Runaway Leader

I used to joke with my close friends about being a world-class runaway. If I was making plans to get married, I would probably wear track shoes and bolt from the altar like Julia Roberts did in the movie Runaway Bride.

I guess it’s not so much the commitment that I have a problem with, but rather my opinion of my ability. When I was in college, the leader of our campus ministry wanted me to take over his position. I rejected the task because I felt I was not up to it and was also afraid I couldn’t juggle studies with ministry demands. When I involved in Overseas Christian Fellowship while pursuing my degree in Australia, I was approached to help out on the student committee. Again, out of fear, I turned down the request.

As I look back, I realized how many opportunities I have missed to serve the Lord because I wasn’t looking at the task from His perspective.

We read in today’s Bible passage that Moses angered with the Lord with his refusal to take up the task God has appointed him to do (Exodus 4:14). The Lord had to send Moses’ brother, Aaron to help him because Moses felt he was not eloquent. (I wonder how Moses could have been slow of speech, for he had been educated in Pharoah’s court; see Acts 7:22).

I believe Moses was “once bitten, twice shy.” After his failed attempt to save his people from the Egyptians, he ran away to be a shepherd in the desert of Midian (Exodus 2:11-15). Then the Lord appeared to him in a burning bush and called him to the task again. Moses became afraid and lost confidence in his ability. He failed to realize that God is the one who enables those He calls.

Let’s not falter because of our fears, but rather depend on God whom we can trust. He can take away our runaway tendencies and give us a quiet confidence for the journey.


-Joanna Lim

Do God’s work God’s way


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