God’s delays

Waiting is hard for me. I want answers now. Postponements perplex me; deferral daunt me. I’m baffled by God’s delays, wondering why and when. “How long, O Lord?”

The prophet Habakkuk wanted answers as well, but God chose to take His time. “I will stand my watch . . . to see what (God) will say to me,” Habakkuk wrote (2:1). “The vision is yet for an appointed time,” God replied. “wait for it;  because it will surely come” (v.3).

Faith never gives up. It knows that despite appearances, all is well. It can wait without signs or significant indications that God is at work , because it is sure of Him. Each delay is perfectly fine, for we  are   within  the  safe hands  of God.

We too  must learn to view each delay as if it were “perfectly fine.” postponements are reasons to pray rather than grow   anxious,  impatient, and annoyed. They’re opportunities for God to build those  imperishable but hard-to-acquire qualities of humility, patience, serenity, and strength. God never says, “Wait awhile,” unless He is planning to do something in our situation– or in us. He waits to be gracious.

So take heart! If God’s answer tarries, “wait for it; because it will  surely come”

-David Roper


God stretches our patience to enlarge our soul.

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