The ten hurts of Jesus

Sometimes, when we experience hurts, we blame God. We always complain and boast our hurts to God saying, “You don’t understand what I really feel!” Sometimes, we question His power to heal us, and sometimes we provoke it when we are frustrated in waiting. Most of the time, we ask God why hurts come in our lives. However, we do not understand what we are saying. Although we are hurt, we still trust in God in the end.

Let me tell about the hurts that Jesus had gone through. It was prophesied in Isaiah 53:3, saying:

“He was despised and rejected–a man of sorrows, acquainted with deepest grief. We turned our backs on him and looked the other way. He was despised, and we did not care.”
Here are the Ten (10) Hurts of Jesus:

1. Rejection. Does someone hate you? Do you feel you don’t belong anymore? Are you alone this very moment? Have your friends abandoned you? Do you feel no one believes you? Do you feel no one understands you? Or, worse, no one loves you? Jesus experienced those — when the Jews turned their faces from Him.

2. Denial. Do you have friends who left you on purpose? Are they ashamed of you for what you are now? Do you feel no one wants to defend you anymore? Do some think you are no longer credible? Jesus experienced those — when Peter did not appear for Him.

3. Mocking. Does someone insult you? Do you feel being ridiculed? Do some make funny names out of you? Are they making bad jokes out of you? Jesus experienced those — when the soldiers call Him the King of the Jews, while making fun of Him.

4. Torment. Do you feel you want to die? Do you always feel you are heartbroken? Do you feel pain is irresistible? Jesus experienced those — when the Jews punched, kicked, slapped, pushed, and spat on Him.

5. Injury. Are you wounded? Are you offended? Do you feel pain like you haven’t experienced before? Jesus experienced those — when the soldiers hit Him with sharps through several hard whips.

6. Deprivation. Are you starving? Are you panting for water? Do you not experience having a good shelter? Jesus experienced those — when was born on a stable, a foul-smelling stable… when he was hungry in the wilderness…when he was thirsty, while on the cross…

7. Agony. Are you worried? Are you stressed-out? Do you feel your problems are too big for you? Do you not control your tears? Jesus experienced those — when He cried out and collapsed at night in the garden of Gethsemane.

8. Humiliation. Do some gossip you? Do some pull you down? Are you severely criticized? Jesus experienced those — when the Pharisees thought He is a devil, the evil one.

9. Loss. Did you lose something you valued? Did you lose someone you loved? Jesus experienced those — when John the Baptist, His cousin, was beheaded…when Lazarus, His beloved friend, died.

10. Death. Do you feel like dying? Do you think there’s no hope for you? Do you feel the end has come? Jesus experienced those — when He was crucified.

There are so many pains that Jesus had gone through. We don’t know how He suffered much. He experienced physical pains; He felt the emotional pains; He had been thrown to hell for three days and three nights experiencing spiritual pains.


It’s not about how much you suffered; it’s about how much He suffered (for you and me, not for Himself).

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