EN2010 Quotable Quotes

“Honor is a sign that reminds us where our place is.”

“Generosity honors God. Kindness to the poor honors God. The sincerity of our hearts honors God. It is our place to praise God no matter what’s going on in our lives. We need to give him praise and honor due his name.”

-Steve Murell

“Without God in us, we don’t have enough love to love ourselves; we cannot love others.”

-Dr. Jun Vencer

“You cannot be offended and anointed at the same time. Move on!”

– Grace Aiyedogbon

What brought this diverse people together-–-every kind of nose shape and hair style—but one in common is they’re all standing before the throne of Christ. It has been a great coming together.

– Steve Murrell

Stay hungry to honor God. Don’t be a professional worshipper, going through the motions.

– Darlene Zschech

“We have the responsibility to tell this gospel to every nation, every language, every color—Jesus is alive! If you are alive today, it is only for this one reason: to share the good news. A message that transforms a sinner to a saint.”

-Yesupadam Paidipamula

“Embrace learning and love it for it will embrace you back.”

“Be the hero to the next one in need. The hero in you is waiting to be unleashed. Serve, serve well and be happy to serve.”

-Efren Peñaflorida

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