The Link to your Sleeping Pleasure

Some people are relaxed sleeping on their side. Some enjoy sleep lying on their tummies. Some, as long as they’re comfortable with their sleeping area, just don;t care what position they are in. Subconsciously, most of us reveal hints of our character with the way we are in our sleep. Are you a starfish? A Soldier? A log of wood? Check what type of sleeper are you with the help of Dr. Chris Idzikowski as we spread the bed sheet for your sleeping pleasure. On your positions.

  • Sleeping like a Baby [FETAL]Curled up like a baby, or a kitten if you prefer, is the best definition of a fetal position. If you sleep like this then you are as tough as a lion but tame and sensitive as a sheep. You are shy around others, but as time passes by, you get along with them easily.
  • Bungee Jumper [FREE FALL] This is when you’re lying on your stomach, your head turned to either left or right, and your hands are resting on the pillow. Free fallers can be very arrogant and don’t do well when receiving criticisms from others.
  • Long Cylindrical & Woody [LOG] -You are either facing left or the right when it’s the log position we are talking about. You keep your arms to your side and your legs close to each other. If you sleep like a log then that means you’re a sociable person and popular among your peers.
  • Ready for Battle [SOLDIER] -The war against sleep is here, but too late. The bed bugs have caught you and has pinned your arms to the side. You who sleep like a soldier are diplomatic; you don’t like conflict. Furthermore, even though you don’t like to make a big deal out of anything, you still set yourself and others to high standards.
  • Lying on the sand [STARFISH] -Could Patrick the Star sleep like this? Maybe yes, maybe no. The starfish position is when you are lying on your back with arms resting on the pillow. For a clearer view, It’s like you’re raising your hands upward when you’ve been told you are arrested for a crime. Starfish sleepers are believed to be friendly and generous when it comes to helping out others.
  • Arms Forward [YEARNER] -When you look at a yearner aerially, he looks like he’s longing for something. As a yearner, you sleep on your side and have your arms stretched forward. You are open to everything. However, you are as slow as a turtle when it comes to decision making. The upside here is that you stick to whatever they decided.


source: The New Builder (official student publication of MIT)

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