China is symbolized by a DRAGON. Over the years, it was bruised and battered, wounded and scarred. Now it is emerging from the depth of the sea as a great power threatening to rule the world. This early, many countries are already beholden to this country which, not too long ago was a prototype of economic devastation.
See the Book of Revelation.

The United States is still a military and economic power to reckon despite the financial crisis although it might just lose this distinction soon with China, now awakened and emerging as a powerful nation.

Over the few centuries of existence the US was blessed by God economically and militarily because it was an uncompromisingly godly nation. George Washington, its first President declared “I cannot govern without God and His Word.”

The US Constitution invokes the name of God and its currency carried the phrase “In God we Trust.” It also became a missionary sending nation to propagate God’s Word all over the world. But things have drastically changed in the Americas.

Recently, President Barrack Obama openly declared his support for gay marriages. Clamor for the removal of the name of God in the Charter is mounting and bible distribution in schools is being banned. America has turned permissive and welcomed the influx of different philosophies and the true and living God is being edged out.

Little wonder, America is now reaping the consequence of its slowly turning from God. Perhaps out of desperation, it incurred a huge amount of debt from other countries including China to keep its economy going in the midst of an impending economic meltdown. US is now indebted to China in the whopping amount of trillions of dollars.

Even before the US crisis, China has grown tremendously economy-wise and such growth can be attributed also to the US who facilitated a transfer of its technology when it tapped China to to manufacture many of its electronic products because of the cheap labor there. Many other nations like Japan and others in Europe followed suit.

Today China has the needed technology and money to rule the world. How can such a Marxist-Maoist nation not believing in God be endowed with such military and economic might? Did God allow it to happen? What for?

Yes. I can only surmise that God allowed this thing to happen to spite nations like the US who truned from Him. God did this once upon a time to Israel whenever that chosen nation of God turned to idol-worship and other ungodly acts.

Let’s keep in mind that God’s blessing is always upon us when we follow but his curse will be poured out whenever we disobey. That is divine justice. The curse isn’t made out of hatred but out of love to bring back an erring child to His folds.

By AL Pedroche, Journalist, Visual Artist

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