Accountability is a must

“As iron sharpens iron, so one man sharpens another.” 

It is very intense to account for others and to be accountable to others. It is about vulnerability.  Vulnerability is defined as: Arms outstretched tied to post and a charging rhino.  This simple definition seemed to always work in my many youth talks.

When you talk about accountability trust is the key.  Without trust you will not allow people to ask anything beyond surface, “Hey, how’s it going”– “Good, how about you.” Count how many times a day you have this open and shut conversation.  If anyone ever really tries to answer the initial salutation they get the weirdest looks.  Try it some time.  Tell people how you are really doing after they ask and they will avoid you like the plague.

So how do you get sharpened?  You find a true friend.  Someone who loves you unconditionally.  This takes time and effort.  You can’t substitute this with facebook friends, texting friends, email friends, you need a face to face friend.  Someone you can sit with, talk with, and pray with.  Nothing sharper in this world than a friend that is looking you in the eye and asking, “How are you doing,” and he means it.

So pray that you can find that person who can make you slice through life and come alive.

-David Pyper-


Accountability is allowing uncomfortable questions and confrontative inquisitions in order to promote growth.

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2 Responses to Accountability is a must

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  2. Miriam Swin says:

    Keep up the good deeds & may God bless you always..

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