The letter of Bro EDDIE to the JIL Pastors

To all my beloved JIL Pastors:

Once again, please allow me to speak to you from my heart.

The last two and a half months have been a very difficult time for me… physically and emotionally.

Since the campaign period kicked off last February 9, I worked hard in ways which even your most compassionate imagination would not be able to capture. In almost all the sorties that we held, we hit the road with physical strength that was supernaturally provided by our LORD. Why supernatural strength? Because only God could have sustained me to join motorcades, attend multi-sectoral fora and talk for hours in press conferences and campaign rallies with only an average of 3 hours of sleep everyday. In the sorties, we already abandoned what breakfast or lunch or dinner means. A meal comes whenever it comes. Or it is taken whenever it could be taken. Sometimes, breakfast is taken at 3:00 in the afternoon and dinner, at 1:00 in the morning.

Since of all, you – JIL Pastors – are the closest to my heart, let me usher you to it more deeply. I will tell you one agony which I have been trying my best to relegate in the farthest corner of my heart. The pace and the physical demands of our campaign have made me physically weak. So weak that many times I just considered secluding myself in my room. Or how about spending at least a day in a hospital room just for me to have a complete rest? I am tired. And over and over, I would ask myself, why do I have to leave my comfort zone again?

When I would have the time to think of my family in the car or in the plane, I cry. I cry because, at my age, what I really had wished to do is to spend more time with my grandchildren. I miss my JJJ, all three boys now in the States. I miss my Doreen. What is worse is that Doreen is just here in Metro Manila, many times she is at the Zoe Office. But I am not around. Papa Eddie is in the campaign trail. And again, I would ask myself, why do I have to leave my comfort zone?

Also, I will be a hypocrite if I say that survey results do not affect me. They do… they always do. I campaign so hard and then we’d be stuck with 2 percent? Honestly, reports of a fixed 2 percent rating make me sad. Sad, but never demoralized! Again, why do I have to leave my comfort zone?

My beloved JIL Pastors, I believe that we share the same stories of personal sacrifices in order to obey the LORD. Whenever I ask myself the question of leaving my comfort zone, I am led back to God’s calling in my life. And with this, I know that you fully understand what I mean.

“Siguro wala na talagang makita ang Diyos na makikipaglaban para sa Kanya sa bansang ito.” This is how I answer myself. This is how I convince myself to go on.

My life is for God and country… para sa Diyos at Bayan. All the rest is secondary to me, including my own life.

These are personal concerns which I relay to you because you are my co-Pastors. I mingle around every single day with different people: from other Churches, from politics, from Bangon Pilipinas, from wherever. But always, I will reveal the deepest part of my heart to the ones I consider who know me most intimately: to you, my beloved JIL Pastors.

I thank you because you have always supported me out of your overflowing love and respect… the proof of which was when you released me last year from ecclesiastical work so I could pursue God’s calling in my life. Thank you.

We are on the last stretch of the campaign. In all humility, I am asking you to join me in walking some more extra miles. We can co longer be timid. Let us be bold as the Lion of Judah in an all-out campaign for Bro. Eddie Villanueva and the rest of the Bangon Pilipinas slate.

Research shows that the last three weeks before election day is the most crucial time to raise and maintain awareness about a candidate. Let us not miss the chance. This is our time!

I am happy and blessed that you refer to me as “DAVID” in reference to the prophetic words given to me.

My beloved JIL Pastors, I need people behind me with the passion and courage like that of “David’s mighty men” in 2 Samuel 23. Kung para sa Diyos at bayan ang laban, hindi pa ba natin ibibigay ang lahat-lahat?

This letter from the heart is a call to David’s mighty men. Nasa kahuli-hulihang sandali na tayo. Itodo na natin ang laban! Mahirap iwan ang ating mga comfort zone pero aanhin natin ang ginhawa kung hindi naman tayo nabubuhay sa gitna ng pagkatawag sa atin ng Diyos?

I trust that you will heed to this call. Whatever is there that still hinders you to go all-out, let us surrender it to the LORD. And let us ask Him to bless us with the spirit of passion and courage that would surpass even the passion and courage that guided David’s mighty men in the Bible.

Nagtitiwala ako sa inyong pagmamahal sa Diyos at Bayan!

Pagtulungan natin ang isang bagong simula para sa ating bansa. Bangon Pilipinas!

Para sa Diyos at Bayan,

Kuya Ed

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