Makati mourns for victims of bus bombing, construction accident

Makati Bus Explosion (1/25/11)

A powerful explosion ripped through a passenger bus in the Philippine capital today, killing at least four people and wounding at least 18 others.

Press Statement re: Makati Bus Blast

Eton Tower Accident (1/27/11)

Ten construction workers fell to their deaths in an accident at the construction site of a residential condominium in Makati City before noon Thursday

10 die in 2nd tragic incident,

Makati mourns for victims of bus bombing, construction accident

Makati government officials led by Mayor Junjun Binay on Friday offered prayers at the site of Tuesday’s bus bombing that killed five people and injured at least 13 others on Epifanio de los Santos Avenue. Friday was declared day of mourning in the city. Also included in the prayers were 10 workers who perished in an accident at a Makati construction site on Thursday. Binay, along with police officials, offered wreaths at the site of explosion.

Flags in Makati at half-staff

Philippine flags in Makati were placed at half-staff today as the city mourned the deaths of 5 people killed in a bus bombing as well as 10 construction workers who fell to their death on Thursday from a skyscraper in the city’s business district. –

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