A Convenient Christianity

So many television programs, so little time to watch them. Apparently that’s what our culture thinks, because now technology allows us to see an hour-long program in just 6 minutes or less! The Minisode Network has pruned episodes of popular series into shorter, more convenient packages for interested viewers. “The shows you love–only shorter” is how it’s advertised. All to make our life more convenient.

Some have tried to make the Christian life more convenient. That they choose to practice Christianity on Sundays only. They attend a religious service at whatever church makes them most comfortable. They give a small  offering and are nice to fellow churchgoers–nothing that requires much effort on their part. That way they can have the rest of the week to themselves, to live as they please.

That would be a convenient Christianity. But we know that following Jesus is a lifestyle and not a Sunday-only convenience. Being a “disciple” calls for giving up our lives for Him (Matthew 16:25). It’s about living as Jesus calls us to live, daily giving up our plans and purposes fo his. A relationship with Him causes us to be concerned with our thoughts, decisions, attitudes, and actions–all to make our life joy-filled for us and pleasing to God.

-Anne Cetas-

“Whoever loses his life for My sake will find it”. -Jesus Christ (Matthew 16:25)


“The Christian life is more than just a prayer of faith made in the past; It’s dedicating every day to live for Christ and what will last.”– Sper

Faith in Christ is not just as single step but a life of walking with Him.

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