TRENDING TOPICS: Hostage Taker, Filipinos, Quirino Grandstand

Here are some tweets/comments regarding the Hostage tragedy that happened today in Quirino Grandstand in Manila .

brianjoo110: Let’s pray for God to touch the HK ppl w/ forgiving hearts. It’s not the fault of Filipinos or the country.

Next Layderos: crisis is over. hostage taker is dead .. and so are the hostages.. how sad and how bad (or worst if i may say) will be the headlines tomorrow .. all over the world.

Coppie Sario: ‎”grabng HOSTAGE TAKING ka2SAD:((”
naka2hya amn ang PHILIPPINES 😦

Bhey Ignacio Matubis: ano ba naman yan, mga pinoy tlga, mga usisero at usisera! argg!

Normil Lee Gagarin ت: my dear Philippines, you’re making yourself “famous” again..

Ardi Caak Guanzon: is so disappointed on how the PNP handles the hostage taking situation in Manila. 😦 They dont even know how to respond correctly. its a shame, so sad and feel sorry for Chinese community.

Raine Kim Yu: It’s a shame for our policemen and to our country what is now happening. This will impact our image internationally.


Karlos Valencia: is the Hijacker now burning? lol

‘Puto Manjares Guillermo: Grabe nakakapangilabot na yang hostage taking na yan sa maynila! parang aatakihin ako sa puso. grabe putukan! may buhay p b don s bus?? kakatakot. huhuhu kahihiyan n2man to s Pinas! mga foreigner pa ang mga hostage! nanonood na buong mundo! 😥

Siquem Fatalla: Goodbye Tourism.

Gids Listano: pinatay ang ko na ang TV. isasama ko dito ang pag patay sa galit ko. Diyos, tulong.

Dgital Mastr Vhinz: SWAT = Sige Wait Abang Tayo. = Sorry We Aren’t Trained

Sarah Kristel Urlanda: the hostage taker was once an outstanding police and had some awards but he ended up with bad legacy, SAD

Zaag Roa Lagare Ret. Sen. Insp. Rolando Mendoza must have been given a chance to use the media to explain his side to clean his name. A simple request pinagkaitan pa! Hindi magiging desperado ang isang tao kung wala siyang tamang ipinaglalaban.

Shierah Cabardo Macaraeg: lugmok na ang pilipinas dahil sa corruption official tas ngayon isa na namang pangyayari ang maglalayo sa atin sa mga tourist. malaki nanaman ang mawawala na pera sa pilipinas! ;o( sad day for PHILIPPINES! >.<

Cristhal Viernes: i’m so much disappointed.. but Lord You are still not finish with my beloved country. i am still here. we are still here. Your people are still here and You will not harm our country until there are people like us who are desperate for a change. *crying out in desperation…*

Jose Quest Villanueva III: Thank you Dick Gordon for being a man of action! Props to the Philippine National Red Cross.. Now thats LEADERSHIP.

Arvin Ryberg: nakakahiya ang mga bobong pulis ng pilipinas! tsktsk!

Gray Zausa: Blood has been spilled once again on our native land. Let’s pray for complete revival in our nation. Let truth, justice, and righteousness reign!

Dennis Copia Bornales: GOD BLESS THE PHILIPPINES! We are a great people, we should know better and stick to doing things to make our country proud. Wag manisi.

Gray Zausa: Bakit sa Grandstand?? Si LORD lang ang nakakaalam.

Dave Madayag: isa ba itong karangalan? ang dakong pinagdausan ng panunumpa ng pangulo na pinasinayaan ng mga ‘ritwal’ na umanoy pampasuerte ngayon ay lantarang nasalaula… dangan kasi sa Diyos humiling ng totoong pagpapala at hindi sa mga paraang salungat sa takdang tadhana ng aklat ng kalooban ni Bathala…

John Mark Ilano: Regarding the Hostage Incident – I hope this wouldn’t ‘cause a serious discrimination of our nation for such a selfish reason.

Maria Rencelyn Viterbo Valdenarro: is sad but is not ashamed. God can mend broken bodies and broken minds. Let’s be hopeful, loving each other. God bless the peacemakers. Matthew 5:9

Jim Paredes: Tomorrow, we build anew (again) from the ruins. Do not lose hope. Let us learn from our dysfunctionalities and mistakes.

May Frances Raguine: The hostage taking is but a symptom not the disease…a mere consequence of a deeply rooted disorder for which all Filipinos have contributed by turning our heads to all the wrong that is happening in our society. As what the Edmund Burke said…All that is necessary for evil to triumph is for good men to do nothing.

Paolo Punzalan: while it is evident that a lot of improvement is needed in our nation, we still choose to bless it and not curse it. ingat lang sa jokes.

La Mumar: Prayer during this time is the best way to go. Let’s intercede for our nation

Robert Hern Jr: Love not hate and anger, prayer not blame and judgement, its what we need more than anything in this hostage tragedy.


“People do not seem to realize that their opinion of the world is also a confession of character.”

-Ralph Waldo Emerson
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One Response to TRENDING TOPICS: Hostage Taker, Filipinos, Quirino Grandstand

  1. vicky says:

    This tragedy could have been really prevented. Since it’s here, some would just say, let’s accept it and pray or whatever but since no one won in this situation, it is a must for Filipinos to question how the PNP and SWAT handled the situation. Authorities should know better, they have been trained ‘supposedly’. There is no excuse why they can’t handle this. We can’t remain resilient. This is where our taxes go? The police acted like any normal being; scared and confused. This shouldn’t be the case, their oath is to protect and to serve.

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