COLTON DIXON placed seventh on the eleventh season of American Idol.

One week after the American Idol judges used their Save on Jessica Sanchez, viewers were treated to another shocking outcome. Only this time, there was no reprieve.

In a surprise twist, Colton Dixon found himself in the Bottom 3 for the first time all season, and then, even more surprisingly, he was eliminated.

He was joined in the bottom by Elise Testone and Hollie Cavanagh, no big surprise as both have made several appearances in the bottom. Elise has actually found herself there five out of seven times.

So what happened? When the Top 13 was first revealed, I predicted that Colton Dixon would win the entire thing. He seemed to have everything. He knew exactly what kind of artist he was and he was cute enough for teen girls to get excited and power vote to save him. He also went from never being in danger to the very bottom, which is unusual since you’d think voting patterns would remain rather similar from week to week.

“I think song choice killed me this week. Nothing against Lady Gaga and ‘Bad Romance,'” he said, a selection the judges told him could have been better. “I agree with them. I should have thought of that when choosing songs, and it was my bad. I paid the consequences and here I am,” he said regretfully. -Colton Dixon

American Idol does not define Colton. He will keep on. He’s already got the light. – thepowerrr3

There is no one that I have seen on American Idol that has touched my heart like Colton has. I believe that the Lord has a GREAT plan for him, this isn’t the end but only the beginning for Colton. We will see him sing again on that stage making wonderful worship music. Thank you Colton for pouring out your heart and showing the Love you have for our Lord to America!!!! May God Bless you as you continue doing what you love and were created to do….WORSHIP Jeremiah29:11 –JC4MYHEART

“I want to thank you all and the Lord for this amazing experience. Couldn’t have done it without you. I had a blast, and I know that God has some cool stuff for the future!” -Colton Dixon

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