Jesus The Greatest Leader Of All-Time

  • Jesus was a problem-solver.
  • Jesus believed in His product.
  • Jesus never misrepresented His product.
  • Jesus went where people were.
  • Jesus took time to rest.
  • Jesus took time plan.
  • Jesus knew He did not have to close every sale to be a success.
  • Jesus had something others needed.
  • Jesus was concerned about the finances of people.
  • Jesus was willing to go where He had never been before.
  • Jesus never allowed what others said about Him to change His opinion of Himself.
  • Jesus understood timing and preparation.
  • Jesus developed a passion for His goals.
  • Jesus respected authority.
  • Jesus never discriminated.
  • Jesus offered incentives.
  • Jesus overcame the stigma of a questionable background.
  • Jesus never wasted time answering critics.
  • Jesus knew there was a right time and a wrong time to approach people.
  • Jesus educated those He mentored.
  • Jesus refused to be discouraged when others misjudged His motives.
  • Jesus refused to be bitter when others were disloyal or betrayed Him.
  • Jesus networked with people of all backgrounds.
  • Jesus resisted temptation.
  • Jesus made decisions that created a desired future instead of a desired present.
  • Jesus never judged people by their outward appearance.
  • Jesus recognized the law of repetition.
  • Jesus was a tomorrow thinker.
  • Jesus knew that money alone could not bring contentment.
  • Jesus knew the power of words and the power of silence.
  • Jesus knew when you want something you have never had, you have to do something you have never done.
  • Jesus permitted others to correct their mistakes.
  • Jesus knew His worth.
  • Jesus never tried to succeed alone.
  • Jesus knew that money is anywhere you really want it to be.
  • Jesus set specific goals.
  • Jesus knew that every great achievement requires a willingness to begin small.
  • Jesus hurt when others hurt.
  • Jesus was not afraid to show His feelings.
  • Jesus knew the power of habit.
  • Jesus finished what He started.
  • Jesus was knowledgeable of scripture.
  • Jesus never hurried.
  • Jesus went where He was celebrated instead of tolerated.
  • Jesus constantly consulted His heavenly father.
  • Jesus knew that prayer generated results.
  • Jesus rose early.
  • Jesus never felt He had to prove Himself to anyone.
  • Jesus avoided unnecessary confrontations.
  • Jesus delegated.
  • Jesus carefully guarded His personal schedule.
  • Jesus asked questions to accurately determine the needs and desires of others.
  • Jesus always answered truthfully.
  • Jesus stayed in the center of His expertise.
  • Jesus accepted the responsibility for the mistakes of those under His authority.
  • Jesus pursued the mentorship of more experienced men.
  • Jesus did not permit those He led to show disrespect.
  • Jesus respected the law of sowing and reaping.

The Leadership Secrets of Jesus by Dr. Mike Murdock

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4 Responses to Jesus The Greatest Leader Of All-Time

  1. rtuggle says:

    Great post. What a list of things…. we all need to be like Jesus.

  2. xpmedia says:

    This is awesome! Jesus is the perfect model of Leadership, in which we all were created to be!=)

  3. Nelson Rose says:

    You forgot one… Jesus was a man.

  4. marissa chil-ang salipsip says:

    wow so great we just have to take time to read and understand….
    saan ka pa kapatid e di kay JESUS lang..

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