyadong magbuhat ng bangko.

  147. prokopio says:

    they just don’t know how you became a slave in a BPO company specially if your superiors are not human – those who treat their employees like they never experience hardships in life; those who are selfish; those who force their employees to work hard for their name’s sake to gain the praise of other team or other company; specially those who just got promoted by peer factor or common as “malakas sa taas” who doesn’t seem to realize where they came from.

    The body is physically weak but the brain is still working otherwise it will cause your grounds for possible termination or NTE for not performing well regardless if you’re sick or stupid. You work hard to the point of getting sick but afterwards, you get suspended and worst terminated. An employee worked hard till death but his efforts were just but a common thing. No recognition or even appreciation. They just continue to enslave people without realizing that without the employees, managers, other superiors and the company would not stand and succeed.

  148. pau says:

    The guy is just proud of his profession. Get over it, people. If you’re someone to talk about “respect”, then give respect to the author.

  149. juantamad says:

    mas mayhihirap pa ba sa trabaho ng mga OFW lalo na yung mga care givers natin?! kung nahihirapan kayo sa call center mag apply kayo sa profession na para sa inyo… naghuhugas ba kayo ng pwet ng mga matatandang alaga nyo?! marami ring OFW na factory worker malayo sila sa pamilya napipilitan pa lumagare para kumita ng extra ang iba sa kanila suma-side line pa ng linis bahay para may pandagdag lang sa maipadala sa pamilya sa Pilipinas. problema kasi sa ibang call center agents nakatikim lang ng malaking sahod akala nyo kung sino na kayo umasta tapos dadaing kayo na mahirap mag call center agent?! ginusto nyo yan kaya panindigan nyo!

  150. Miko says:

    Ok lang mag call center ka. Kung hindi ka nakatapos sa pag aaral. Bago ako magsimula ay sasabihin kong nagtrabaho ako sa isang call center at ito ang pinaka pinagsisihan kong ginawa sa aking career. Una, madaling pumasok sa call center kumpara sa ibang trabaho. Dahil kung hindi eh hindi sana nagsusulputan na parang kabute ang mga call center na yan. Kaya nga nag call center ang karamihan nakatapos ng college kasi hindi sila matanggap sa trabahong related sa pinag aralan nila. Oo, alam ko mahirap ang night shift, mag calls, kumausap sa mga kung sino sinong ibang ugali, at paghirapan makapasa sa scorecard. Pero yan ang pinasok mong trabaho, pag tiyagaan mo. Lahat ng trabaho mahirap. Walang growth sa call center, sinisira nyo lang career nyo. Kahit ilang beses ka pa ma promote eh kadalasan pag lumipat ka trabaho, call center pa rin bagsak mo. At hindi malaki ang sweldo sa call center. Ang totoo ay starting salary lang malaki. Kung marunong kang mag tiyaga sa kinuha mong kurso at pag nakakuha ka ng maayos na experience, eh cgurado mas malaki ang sasahurin mo. Dahil sa ngayon mas malaki ng limang beses ang sweldo ko kaysa nung nasa call center ako. Ang hindi ko lang maintindihan ay kung bakit sinasakripisyo ng mga tao ang career nila para sa call center. Ang mga nasa call center ay yung mga taong sumuko na sa career nila. At yung mga taong tamad mag tyagang maghanap ng trabahong gusto nila. Oo, nakakapag generate nga ng trabaho, pero anong mapapala ng Pilipinas kung puro nasa call center ang tao dito?

  151. gabbie laroya says:

    I totally agree @ungasis.

  152. nakikibasa lang says:

    Anumang trabaho na hindi dumudungis sa dangal mo at hindi nananapak ng ibang tao ay masasabi nating marangal. Walang trabahong hindi nangangailangan ng kapalit. Magkakaiba man ang pormang hinihingi nito–lakas ng katawan o isip. Hindi na kailangan nitong maging mahirap at komplikado para maging karapat-dapat itong bigyan ng respeto. Iyon ang sa aking pananaw. 🙂

  153. rv says:

    dick article.

  154. FhiNuy says:

    Tama! Remove nlng comment section!
    Yung gumawa nmn kasi ng writeup is parang paawa or a sad person? A coin always has always two faces ika nga diba? Lahat ng uri ng trabaho eh may ups & downs, may swerte at hindi…kung ikukumpara ang pagiging call center agent eh talagang swerte ang makapasok dito at sa sweldo may kalakihan sa ibang trabaho, pero di nmn dapat mag paawa effect dahil discrimination is always around & kasama yan sa trabaho na pinasok. Nasa tao lang yan at prinsipyo kaya kung nasaktan ka sa trabaho e dont just create a blog to express your sadness because it will just create a spark that could cause a fire. Think twice & alamin ang isusulat. Sa iba na tumitingin sa construction worker or factory worker na low profile lang, well kilala nyo ba sila ng husto at pano sila nakapasok din dun? Ang iba din dun eh nakapgtapos din at may degree pa, pero sadyang swerte swerte lang, labag man sa kalooban eh kelangan lang talagang tangapin ang hanapbuhay para may ipangtustos sa kani-kanilang pamilya. Isa din po ako nakapgtapos at sumubok sa ibat ibang trabaho, nabigo at naghanap ng swerte, mailap pero tiyaga lang. Dugo at pawis, mura at kung ano ano pa, di nmn ako bobo o kaya tamad, kya nga po before natin ipagtanggol ang sarili natin eh let us try to fit ourselves in other shoes to think the right words to say. Kung nakapagtapos ka ng education at ito talaga ang gusto mo pero di ka agad nakapagtrabaho sa linya na ito eh dont blame others dahil its still your choice to pursue the career you want, pero kung sa sweldo eh nakuntento ka na sa ibang linya na pinagtrabahuhan mo eh in the end its who you are & its what you want…accept it & be true with your self.
    Thank you!

  155. former call center employee says:

    First sentence pa lang wrong grammar na. And the phrase should not hurt you if you know your worth as a call center employee. The phrase is actually true nowadays. This was caused by poor recruitment practices. During our times only the top 5% of the applicants get hired. Now, almost anyone gets accepted, no proper profiling and not enough checks are done. All they care about are the numbers. Quantity over quality. So you people should never act negatively about the phrase because it is a sad fact!

  156. momo says:

    Lahat ng trabaho mahirap kaya nga trabaho ang tawag. My kanya kanyang advantage at disadvantages yan. Hnd dapat ikompera kasi magkakaiba lahat yan

  157. Peter Gatchlian 58 says:

    Subkan nyo rin mag Post-Prod, nang malaman nyo kung ano tlga mahirap

  158. Tarlac_Lass says:

    We all strive to sustain a living.. regardless of what profession chosen.. well it is one of the many choices we pick. There should be no argument for such. CSR was my first job, this is in my view, this is what I have felt…

    it may have fulfilled or somehow surpassed the minimum pay in our province since it is the highest at that time considering I was considered a ranking file for a start. Honest to goodness, I never considered it to be my career for good. Well, the urgency made me do it, and I think I can make it without shedding some blood (kiddin’). Well, i won’t deny, mas maraming good memories, fun moments but I cannot have the lifestyle for long. Siempre as an individual who holds a degree, will also think to make use of the specialty I have finished, but again this is just my side, I am not generalizing.

    i even got back after 3 non-BPO companies but just for the HOLIDAY RAMP, then requested my former colleague who eventually gain a higher post when I was still there.

    I strongly believe that, this “LANG” thing are people’s impression, coz they believe people from BPO may have done bigger in terms of fulfillment in regards with their degrees, or kahit wala.

    People cannot be pleased naman kasi tlga, alam natin yan. Well, ignore ignore na lang din kasi, if part of our ego is hurt then, start picking card written on “PLAN B” or “PLAN C”.. got a lots to do while living dba?

    = )

  159. Angelica says:

    i am also a call center agent for 3 years,i dont considered a callcenter as a noble job,we just seat,talk and read script,and that i dont think its a hard work.

  160. pilyo says:

    subukan nyo mag-abroad mga hunghang! doon sa bansa ng mga arabo. tingnan ko lang kung paano nyo ide-describe ang dugo at pawis na pinagsasasabi nyo ngayon.

  161. estong says:

    nakakaawa naman talaga tayong mga pinoy, we always go against each other, kaya walang asenso tayong mga pinoy kasi tayo tayo ang nagsisiraan eh, kahit ano pa man ang profession ng bawat isa, ang mahalaga ay dapat patas tayo kung lumaban, wala naman pong perpekto sa bawat isa sa atin at lahat tayo may kasiraan at kakulangan, sana po irespeto na lang natin ang isa’t isa. kung sino po dito sa atin ang walang kapintasan, maiintindihan ko kung hindi ninyo kayang irespeto ang kapwa nyo, sa sobrang talino at galing niyo, masyado na mataas ang tingin ninyo sa sarili.

  162. Manoy Yonam says:

    “it is classified by our system as a factory worker category” – The writer didn’t say that cc agents are similar to factory workers. He/she pointed out the fact that society sees call center agents as something that they will not be proud of doing. (Nawalan ng pang-english..)

    Read twice before you reply.

  163. tsr says:

    f*c*k those people who discriminates .. Being part of the BPO industry is not easy the, yeah it looks easy taking calls… sitting down the pressure the stress, yun point na kahit di mo problema proproblemahin mo wtf right mumura murahin ka pa sa mga nang didiscriminate satin just to let them know… ISA PO KAMI SA MGA BIGGEST TAX PAYER… ISA PO KAMI SA RASON KUNG BAKIT GUMAGANDA ANG EKONOMIYA NG PINAS, AT NAGTRATRABAHO PO KAMI NG MARANGAL DI KAMI NAKTUNGANGA AT NAKATAMBAY NA AT HUMIHINGI NG TULONG SA GOBYERNO, AT take note malaki sahod namin…

  164. eric says:

    work is a blessing from GOD. work is an opportunity for us to enhance our skills and values. it so sad that discrimination divides us all.. but i believe we can be united in a cheerful way..thank you all for the comments in here! peace be with us!

  165. Anti-callcenter says:

    Eto nakakasira sa call center work.

    Stupid bosses.

    Wait… kahit saan pala meron nun. Masmarami nga lang sa call center kase masmarami yung tao nyo and mas prone sa politics kaya ang umaangat mga walang alam na boss. Walang alam na boss = incompetent team.

    I don’t believe it is hard to get into a call center. It is super easy. Super easy din ma promote, if marunong kang sumipsip.

    Galing akong call center. Nilisan ko na, daming politics. Daming stupid bosses. Kala mo sa kanila pera kung magkuripot sa appraisal. Oo naiintindihan ko kaya nga outsource masmura eh, pero teka. Wag naman sobrang bababa na tumatapat sa sahod ng India pero same workload. Abusado kayong mga BPO kayo eh. Puro tipid. Mga bobo. Itapat nyo naman sa pang lifestyle ng middle class yung sueldo ng call center agent para di sila pagtawanan. Nag aral yang mga yan ng kolehiyo at nagtapos. Tapos sasahuran nyo ng 12-16k per month? Ano kayo? Tanga?

    Oo, mga boss ng call centers mula operations hanggang hr, hanggang finance. Puro tipid. Walang alam. Mga bobo.

    Thank you.

  166. YOUR SENTIMENT: “Companies even have specific rules for application for loan, credit card, phone line and so many other things if you are working in a call center, and if you say call center, you can hear the aah of disappointment in their tones.”
    THE BASIS OF THOSE COMPANIES (from your own words): “In spite of being regularized these people still do not have stability of work, with the constant change of client requirements and statistics, quality control and metrics a call center agent can lose his job at anytime!”

    YOUR SENTIMENT: “No job deserves more respect than the hardworking call center agents who slave every night to support their family because our government could not offer a job that suits their profession.”
    MY THOUGHTS: (1) Since you’ve never been in all the professions and occupations around, you really have no basis for that claim. (2) The “victim mentality” is such a lame excuse.

    YOUR SENTIMENT: “Respect! This is not a simple job… yet it is classified by our system as a factory worker category, such a shame.”
    MY THOUGHTS: You cry “Respect” for your job in one breath then casually belittled factory workers in the next.

    MY FINAL WORDS: (1) I expected better arguments and logic from a Law graduate. (2) I totally understand your sentiments in defending your job but the way you presented it did not help. I don’t think you will gain respect this way. You did not sound like someone who is proud of his job. You only sounded like someone who is very unhappy for having no choice but to stick to his job (Well, if that’s really the case). (3) Next time you try to defend your case, try to focus on its own merits and don’t compare it with other fields. You know what they say about lemons and apples. Call center agents vs factory workers? That kinda leaves a bad taste in the mouth. And finally, (4) get over it. People will always say bad things about other professions and even make jokes about them. No need to be too defensive. And enough of the drama. Life is short. Focus on your job. Be happy.

  167. Donya Santibañez says:

    ang aarte nyo! eh kung makaasta nga kayo outside your work kala mo kung sino kayo. Lahat ng trabaho mahirap kaya wag kayong magdrama at hindi LANG work nyo ang nasasabihan ng “LANG”..

  168. ika lamang says:

    ahaiii.. what the.!!!! RESPETUHIN MO MUNA ANG IBANG TRABAHO BAGO KA MAGSALITA NG GANYAN… Napaka bobo mo… LAW GRADUATE??? tapos nagcall center,. Ikaw mismo binaba mo ang tingin mo sa sarili mo.. Nag-aral ka tapos mag cocall center ka???pwede mo nmang paganahin kung ano natapos mo.. tapos magsikap ka lang at makakahanap ka ng trabaho that suits sa pinag-aralan mo.. sisinisi mo pa ang gobyerno??? OO maraming anumalya ang gobyerno,. eh alam mo na palang walang trabaho sa profession na pinag-aralan mo eh bakit yun ang kinuha mong kurso??? ang sabihin mo TINAMAD ka lang humanap ng trabaho na batay sa natapos mo.. and nag apply ka sa call center dahil malaki ang POSIBILIDAD na makakapasok ka dahil MADALI NGA ANG PAG AAPPLY SA CALL CENTER… and huwag mong sabihin na “No job deserves more respect than the hardworking call center agents who slave every night to support their family because our government could not offer a job that suits their profession.” Grabe huh?? NO JOB tlaga??? ahahaha.. feeling mo ikaw / kayo na ang may PINAKA MAHIRAP NA TRABAHO??? lahat tayo tayo nagpapaka-alila sa mga boss natin para may IPAKAIN SA PAMILYA…. buti kayo kahit mahirap ang sinasabi mong trabaho may panahon at sobrang pera pa kayo para makapag STARBUCKS na sinasabi mo.. eh yung mga FACTORY WORKER na diniscriminate mo.. makakapag STARBUCKS pa kaya sila sa napakaliit nilang sahod????

  169. Marie says:

    Kahit anong trabaho, kailangan ang respect… Ang masabi kong mababa ay yung tamad naghihintay lang ng biyaya. So i like this bolg.

  170. Banzee says:

    alam nyo, wala naman dapat pagawayan pa kung anong mas mahirap na trabaho eh. dahil lahat naman talaga ng trabaho mahirap talaga.

  171. NeverGetWasted says:

    you have a choice, ginusto mo pumasok sa call center industry e ngayon magrereklamo ka na tintrato ang call center agents na parang factory worker, you also paid for that, trabaho mo yan magtiis ka.. i bet ngayon wala ka na sa call center industry, kung andyan ka parin di mo masasabi yan kasi masaya ka sa work mo.. maiisip mo ano ba pakielam nila e masaya ako sa trabaho ko…

  172. jezza says:

    Respect to all call center workers

    pa follow sa tumblr :

  173. hI says:

    I Think every job deserves respect, not only call centre. 🙂

  174. Any profession doesn’t deserve to be treated like this IMO. But I do experienced the same thing before when I was in the industry for 9 years. Nasa nature na kasi talaga ng mga Pilipino ang maging discriminatory sa kapwa Pilipino kahit mararangal ang trabaho. But to those who hasn’t experienced call center work – please be reminded that just like any profession out there – blood, sweat, and tears po ang puhunan diyan. Kahit nakaupo ang empleyado the whole day – bugbog po sila lahat. There should be more laws passed in Congress to protect employee (or job type) discrimination in this country. Napaka-daming issues, di man lang i-address ng kongreso.

  175. Jessica says:

    leave out the ‘factory worker’ thingy and it’s all good. nevertheless. kudos on your great article. 🙂

  176. Gemini_27 says:

    You don’t want to be discriminated,…but you actually did.. sorry..

  177. marie says:

    mahirap maging isang call center agent coz you are dealing with different people, having different attitude, mahirap talaga. but mind you, my friend had a bad experience sa isang call center agent na ibang lahi at hindi pilipino. ang sama ng ugali ng taong un. ok given na pagod ka at gigil sa mga nakausap mong magaspang ang ugali, but its not right na ibuntong mo ang galit mo sa ibang tao, like what happened to my friend. napaka-irelevant ng mga pinagsasabi ng “Indian girl” na un. parang lahat ng galit nya sa mundo ay ibinuhos nya sa friend ko. nakakaawa yung friend ko coz after that conversation, iyak ng iyak. nandun ako sa harap nya ng mangyari yun. we were talking when she had a call from that bad girl.

    ang point nito, kahit ano pa ang work or estado mo sa buhay, you need to respect others and be respected. kasi lahat naman tayo pantay-pantay. me mga call center agent na binabastos at meron din naman nambabastos.

  178. drew says:

    tang ina parang minamaliit ng iba construction worker eyyyyyyy isip isip ….. hindi ako construction worker but hindi mo kailangan na para sa taong walang pinag aralan lang ang trabahong construction worker gago ka ba kung wala ang mga construction worker makakapag trabaho kaba sa call center na pinag tratrabahuhan mo gunggong ka animal kapa tandaan mo lahat ng trabaho ng tao mahalaga sobrang halaga pakto ka,…….. panigurado ako social climber kang hayup ka kaya ganyan ka mag salita …….

  179. gavinsalva says:

    So what if you are a call center agent? It’s a legit job.

  180. gabrielle says: should respect anyone.. sa eastwood grabe mga mag bully mga callcenter agent ng mga crew ng fastfood nang di nilka nalalaman o iniisip manlang na working student ang mga pinag babalingan nila kung anuman yung mga naeexperience nila sa work nila….

  181. Call Center agents are “looked down upon” because they have a culture unique to themselves, perhaps owing to their alternate work schedules. We have encountered these agents who are so loud, smoke like chimneys, have no knowledge of basic etiquette anywhere. They talk and laugh as if they are the only people in the place. They throw their starbucks or nescafe cups and their cigarettes anywhere. They leave bottles of their red horse beer lying around. Perhaps these are the people who give call center agents a bad impression.

    • cyd says:

      +1 Miss Jaymee
      And meron din namang call center agents na ang peg ay akala mong kung sino na ubod ng taas ng pinag aralan or know it all in short mayabang.
      Pero hindi naman lahat thou madaming ganun.

  182. nananananahhh...Bat...gurl says:

    I got the message…working in the Industry too for 7 years…naging emotional lang yung author at the end…bat masyado namang binigyan ng pansin yun eh di naman yun yung point ng article…sana nag stick tayo sa point hindi dun sa mali ng author…pinoy nga naman mahilig mamuna…

  183. Federico Guerrero Hao says:

    I read and read again the author of this sentiment about job as a call center agent yet I tried to get also where the so called discrimination and demeaning come in the picture. Then I found this phrase. ” it is classified by our system as a factory worker category, such a shame.” Simply put, the author does not mean anything to demean or discriminate factory worker. He/she only states that it is the system, to write again his/her words ” it is classified by our system as…” that means he has nothing against you guys the factory worker or has been a construction worker. He/she only wants to say that a CALL CENTER JOB IS NO EASY JOB TO SPEAK OF. I have worked for more than half of my life (Im 63 now) and I have been into so many jobs, jobs that call for many requirements, but mind you, it is ONLY IN THE CALL CENTER OR BPO Industry that requires so many exams, interviews, computer/online tests, actual floor tests, and so many openings and closings to memorize. Aside from your graveyard shift duties and if i may SAY it ” you are not allowed to absent, to get sick, to be late, and you are not allowed to have rebuttal with client otherwise you would lose your job or company will pay so much penalty. That’s how hard it is in a call center job. SO PLEASE LET US STOP THE MORONIC SOUNDING PHRASE ‘ SA CALL CENTER LANG PALA SIYA NAGTRATRABAHO “.

    • Federico Guerrero Hao says:

      or let us stop using the word ” LANG ” IF WE MEAN, WE ARE A WAITER, CONSTRUCTION WORKER, SECRETARY, HOUSEWIFE, ETC. Because all those jobs are worthy and deserving of our respect, Kaya wag na magsabi, pagtinanong, call center lang, housewife lang, farmer lang. Nasa atin na kasi un eh. Igalang natin ang sarili nating propesyon, occupation, anomang trabaho yan, marangal pa rin, hanapbuhay lang. hehehe cool guys!

  184. Goliath says:

    @ stoopid git,
    Opo mahirap mag din construction, pero walang nang mas mahirap sa mental challenge. Lakas lang kailangan mo sa pag pala sa callcenter work lakas at abilidad , lakas ng loob , samahan mo pa ng utak!! baka yon ang kulag sa iba

  185. kabayan says:

    Nice piece!! 🙂 As a call center agent for more than 15 years… I never explain to my peers and family how hard it is to work in a call center.

  186. dennis torres says:

    my respect to call center agents, but for that LAW GRADUATE who wrote that, have a respect too with FACTORY WORKERS

  187. khonnikel says:

    Nagwork ako sa call center and masasabi kong madami akong natutunan at nabili ko ung mga gusto kong gamit. Ang mali lang dito bakit dinamay mo mga construction worker na nananahimik..
    Ang importante may trabahong matino.

    Nakakareceive din ako ng ganitong comment nun pero iniignore ko sila kasi alam ko na masmaganda ung salary ko kesa sa kanila.. sabi ko nga nabili ko mga gusto kong gamit pati kotse… At dahil din sa call center naapprove ung visa ko kahit mag-isa lang akong nagapply.
    Malaki ang naitulong nito kasi nga sa annual income pa lang wala nag question un immigration.

    Sa taong nagsasabi na sa callcenter lang pala.. subukan nyong magaapply … initial interview pa lang malalaman mo na kung pede kang agent or hindi..

    Bottomline naiinggit lang sila.. sabihin mo sa kanya E.O.P hehehe…

    Kahit ano pang work nyo as long as masaya kayo go go go na… ITS A BLESSING!!

  188. Nagwork ako sa call center and masasabi kong madami akong natutunan at nabili ko ung mga gusto kong gamit. Ang mali lang dito bakit dinamay mo mga construction worker na nananahimik..
    Ang importante may trabahong matino.

    Nakakareceive din ako ng ganitong comment nun pero iniignore ko sila kasi alam ko na masmaganda ung salary ko kesa sa kanila.. sabi ko nga nabili ko mga gusto kong gamit pati kotse… At dahil din sa call center naapprove ung visa ko kahit mag-isa lang akong nagapply.
    Malaki ang naitulong nito kasi nga sa annual income pa lang wala nag question un immigration.

    Sa taong nagsasabi na sa callcenter lang pala.. subukan nyong magaapply … initial interview pa lang malalaman mo na kung pede kang agent or hindi..

    Bottomline naiinggit lang sila.. sabihin mo sa kanya E.O.P hehehe…

    Kahit ano pang work nyo as long as masaya kayo go go go na… ITS A BLESSING!!

  189. BusinessMan says:

    . 🙂 Construction worker or call center agent. Mahirap ang mga trabahong ito. I have friends who were agents before… We have construction workers too. Mahirap magtrabaho. I observed here in Davao City, I don’t know in other places, na di nman discriminated ang mga call center agents. In the financial institutions, cguro nasabi nila ang “call center agents lang” because it is part of credit investigation na di pasado ang status nyo for getting credit cards. Mali naman kasi ang pagkakasabi kaya discriminatory na agad ang pagkaintindi. Hehe… EVERYONE IS PART OF OUR ECONOMY. EVERYONE IS CONTRIBUTING TO RAISE THE BAR OF OUR ECONOMY. 🙂

  190. karlo says:

    walang mabigat na trabaho bsta gs2 mo ginagawa mo.. nag callcenter dn ako at masasabi ko na ang five days straight duty night shift ay napaka hirap pag puyatan.. 7 months lng ako tumagal at nag abroad nlng ako.. nurse ako ngaun d2 sa libya at masasabi ko mahirap pa rin ang trabaho.. at napapagod ako at gs2 ko mag awol ulit kagaya ng mga napasukan kong trabaho.. ang gs2 ko talaga ay maging isang mahusay na negosyante pero di ko alam, paano, at ano ang dapat gawin para makapag simula.. bahala na kapag nakaipun d2 sa lintik na libya na to.. hahahaha see you philippines 5 months.. waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!!!!!!!!

  191. lordtaz says:

    very LOADED article… premises made, objectives sought and end-hypothesis are all flawed. Makes me wonder if the writer is REALLY a lawyer… kung totoong lawyer ka nga, kawawa naman mga clients mo…

  192. piakapadaw says:

    ahh may experience sa call sinner.. (slang ‘center’) .

  193. nanok says:

    yes tama wag na kau mag reklamo ng reklamo kung anong gus2 nila itawag sa trabaho nyu, yes mahirap makapasok dahil maraming test pero try to apply for a complicated job like a database admin, web developer, game developer or other programming related job d ka basta basta makakapasok kahit matalino ka pa o masipag dahil gumagamit ito ng isip skills na d basta basta nag kukuha ng mga estudyanteng pa happy happy lang nung nag aaral. try mo mag apply din dun baka nga nga ka hahaha

  194. jewel ebilane says:

    Call Center agent? unang pumapasok sa isip ko…. starbucks, yosi, knya-knyang porma sa pgpasok, merong parang ppunta lang sa mall. meron din parang me sariling mundo ng fashion… mkkasalamuha mo sila sa mga convenience stores or sa fx, inglisan ng inglisan, iniisip ko minsan siguro para malaman na tga-call center sila at magagaling mag-english…. malaki ang sweldo sa call center pero saan papunta ang career? palipat-lipat lang ng call center…. kahit sirit na ang lagnat ay bawal pa din umabsent. kahit anung okasyon kahit emergency hndi ka patatawarin. anu ba akala nila sa mga call center agents, darna at superman???? ewan…. naguguluhan ako sa kanila.

  195. Buzeemom says:

    Maybe we don’t need to fight over this simple matter. As I can see here, the author pointed out ONLY his feelings in getting discriminated as a call center agent. Sabi nga nya, marami ang di nakakaalam na ganito ang buhay sa loob ng BPO industry, and it’s pretty obvious na totoo, kasi maraming nagco-comment na di nmn related sa topic nya. Iba nmn kc ang reklamo ng construction workers vs. factory workers vs. call center agents. May iba-ibang feelings. It’s just so happen na call center agent yung author kaya buhay ng call center agent ang topic. Both factory workers & call center agents are though jobs, pero “may iba kc na maliit ang tingin sa mga ganitong emplaydo” that’s why the author used the “factory worker – call center agent” comparison. It’s not because dini-discriminate nya ang nauna. Have the heart to understand & appreciate the message of this article, and if you can’t find any good into this, just let it go…

  196. carmelita mendoza says:

    Kahit anong work basta you earned it legally, walang masama dyan. Kahit sa construction, sa factory, security guard o kahit ano pa man, dapat ay magpasalamat tayong mga Filipino. Mas mabuti yan kesa wala . Nakakatulong iyan p ra sa kabutihan ng mga tao. Mas mahirap na maging holdaper o ma involve sa ibang mga bad activites. Just be thankful for what you earned.

  197. inday says:

    this is extremely non sense! you know why? nowadays wala ng madaling trabaho lahat mahirap.. I always hear this phrase as in.. even me nasasabi ko to, (i’m sorry ,for I have friends working in call centers) but out of anger and out of control nabibitawan ko tong salitang to bakit? why don’t you ask yourselves people, masyado kayong maaarte at arogante, yup you may be fluent in English but not to the point na sasakay kayo ng jeep super mega English pa kayo. magbabayad lang naman, so si mamang driver sa bilis nyong magsalita eh nakatanghod na lang sa inyo, pano pwede nyo namang sabihin ng tagalog eh mag iinarte pa kayo (yes, nakasakay nyo na ako) so you see anong magiging feedback sa inyo ng mga tao?? same db? as what you’ve said you’re pissed of as well as the people na pissed din sa inyo.. anyway i’m not looking for trouble here, I am just telling you the truth based on my experiences. One time pa nga, sa Rockwell she’s bragging about her salary then may lumapit sa kanya na promo girl (which is nag-aalok ng item for free trial) nagtanong pa “may bayad ba yan?” so you see center agent, kayo din ang gumagawa ng reason para sabihan kayo nyan. And if we will have a chance na magswitch tayo ng work, then let’s see if you will last for a week. you’re challenging us to work for 2-3mo? nuts dude! now kung sasabihin mo na its your business not mine or ours? Well then whats the purpose of this post?…

  198. to12pe says:

    Is not the work that matters is the attitude bro……….

  199. pedro penduko says:

    iba’t ibang tao.. iba’t ibang pananaw. sa kalakaran ng ating gobyerno sa panahon ngayon. parepareho lang tayong naapektuhan, mga kaibigan. hindi na kailanangan magpatalbugan ng mga kung ano-anong salitang ingles. iisa lang naman ang ugat nito eh. GOBYRENO.. sila lang naman ang nagpapahirap sa masang Pilipino. wala silang pakundangang likumin ang mga perang pinaghirapan ng mga taong nagtatrabaho sa Callcenter, construction, factory, etc.etc. hindi natin kailangan magbitaw ng maanghang na salita sa mga bagay na alam naman natin walang pututunguhan dahil sa walang kwentang palakad ng mga opisyal ng gobyerno. oo, mga mangilan ngilan na nakikipaglabab para sa mahirap pero mabibilagn mo sila ating mga daliri.
    parepareho lang tayong nagpapakahirap para kumita at ng may maipangtustos sa pang araw-araw na pangangailanagan ng ating pamilya.

  200. WAZZAP-ESE says:

    I’m a former call center agent, now I’m a freelancer and it doesn’t matter kung ano man ang trabaho nyo as long as kumikita kayo at di na umaasa sa nanay o tatay nyo ang importante kumikita kayo ng sarili nyong pera.

  201. jasmin salamanca says:

    sbrang totoo..kng snu man po ang ngsa2bing mdali ang mgcolcnter,hnahamon q kau,sbukan nyo ng mlaman nyo kng gnu khirap..tgnan q lng kng mktgal totoo lng,ngti2is lng kmi sa colcnter kc un ang my mlking shod n pede smuporta ng lhat ng pn
    ga2ilngan ng pmilya nmin..just try once and u’ll know how hard it is to be a colcenter agent…respeto lng po…

  202. cute ako matalino pa says:

    Ahmmm…anung kaguluhan toh? 🙂
    Parang galit ang author na si “Unknown” hihi…nagagalit lahat ng tao sa comment ng bawat isa…siguro yun yung na- experience ni author pero hindi naman lahat ng pagkakataon palagi ganun. Halimbawa si LAW graduate, syempre kapag nag apply sya ng job na mas fit na sa tinapos nya, ang hahanapin sa kanyang experience more inclined sa mga tipong nagtrabaho sa law firm, or more on administration etc.syempre kapag galing sya sa call center masasabihan sya ng “call center lang pala”, kahit naman siguro hindi call center agent yung trabaho, kunwari office staff, teacher, writer, ang mag-apply diba…because these lawyers expects more, kasi bakbakan agad tungkol sa law yung haharapin nila, kahit na siguro tagasulat ka ng minutes nila mas maganda may experience ka more inclined sa law, but it doesn’t mean na ni-LA-LANG LANG lang nila yung mga call center agents or kung anuman nabanggit ko trabaho.

    Palagi natin iisipin lahat ng trabaho mahalaga…Construction workers, for example, sino gagawa ng mga opisina ng call center agents? mga waiting shed na sinisilungan pag umuulan, sinong gumawa ng mga fly over, over pass, etc etc. hindi nangangahulugan na wala silang pinag aralan, hindi lang talaga “required” na nakatapos pa ng college for example sa mga ganitong trabaho but it doesn’t mean wala silang pinag-aralan. Presidente nga ng Pilipinas di kinakailangang college graduate, hello!

    For call center agents naman itayo nyo yung bandera nyo kasi ang Pilipinas na ata ang nangunguna sa BPO industry (if I’m not mistaken) na bumubuhay sa bansa! Ang sumisira lang sa BPO kasi masyado mataas ang turn-over rate dahil sa hirap mapuyat and of course sa risk na rin. Siguro mas maganda mapromote nyo yung “balanced work life” para maestablish yung image na pangmatagalan talaga yung industry na ito, kasi kapag tumanda na ang mga call center agents na ito and they reach the age of 40-50, mag iisip na yung mga tao tungkol sa health nila… and they start thinking na humanap ng ibang trabaho pa rin, which gives the impression na pangsamantala lang ang trabho na yun kaya nagiging “LANG” ang trabaho na ito.

    Para patas, stop comparing call center agents with construction or factory worker etc…compare call center agents with salesmen and telephone operators, customer care, med tech….pare pareho ang ginagawa ng mga yan depende kung inbound/outbound….iba’t-ibang tawag pero lahat sila mahahalaga… sana may sense…

  203. Derrick Yu says:

    The call center industry isn’t what it used to be. A decade or so ago, getting into the industry was like being admitted to Princeton. Only the best get in. Nowadays, almost anyone who can speak a little English has a fighting chance. Standards have been deep-sixed in a very dramatic fashion!

    The really talented ones are already taken by better paying centers or have severed their ties to the industry completely, never again to set foot inside one. The industry does not require much brain activity. It does, however, require these basic skills from their employees: Excellent or impeccable oral and written English skills; genuine social skills; the ability to digest new information and pass it on convincingly to the client. The lowering of certain hiring standards have turned this industry from one that is respected into one that is ridiculed.

    Most companies now are chasing after scraps and noobs. Those who can afford to pay well get the best of what’s remaining. The rest, the ones who like to squeeze salaries for higher profit make do with the base dwellers; the barely qualified but livable.

    Try reading this article’s comments section. Grammatical errors abound.

  204. xiengtee says:

    whatever the job is, you have to respect it because it is part of how society works… if your job is being discriminated, it’s not a reason to discriminate others’ [job]. At times, we do complain. What better else to do than to simply just quit the job. You have a better position than a factory worker as others would say “walang pinag-aralan” and I can see you’re totally otherwise. You are blessed with education therefore you can have choices for whatever work you like but in the case of the factory workers, they have nothing else up in their sleeves but to just run around the circles and end up with the same type of job. I deeply understand your sentiments and you are just stating your sentiments, and so I am… Keep up the good work and wish you all the best. Peace out! =)

  205. JOAN says:

    At dahil sa mga call center pasalamat satin ang governemnt for the taxes we paid, mga business tycoons such as san miguel, marlboro, restaurants, bars and food chain and for that we also generate jobs..

  206. RaymaN says:

    its clear that the writer is just defending the call center industry and its workers, which is good… marangal na trabaho to!, it is one of the industries that helps the economy of the country, nagbibigay din to ng opportunity sa mga di makahanap ng trabaho sa kani-kanilang profession/expertise dahil sa kakulangan ng trabaho o demand dito..
    dito ako galing and im proud!’

    pero medyo pangit pakinggan to —>
    “classified by our system as a factory worker category, such a shame.”
    siguro di naman nya sinasadya…,
    pero.. what if.. “FACTORY WORKER” ang nakabasa nito…???’

  207. Alpha says:

    I think this is written out of the original context and the writer and others are comparing BPO Agents with factory workers which are very different in nature. One cannot compare a thinking profession against a labor intensive one. Sabi ninyo nga, kaya nga malayo ang sweldo. Try comparing a BPO Agent with that of an Aircraft Mechanic (Lufthansa Technik, NAIA) or a Machine Operator at (Moog Phils, Baguio). Kung gusto ninyo i-compare sa construction worker, wag naman ninyo i-compare sa Laborer/Piyon, di naman kasi gaanong nagiisip yung position na iyon – compare ninyo sa Karpintero o Electrician.

    I have worked in a BPO, was a Construction Worker and also in the 2 companies mentioned above.
    I belittle BPO Agents who apply for a job in a different industry hoping to get a position with equal pay. Also, those na feeling rich.
    I respect BPO Agents because I think it is one of the toughest entry level jobs available.

  208. Jess says:

    “mga obserbasyon ng dating call center agent”
    Wala namang trabahong madali. Lahat ng trabaho mahirap. Iba’t – iba lang ng level at klase ng hirap. Merong trabaho na bugbog ang katawan, merong trabaho na utak ang pagod. Sa callcenter, bugbog na ang katawan mo sa puyat, pagod din ang utak dahil madalas kulang sa tulog o hindi maganda ang quality ng pagtulog. Ito ang pinaka naging challenge ng karamihan sa call center. Napakalaki ng epekto sa katawan ng isang tao na nagtatrabaho sa graveyard shift. Bumababa ang resistensya ng katawan kaya madalas magkasakit. Dahil kahit bawiin mo pa sa araw ang tulog mo, iba pa rin ang quality ng tulog sa gabi. Nag call center din ako dahil single mom ako noon. Ako din ang nag-alaga sa mga anak ko sa umaga. So, zombie ako madalas noon. Depende din naman kasi sa sitwasyon ng personal na buhay o way of living ng isang call center agent. Sa tingin ko, pinakamahirap siya para sa mga pamilyadong tao na pagkauwi sa bahay ay mag-iintindi pa ng mga anak. Naranasan ko iyon. Marami ang ganito ang sitwasyon. Pangalawa, iba ang patakaran sa call center. Sa lahat naman halos ng mga trabaho required ang medical certificate pag nag absent dahil nagkasakit. Ang naiba lang sa callcenter, kahit may medical certificate ka, bawas pa din ang sweldo mo, may written warning o Memo ka pa, at makikita agad sa performance ratings mo. Kailangan mo iyong habulin. Double o triple jeopardy pag nag absent ka. Pag pumasok ka na masama ang pakiramdam, hindi ka pwedeng umuwi hangga’t hindi ka nilalagnat.
    Pangatlong nagpapahirap sa trabaho sa callcenter ay yung pressure na maging top agent o maabot ang stats o goals ng client. Sa lahat din naman ng mga trabaho kailangan nito para mag-improve at ma-challenge ang empleyado. Ang kaibahan lang sa call center, madalas ay mali ang basehan o systema sa pagbibigay ng pugay o recognition sa tao. Madalas ay naglalaban ang integridad at prinsipyo mo kapalit ng salapi o incentives. Kaya marami ang fraud issue complaints lalo na sa sales. At ang masakit, kapag pina-iral mo ang integridad mo, talo ka dahil hindi ka kikita ng malaki at nasa bottom ranks ka. Kung kaya mong sikmurain na yung mga nangadadaya pa ang nagiging top agents, kaya mong tumagal sa call center. Isa pang mahirap sa call center ay ang tingin ng mga kumpanya sa mga Pilipinong agent ay mga numero lamang. Kung gaano ka-urgent ang hiring, asahan mong ganoon din ka-urgent ka nila tatanggakan ng trabaho by means of lay-off, downsizing, etc. Kasi ang tingin nila sa agent ay isang numero na andyan lang kung kailangan nila. Kawawa ang mga Pilipino sa call centers sa totoo lang. Underpaid na kumpara sa counterparts sa ibang bansa, hindi pa sapat ang benepisyo.

  209. mang pepe says:

    alam mo ba kung bakit nasasabi ng tao ang phrase na “ahh call center agent lang pala”?, ang yayabang kasi at ang aarte