Philippines Versus World

When the world built its monuments, The Philippines built its skyscrapers. When the world advanced in medicine, the Philippines advanced in education. Witness as the world stands in awe and bows at the mark that brags Only in the Philippines.

Let’s get defensive. The fighters have sought shelter from the Great Wall of China. The Spaniards have also protected themselves from harm by getting within the ancient and beautiful Walls of Intramuros.

  • Great Wall of China: Constructed during the ancient dynasties’s wars., Protected the northern borders of Chinese Empires against intrusion of nomadic groups. Stretches for 8,851.8 km, Averages 25m in height.
  • Intramuros Walls: Built by the Spaniards in the 16th century., Served as the center of political, military, and religious power of Spaniards during their colony., Stretches for 4.5 km, enclosing a pentagonal area of 640,000m2, Averages 22m in height 

Who cares if you get sore feet and an aching back if you have bags full of gaming merchandise, clothes, and scrumptious food from Dubai Mall and SM City North EDSA? If you had a wallet teeming with money, where would you shop, in the United Arab Emirates or in EDSA?

  • Dubai Mall: Located in Downtown Dubai, United Arab Emirates., Over 1200 shops., Consists of Aquarium and Underwater Zoo, ice rink, cinema house with 2800 seats, and SEGA Republic, a gigantic indoor theme park., Largest mall based on total area and sixth largest based on retail floor area., Total retail floor area of 350,000 m2., Total internal floor area of 1,800,000 m2.
  • SM North EDSA: Located in North Avenue, Quezon City, Philippines., Over 820 shops., Consists of Sky Garden, bowling alley, a 12-cinema complex, and an IMAX Theatre., Second largest mall in the world based on internal floor area., Total retail floor area of 460,000 m2.

The seas are clashing waves against each other for another battle wages from the depths. A big marine mammal park. Sea World, from the USA has set its beluga whales and orcas to parry their flippers against the mighty fins of the Philippines’ Manila Ocean Park‘s sharks and sting rays.

  • Sea World: Located in several parks of the United States., Both an amusement park and a marine mammal park., Home to Journey to Atlantis, a roller coaster wherein customers can get soaking wet.
  • Manila Ocaen Park: Located in the Quirino Grandstand, Manila, Philippines., Notable features include the Living Ocean, a 25 m long tunnel whose acrylic walls are 220-degree curved, and the Open Water Marine Habitat which is a swimming pool where people can do activities like snorkeling.

Several people have lined up. Which to choose, which to choose? the happiest place on Earth (Disneyland). or the place where everything is magic (Enchanted Kingdom)? The two big amusement parks will have to turn rides into real dragons and dinosaurs to determine the verdict.

  • Disneyland: Primarily located in Anaheim California., Land area of 344,000 m2., Consists of themed areas such as Main Street, Adventureland, Frontierland, Fantasyland, Tormorrowland, etc., Costs about USD$17 million
  • Enchanted Kingdom: Located in Laguna, Philippines., Land area of 166,000 m2., Divided into zones like Spaceport, Portabello., Brooklyn Place, Victoria Park, etc., Costs about USD$26 million.

In a race against your Professor’s wrist watch, which train will help you win and get to class faster? Japan’s Shinkasen bullet train of the Philippines’ reliable LRT?

  • Bullet Train: Located in Japan., Max speed of 581 km/h., Transports 151 million passengers a year.
  • LRT: Located in the Philippines., Averages speed of 70 km/h., Transports 200 million passengers a year.

By Arianne  Dabu & Arli Pagaduan of “The New Builder”, Mapúa’s  official student publication.


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