“The Call Center Life”

Have you ever asked yourself this question “Why does this guy earn this much in a call center, while I work my ass off in the office and still don’t get half as much as he does?” Well, think again!

Many often think that being a call center agent is a breeze, walk in, talk for a couple of hours, have a couple of cigarettes, go drink with friends after shift and go home, and get a huge paycheck on payday. This is the common thinking amongst those earn work for a living, compared to those who earn to maintain their lifestyle.

Little do people know that there are a lot of sacrifices needed to gain so much. Sleep, family time, and sometimes relationships. The most common is sleep, since most call centers operate during the night to match the time in the country of which their clients do business. It is scientifically proven that sleep is best taken during the night since this is the normal behavior of the human body.

The second is not being able to spend as much time for the family for those who have children or are taking care of other family members. And third is sacrificing one’s relationship to focus on earning more and being able to have a fruitful career in the industry.

These may look like simple sacrifices but if you look at it closer and try putting yourself in their shoes, you would realize what these people are losing to gain or maintain the current lifestyle in which most call center agents live. It is now very common to meet someone at an exclusive bar or club and ask where they work or what they do and they would generally say in a call center. The industry not only provides opportunities for people to sustain a living for their families, but also open up new horizons for some.

I have asked around and came across several individuals who work in the industry and asked them what difference did they had from when they worked in a conventional office job and the benefits they have received from working in a call center. One technical support agent said “I have worked in an IT company before, where I worked the same number of hours, I definitely worked my ass off and even got to the point that I almost drove myself crazy from the load that I had, I didn’t have time to go out even during Saturday nights, since I would devote myself to sleep and rest the whole weekend.

Now, I work the number of hours, but I definite don’t have as much burden on my shoulders and I was even able to save to buy my own motorcycle. The only downside is that when I get home my kids are at school and my wife is at work, when I wake up to go to work their already asleep so as my wife. The only time I get to spend time with them is during the weekend, but don’t get me wrong our lives are far better compared to what we had before.”

This is just among thousands of stories that you might hear from different people in the industry, but in the end what you should always keep in mind is that “Success always comes with a Price,” The only question is, “Are You Willing To Pay.”

David Joshua L. Monserrate
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